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Friday, August 1, 2008

Update: I Don't Know Whether I'm Shot, Fucked, Powder Burnt or Snake-Bit...

Update: I Don't Know Whether I'm Shot, Fucked, Powder Burnt or Snake-Bit...
Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants
August 1st, the year of our Word, 2008

If you don't gather from the title how intense, stressful, and even exhilarating my life has been lately, then I'm not performing my job correctly...
I am, as we speak, in the middle of moving from one house to the next. It is a huge step upward, in the sense that I'll be saving 250 dollars in rent a month, I now live in a stand-alone house (no one walking and playing pool above me), my new neighborhood is much better than my old, and quite a few other things.
So that's taking up a little of my time... In fact, I should be doing things associated with moving as I type, but I feel a need to communicate with my worthy readers concerning a number of topics.

The first topic is the new site. In lieu of how busy I am this weekend, I will not be able to start the new site until sometime this next week. I'm basically working three different jobs right now, and I'm simply going to have to fit this between the other pieces of the puzzle...
The new site will be called This play on words is supposed to represent the relationship between the power of the media (The Wizard of Oz), and the power of the secret government (Lee Harvey Oswald). A quick explanation for those unfamiliar with how I feel on these topics, which of course will be included on the site: Lee Harvey Oswald was one of the great American heroes. History has maligned his memory horribly, and it's far past time to set the record straight. In contrast to the mainstream idea that he either killed the president (for official story believers), or almost did, or would have, or any number of other vague ideas the alternative press endorses, he was actually trying to stop the assassination!
In The Wizard of Oz, we have an elaborate allegory played out with cinematography. It is one of the penultimate examples of the story which, no matter what happens, in the end, none of it was real. In an esoteric sense, this is a positive message, but for the general public who viewed it and loved it, it was a soothing masterpiece of fairy tale. Don't worry--no matter what happens, everything will be ok in the end... Arbitrary happenstance will save you in the end. Magic slippers don't hurt either...
So that's the method of my madness behind the "Wizard of Oswald." I know, I'm out of my fucking gourd...

I am officially over my anger towards They respectfully took down the flash logo I designed. For those who may be "checking up on me" (for example, the one who calls himself "Boss" hahaha), I wish you all sweet dreams and marmalade sunshiney days... :)

That being said, I've just started a new job in the last couple weeks, which is taking up alot of my time, but hey, that's what we humans do, right? The money helps with my roof and the insane gasoline prices.

I now believe more than ever in the power of humility before the power of the universe. For the first time in my entire life, I spoke with my voice to God. This happened a couple weeks ago, and the "coincidences" which followed this conversation with Nature were of course not coincidences at all. I have ironed out my course of action for fighting the new world order with God, and it is now my full mission in life. First, I must set my house in order (the metaphorical house, that is...), then I can go about my plan.
The first portion of my plan is to build That will cost no money, and it naturally would be the foundation of my greater plan.
The next part of the plan deals with content for the new site. The technologies which now exist for gathering video and transferring it to the internet are readily available. By tasking people with ripping the news from TV to the internet (a couple of whom already exist with the technology), we will be able to draw thousands of people to the new site through video sites like and google video.
With advanced analysis of news events we will keep the traffic coming back. There are already a few people who are willing to contribute to real news articles, written by members to a standard worthy of the word "truth." There will of course be no censorship of ideas at The very idea is repugnant to me. Strict anonymity will be maintained for those who wish it. We are soldiers in an information war conducted over the internet, and we should all be soldiers in real life fighting the new world order in every way conceivable. There is no time or excuse for procrastinating at this point. We all know what's going on enough to know it's coming to a head, and preparation is the only thing which will get you through the storm to come.

I wish everyone the best, and I hope you are not as pulled from both ends as I am right now.

And don't let the title fool you--I am never in a bad mood--everything is just fine. I love change, and I've certainly had alot in the last couple weeks! hahaha

I wish you and all of your families health and happiness on this August First, in the year of our Word, Two-Thousand Eight.

With all plights deserved...

copyright 2008 Brandon Dean

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