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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What the Hell is Really Happening With the Russian/Georgian War?

The US, Israel, and Russia Interfere in Local Conflict...Genocide in Progress...World War III One Step Closer?
Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants
August 10, 2008

During the 1950's, French colonialism in Indochina was sliding down a slippery slope. The French had done the Vietnamese a lot of good amongst their colonial oppression, including import of first world merchandise, and turning Vietnam into a major world rubber producer. But the Vietnamese had had enough of them, and formed a coalition, eventually funded from outside by China and Russia, but at first a true movement of the people. Ho Chi Min was a revolutionary who'd been to the united States, and studied here. He wrote seven letters to the US government in the 1940's trying to establish diplomatic ties. After having visited here, admiring our society greatly and reading our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, he couldn't believe the united States ignored his letters, and would not be interested in a free movement of the people to rid itself of a foreign, colonial power! The communists were very open to recognizing the Vietnamese nation as free and independent from the French. Thus, through funding and military support, the Vietnamese movement turned from a revolution similar to ours to a communist takeover, just like in Cuba...
According to Senator JW Fulbright, who was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the 1940's and 50's, "We had testimony that his [Ho Chi Min's] one worry was that it was so insignificant-Vietnam was so far away and insignificant, that we would never bother about it... It's too small to ever attract the attention of the united States. He was sure in his mind that if we ever put our minds to it, and focused upon it, we would be for him. How different history would have been, for us, and for them, if we had felt a common interest in a colonial province like Vietnam seeking its independence from France..."

And so it goes with countless other seemingly insignificant regions of the world. Few in the US had even heard of Vietnam before 1960, and few have known about Georgia until now. Georgia is one of the Russian provinces which gained its independence from the USSR in the early 1990's, and has been a virtual cesspool of government corruption ever since. But hey, show me one government in the world which is not corrupt! Can't do it...
People's movements almost inevitably begin with genuine need, but they also almost inevitably end up being co-opted by the powers-that-be with the intention of guiding a supposed revolution in the manner that will best serve their nefarious purposes. Some corruption at high levels is nothing but personal assignation; looting the coffers for personal gain... But other corruption is of an organized breed, yet appears, on the surface, to be exactly the same as the former breed. In the end, this method is aimed toward personal gain also, but the difference is the CONSPIRACY, or collusion, with others to attain nefarious goals.
A thief walks into a store to steal for himself. A banker doesn't need a gun-in fact, he has YOU walking into HIS office of thievery to GIVE him your money!! His power lies in the conspiracy of bankers to obtain a tyranny over the common people. He uses his power as a banker to further the goals of the bankers in general, thus conspiring, and thus involved in a conspiracy...

The US training of Georgian troops and Georgia's involvement in the Iraq War

For years the US military has maintained a supposedly neutral presence in Georgia, like it does in about 130 other sovereign nations around the world. But like terrorist "sleeper cells" the contractors and military "advisers" lurk in the government shadows, making "suggestions" with implied threats, or promises of financial and military aid.
In 2002, the US, under the Georgia Train and Equip Program, started sending aid to Georgia in the form of body armor and surplus fatigues, and weapons (source). Georgia has repaid this debt by sending thousands of Georgian troops to Iraq as part of the supposed "multi-national" coalition led by the US against the Arab people. In fact, now they have the third highest number of troops in Iraq, after the US and Britain... Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! There are 130 military advisers and contractors in Georgia right now, and US diplomats have already made it clear they have no intention of pulling them out any time soon...

The people of South Ossetia, caught in a giant trap

On one side you have the Russians, and supposedly the South Ossetians. On the other side you have the Georgian government, the US government, and who else but the Israeli government? The present conflict started when the Soviet Union "fell apart." Ossetia was split into two regions: North Ossetia and South Ossetia. North Ossetia was to be part of Russia; and South Ossetia was to be part of Georgia. Well, the South Ossetians are not too happy about this arrangement, and they've demanded either independence, or unification with North Ossetia, thus making South Ossetia part of Russia.
The Russians, and especially the North Ossetians, look at the South Ossetians as their fellow countrymen and brothers. And now, since the Georgian government (being freshly funded by the US) has decided to flex their military muscles, the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali is surrounded and besieged by Georgian troops, and those troops are being bombed by the Russians, who may also be bombarding other parts of Georgia. There is armed conflict in the streets of South Ossetia. According to different reports, anywhere from 1200 to 2000 Ossetian civilians have been killed in two days, by Russians and Georgians alike.

