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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reno Gonzalez Speaks From Jail-Part 2 of a 3 Part Interview

Reno explains what happened with him and the Browns
from the blog of Cirino Gonzalez (myspace registration required)
August 2nd, 2008

This is a great interview from jail by Reno Gonzalez. Following is a transcript of the interview:

Q: Ok, so they're actually considering 2 new charges against you. after they dropped the other two charges?

A: Yes, They think they can make it,use it a point to-because I was like as an example; I was waiting for the PSI meetings to happen. Then, so I could do it ,you know, face to face and I can get my side of the story out, because I hate this; what's really going on. You know, I dont want to chance it on this phone type stuff. You know I wanna sit down, look at…these are the facts, these are the facts. These are people that can tell you and, and tell you that nothing [happened]...and I was working on my own peace efforts. My own, you know my own missions. Uh well after the fact… you know. [I] had nothing to do with what this stuff they are trying to charge me with, or they have charged me with. Then uh after those meetings were done, like I said those were the PSI meetings, I was gonna ask for a bail hearing and my attorney is saying that he doesn't want me to ask for a bail hearing because he feels, and probably rightly so, that if I ask for my bail hearing since they dropped [the charges] against me they don't have any excuse anymore to say how dangerous, which they never had one in the first place because even though they had the gun charges against me they never said how I was threatening anybody with them, I was never,uh, you know, they were saying basically my military training was why I was a danger to society…even though they never showed one incident ever. By the way, this is my first arrest. They never even showed at any point, that I was a danger to anybody, I never even tried harming anybody. And contrary to the fact that all the peace efforts I've had in the past since 2006, uh,you know, they just totally dismiss it saying "Oh it doesn't matter" you know "we know you're trained" you know (inaudible) that's all there is to it. And that was their reason for holding me without bail (Ridley overtalking) progressed to basically what people's views [are] of our country and what their personal views are. Are we on the right track...they like to say on the news & stuff like that uhm with our foreign policies, with our personal economics, you know with our [personal] responsibilities to ourselves and other people....

Ridley: I'm sorry, I had,had a recorder stop me for a second, but I guess you answered my question there what the main thing people can do is to be vocal, is right where they are, is that correct?
A: Right. Yes, yes (laughs) (inadiable)

Q: Well, now do you still consider yourself an Ed Brown supporter, I know some of us kinda wondered when we heard the threats he was making had to kind of change our positions on him and you were actually thrown out of his house, do you still consider yourself an Ed Brown supporter?

A: Um, it's like a variety of people that came to talk to me there. Um, alot of them got turned away for one reason or another because of Ed's, you know, personal views, or spiritual views, or … during the…Usually what happened was when they [spoke with Ed] there was a falling-out for one reason or another. I'd talk to them and I'd be like this is, "I understand. This is an upsetting situation but, uh, your cause is still, I don't want to say righteous, but your cause is still just. Don't take it a personal, you know, attack on you and say 'Oh' & excuse yourself from the situation.
You know, I dont want to have anything to do with you anymore and just drop the whole cause. Uh alot of people are like, yeah, I understand uh, that he doesnt speak for everyone, he doesnt speak for you know, for everyone's views and they sorta took that in and went on forward with it like I did. I still believe that ,you know [the] Federal income tax is a huge form of uh, enslavement and … being able to go forward with that and talk about it and it kind of… every once in awhile people have to go back to [look at] Ed and Elaine and say look this is what happened to them, this is what they're standing for and (Operator; You have one minute left) and I'm not going to go back into like the whole, Oh he did this me and I heard he did that to that [those] people and, I take that out you know

Q: Reno, I'm sorry to interrupt you but it looks like we just got one minute left. Is there anything you'd like to add that I haven't asked you about?)
A: Uh, The thing that I'd like to get out the most is basically how uhm, There's a lot of people that are feeling that there is not enough support for a, a real movement, you know; if you will. Uh, a lot of people feel… when I talked to a lot of them about September 11th … when people…when talk to them about the tax issues & stuff like that. Uh, you know that they… obviously, the 9/11 truth movement and, of course, the tax truth movement, uhm… A lot of them feel like…"Ok. Yeah, we know this" you know. I've actually run into people that are like "Yeah. I know that. I know the government had a hand in what happened in September 11th" or "I know that the taxes are wrong." I've actually met multi-generational, you know, people. They're like "Oh yeah, my grandfather, my father, and myself are all against it." but no one really… there's no support behind it, there is no real, you know, talking and I'm like "No, there's protest all the time, you know, there are actually marches going on all the time, you know, throughout the year. You guys just don't hear about it because the media blocks it out." Uh, alot of people feel isolated, alot of people feel like they are powerless to really affect change and thats not really the case. It's mostly because alot of us are sort of isolationist, if you will. Uh, you know and we all just want to be left alone so we really don't go out and venture into finding groups because we are happy to be our own selves, to have our own families, and we just want to be left alone to live our lives happily.

Q: So what you're trying to say is the tax protest movement and the 9/11 truth movement are alot bigger than people realize?

A: Yes, they're actu…they are huge; just huge. And every year it just gets more and more obvious. An example is what the, uh, the truth from the uh, Aaron Russo's America Freedom to Fascism. They're actually passing that DV down, uh, DVD. You know , they're making copies of it in Iraq. And they're actually running around they're actually running around passing these deevs…I mean these DVDs to each other, you know trying to spread the truth amongst themselves… because it all ties in with the Federal Reserve and it all ties in to September 11th,it all ties in to the government being controlled by the banking institutions and the oil companies have it…they're all wrapped up into it. They, they're not stupid. They're running around. CID is actually running around trying to find these people who're making these copies and distributing them over there and I know they're doing it because first hand I had a guy run up in to the office one day and give it to me and pass it in his holster.
Ridley; I want anyone caught with one of those masks arrested.
Cirino: laughs
End of recording.

Thanks Kimberly for your efforts.

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