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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Must Watch---Thomas Paine and the Second American Revolution


Liberty Belle said...

Nice piece, but is pressure enough? Are phone calls going to matter to a congress with a 9% approval rating, which still does not change it's ways? Is an informed populace, an outraged populace, of any use when our votes are counted only by corrupted and inaccurate machines?

Moreover, is it even worth saving? Is the American Republic as great as we have been taught to beleive? Or is it time, now that the populace is becoming more aware and educated,to take this movement and push for something better.

Are we best served by agitating and fighting to restore a system of government so flawed and corruptible that the basic founding document had to be amended to acknowledge that women and blacks were people? So flawed and corruptible that it has allowed a nation founded in the greatest ideals of freedom and liberty to become a police state at home and a threat to all sovereign nations abroad? Is that common sense? Or is it instead common sense to use the current awakening of the American people to tear down this system, and erect in it's place a system of true freedom, liberty and justice, for all people? What does your common sense tell you?

splitbabyniblet said...

well said, but I can defend this guy on most of your points. I agree that in order to rebuild something properly you must deconstruct what is rotten.
on the other hand, history has never been more important than it is right now, at the present moment. it's almost a conundrum... my point is that no, the founding fathers were not perfect, and some who are revered were downright evil (alexander hamilton...), but they came up with the best system ever conceived if a system is what you must have. but the good ones, like jefferson, paine, adams, madison, etc., their idea was pretty simple, and very anti-government. they envisioned common law for the ordinary person, not this admiralty bullshit we live under now.
so I guess what I'm driving at is that the system itself is not the problem. it's you and me and how we and everyone else choose to live our lives. those people paid with blood to give us something the living people of today can only dream of, and unless they do something will never see again. but make no mistake-it was beautiful when it was working. and it did work for the common man.
I see your point about woman, but not about blacks so much. people seem to forget that there were just as many white slaves (euphemistically referred to as "indentured servants") until the early 1800's. not only that, but the people who sold the african slaves to the merchants (transporters) were AFRICAN.

the truth knows no mercy...

and here's the actual retort for that: the people who fought and died for this country viewed anyone who fought and died for the country to be free americans. and they also allowed for the fact that not everyone of every race got along with other races-that it was and is a fact of life. and because of this, race was important to them. and because race was important to them, they viewed the american revolution as a "white" protestant revolution, because those were, for the main part, the ones who fought it. the few african slaves or ex-slaves who fought in it were freed afterward, if they survived... so is it wrong or something to look at the american revolution, WHEN IT HAPPENED, as a "white" revolution, much the same as you have to look at the uprisings in africa as "black" revolutions? I mean, what's the difference, right?

anyhow, my personal opinion is that this country was once upon a time the only beautiful thing that ever happened in terms of the dignity of man (who was to represent and protect his family, thus they had the same rights as him).
man was looked at by the written law as a king in his own house, and his wife was a queen. no one at all could come on their property and tell them what to do with it, or even tell him or her what to do on it, unless they were endangering someone else. beautiful...

would a world without law be beautiful? maybe after the wars and conquest of the ignorant and strong. the sad fact is that the world is set up the way it is, and the only way for the system to fall here is for it to fall everywhere, and that means millions and millions of deaths, for a long time. possible nuclear war, and all kinds of other ugly things.

as far as calling congress, I was part of two separate times when me and millions of other americans shut down the phone lines and internet systems of the senate and the house, and they trashed the anti-gun bill. the same thing happened with the other one; it was the immigration bill. so I know it works. they pay attention. and eventually the news won't be able to help but pay attention.
and to tell the truth--the only way this thing is going to fall apart is to start an avalanche, hope to start a chain reaction. and millions of people shutting down the phone lines and email systems of congress every working day could very well be the shock.

this is obviously a whole new kind of war and a whole new kind of revolution, and we're in blind waters here-zero visibility. all we can depend on is history for a precedent. and I think we were set a great precedent by the founding fathers. we just need to first dig up the ball, then pick it up, and then of course run with it... :)

Liberty Belle said...

Common law is a problem, in that the common law imported to this country, English common law, ran contrary to the nature and philosophy of our constitution. The system has been broken from the very beginning.

It is true that white indentured servants, and any non-landholding white man, was not considered a citizen, they had a path to citizenship, property, that blacks and women did not. It is also true that some of our founders wished to abolish slavery altogether, yet I doubt their good intentions were much comfort to John Brown on the gallows.

There are many flaws in our system that must be corrected if this Republic is to stand. The most significant way in which the system is fatally flawed is that we have no means, as the People, to remove from office those that refuse to represent us. Without the ability to vote 'no confidence' at any time of our choosing, and without the ability for the people themselves to charge our representatives with their crimes, we are a tyranny masquerading as a republic. The ability to remove from office those who misrepresent us is crucial, and must be a right of the People, not of the government. Further, all of our officials, be they cabinet members or justices, should be elected, not appointed, and should be subject to the same right to recall. Political parties should be abolished, so that candidates are judged on their own politics and merits, not on the color of their tie. The electoral college should be removed, it is anachronistic.