The Justifications

Georgia has announced several times its intentions to squash unrest in South Ossetia and other provinces with armed might. They claim the Russians are funding the South Ossetian revolutionary groups in order to bring the territory back under Russian, and therefore, Bolshevik control.
The Russians have a much better and more obvious justification: they are supposed to be protecting their fellow countrymen. How can you argue with that? They must know they are trying to protect themselves from US and Israeli involvement also, no?
Well here's the scoop, Jack... Both "justifications" are nothing but excuses for exercising lethal force on civilian populations to extol the riches of another defenseless people. Once again, those in power show their inability to include humanity in their business dealings... Georgia is of course rich in oil, and Russia has recently nationalized its oil fields. South Ossetia would be a nice boost to their already booming economy. And to cut off that supply would be a great asset to western oil interests...

The New World Order strikes again

The easiest way to understand what is happening right now, with the US on one side, and the Russians on the other, is to look at the New World Order involvement in every conflict which has ever existed between the two nations. During the "cold war," on the US side, you had the Zionist media, and the FBI hunting down communists instead of taking down the mafia. In Russia, you had the Zionist Bolsheviks slaughtering millions of Russians and blaming it on the US capitalists. And their media propaganda was no more or less invasive than ours...
During the Vietnam War, you had the Russians supplying the Viet Cong through their surrogates the Chinese Maoists. They were doing this to feed their war machine in the exact same way the war machine in the US was the driving force behind the US being there.
In Afghanistan, in the late 1970's and early 80's, the Russians invaded to feed their war machine while the US funded and trained the Mujahideen "freedom fighters" to fight them.
During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's, the Russians were funding the Iranians while the US was funding the Iraqis. Are we to understand that this cycle has somehow ended here?
Why is the US supporting the Georgians in a local conflict? Why the hell is Israel supporting the Georgians in a local conflict? Why does the Russian Premier, Putin, want to bomb South Ossetia to "save" it? What in God's name is going on here?

The spark which starts a firestorm

The US and Russian people had better take a serious look at this problem. Both nations are in possession of horrendously large amounts of nuclear weapons, capable of basically wiping each country off the face of the Earth, not to mention the fallout the rest will experience. Not only that, but each nation has the two strongest military forces in the world. So if it came to war, a conventional contest will likely be a stalemate, thus making nuclear conflict the only way to end the war. And that will not be good for anyone, even the idiots who run the New World Order, unless of course they've learned how to absorb poisonous radiation without dying...

I watched them pull a South Ossetian, Georgian HUMAN child out of the rubble left by a Russian bomb this morning, and if there's one thing I never want to see again, it's that. Something tells me it's inevitable though...

copyright Brandon Dean 2008


Tom said...

The answer to your question about why they are both fighting over South Ossetia lies in the pipelines that bring oil and natural gas out of that part of Europe to western Europe. Whoever controls that, controls a lot of wealth. Russia can always bypass it, but Georgia can't. Which means the US can't get around Russia for natural gas and oil. Once again, it all comes down to that sticky black stuff. But there's starting to be room for the smelly invisible stuff too...

splitbabyniblet said...

for sure... but let's not forget the geo-political importance of the Caucasus mountain region. it's been a strategically important region in asia for thousands of years. the US, russia, israel, britain and china have all had their paws in this region at one point or another.
for the US, it's the gateway to russia, and russia has always wanted the whole area; that's the main reason georgia, azarbajan, ukraine, and armenia were all taken over by the soviet union.
I mean, there's oil all over russia--georgia just so happens to be the one way to conveniently reach the black sea from russian oil fields...

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share with you the reason behind the Russian occupation of south Ossetia.

Look at this map:

Now look at the countries beneath where SO lies...directly south is Turkey - which likely does not ally itself with Russia...but to the southeastern most point of Georgia, just over a few miles out of the way, is Armenia which leads down to Iran, which will then aid a united front of russian ground troops, vehicle carriers, tanks, etc. through Iran - where they will have allies to stop and refuel, re stock vital supplies, rendevous with Iranian forces (and possibly chinese that have crossed over from irans eastern borders) and then they will charge on Bagdhad - where they will strategically avoid having to cross both tigris and euphrates, but cross where they meet.

Now, biblically, in the end times, it is stated that the great rivers tigris and euphrates will dry up where they meet so the kings of the east and their armies can cross and head for israel. This is the only way a ground assault on Israel can take place is via georgia to afghanistan to iran to iraq then the key is wether it is Jordan or Syria that allows them to cross over...possibly both, into Israel.

Feel free to respond by e-mail to

splitbabyniblet said...

very interesting...
I do know the area relatively well on a map, and you're correct: the one way for Russia to invade Israel would be through the Caucasus, which is of course why they originally made Georgia part of the Soviet Union. not to mention why they invaded Afghanistan in the 80's...
thanks for the input.

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