We should not have to shut down switchboards and crash mail servers to have our representatives represent us. They should be held accountable to their constituents, or loose their jobs.

splitbabyniblet said...

I agree much more with this last comment...
yes there is a problem with common law and the constitution, but the people I listed before were the people on the side of individual sovereignty and common law. that is a whole subject unto itself though, as I'm sure you know.
I do feel the need to point out that the constitution explicitly explains how to get rid of elected representatives: if the house and senate don't do their jobs (or are the problem in the first place), we can unelect them the same way we can elect them-by overwhelming majority. a people's caucus can be formed at any time for any reason. if there is a 3/4 majority of states (of the people of each state at public convention held by each state), that motion gets passed. according to the constitution, which each state's constitution is subject to. and the same goes down the line-if 3/4 of california votes to impeach the governator, he's outta there... we don't need the representatives to pass laws or unelect the pricks.
so there is a well-prescribed, constitutional means to get rid of corruption. does it ever get used? hahahaha....
we need to repeal legislation first and foremost. the 14th, 17th, and 16th amendments are the top priorities. then we need to reverse individual legislation such as the Act of 1871, or the War Powers Act, or the Patriot Act.
after that, we need to bow out of treaties, such as NAFTA, united nations, NATO, CAFTA, etc...
you're right-we shouldn't have to shut down congress to get what we want, but unfortunately that's the reality of the situation. we can't just pick up guns and take our shit back one at a time. we could certainly do that if we all got together, but the chances of that happening without things getting worse for a number of reasons is very slim... and that will cost alot of blood...
if the common person could learn to not DEPEND on anyone else, especially the government, we could actually effect change. but we're being attacked from so many angles it's enough to make you go do george HW bush's drugs, like I did when I was younger... other nations get invaded with bombs, and we get invaded with everything but bombs. in a way we have the hardest battle to fight of all countries in the world, because we, as a free country, pose the greatest threat to the new world order.
and something I firmly believe is that if the new world order believed brute force would solve the problem of the truth movement, they would have already done it. but they learned long ago that the strongest tyranny is where your subjects actually think they're free. and if that doesn't describe america, I don't know what does...
they know brute force won't work here just like it it doesn't really work anywhere else. and americans tend to be rebellious. even the beer-guzzling nascar acolytes have a dormant seed within them, just waiting for the right prod from the right person, and their lives will change. shit, that's how most people in the truth movement became involved probably...
I don't know - I agree with you though. things are fucked, and the way our system has been twisted has certainly not proven its worth.
and like the old proverb goes: the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. if humans never learn that, then I doubt we do have a chance at freedom, and we're destined to be slaves forever...

Liberty Belle said...

The reason that the constitutional formula hasn't been used is that it is too complex. We need recall by referendum, initiated by the people through petition. A 3/4ths majority seems excessive to me as well. I'm no fan of simple majority, but 2/3rds seems sufficient.

I wish I could believe that this government was salvageable, but when nearly half of the Constitution and the entirety of the US code needs to be thrown out, it's time to start over. The founding documents are a wonderful source of inspiration and guidance for this, as are the writings that inspired those documents, but I feel there are too many flaws and mistakes to fix.

It is my opinion that the time for renaissance is past us, things have deteriorated too much to be salvaged, and revolution is the only option left to us. This does not necessarily mean we need a violent revolution, we've changed government peacefully before - when we adopted the Constitution over the Articles.

splitbabyniblet said...

you may be right about needing a new constitution. or something new. I don't believe the constitutional formula is too complicated, but rather the constitution itself is too complicated. the formula is very simple: all justifiable laws in the constitution revolve directly around property rights, whereas common law depends more on a law of precedent, changeable as the tides.
if I had my druthers, the ideal world would be a happy balance between these two.
but I'm no idealist, for sure... haha if I ascribe to any "-ism" it's Taoism. if americans only understood the balance to be found in everything, and weren't at conflict with everything in their lives, what a different world we'd live in.
and that's why our present system can't work: most americans are simply not whole people-they are divided inside themselves. they choose one side of everything, instead of seeing the endless shades of endless colors involved in every situation. americans tend to see in black and white, which does not tend to aid informed decision making...
so americans, in my opinion, for the most part, are simply incapable to use the gift given them--they are incapable of even seeing this gift which was given to us.
I completely respect your opinion, and I have to say I don't know if I've ever met a female who would say something like "half of the Constitution and the entirety of the US code needs to be thrown out." good stuff... :)
in fact, I only know a couple people who even could describe the difference between the constitution and the US code. I know many intelligent people, who know all about the new world order and all that, but they just can't wrap their minds around the whole admiralty law/common law/coerced contractual obligation thing. it's not a very exciting subject to most people. I find it fascinating since it affects us so greatly..., and since it is the prerequisite for how they get away with their shit. the worst atrocities in history have all been "legal" in terms of the government or entity which perpetrated them.

I basically believe the only way this species will ever live up to its potential is for each man to become a country unto himself (and the wimmins too... :))...

thus always to tyrants authors

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