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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wizard of Oswald, Part III: The Dawning of the Self-Policed State

'The Sun Also Rises' on a World of Political Correctness, Invasion of Privacy, Rightism, and Leftism...
Brandon Dean

Thus Always to Tyrants
August 22nd, 2008

Political Correctness and the Soft-bellied Confusionists

Political correctness is possibly the most debilitating social epidemic in America today. It can cause one to literally deny the truth in front of his face, and to even hate oneself...
I had to go to a courthouse in Los Angeles yesterday, and an incident there provoked this writing. A friend of mine gave me a ride to the Van Nuys Courthouse, and we parked down the street a little after attempting to park in a CITY parking lot (which insanely cost 3 dollars for every twenty minutes, not to exceed 20 dollars... Wow, what a deal!) We backed out of the parking lot and parked at a meter directly in front of the lot for twenty five cents. The parking lot was empty. Gee... Maybe they should lower the price so people will actually park there. But we all know government cannot LOWER prices of any kind for any reason, due of course to the inflation created by their failed policies...
Anyhow, as we parked, we noticed two Hispanic women, both in their mid-twenties, arguing in a car across the street. They were screaming at each other, and the first thing I saw was the passenger throw the driver's keys onto the street. Further screaming ensued, while I told my friend to enjoy the show as I headed toward the courts. As I was walking away, I heard one of the women scream "you better let my baby go" about four or five times. I stopped and looked over. The two women were standing outside the car, with a small child inside. The child was obviously in no danger, and the two women looked like sisters having a normal argument that was perhaps a little crazy, but not violent. They were certainly embarrassing themselves acting like children, but I decided it was none of my business, and continued on my way.
My friend however--let's call her Ms. X--was waiting in the car for me, and was basically stuck with a front row seat. As I was walking away, a red sedan pulled up and stopped next to the two womens' car. In it was a middle aged woman and her two adolescent kids. I noticed the lady get out of the car and head toward the "situation," but I kept walking.
After I was done in court, when I came back to the car, Ms. X told me the story I missed. Apparently, the lady who pulled up and parked got out of her car and started screaming at the two arguing women in a bizarre attempt to "settle" the situation. Both women who had originally been arguing turned their anger towards the stranger, who began calling them motherfuckers and cunts and all that. The screaming continued for a minute or two, then Ms. X felt the need to get out of her car and diffuse the situation herself.
Ms. X crossed the street, and calmly mediated the situation by asking the newcomer how she was going to calm the whole thing down by screaming and further inflaming it. This started a whole new barrage of profanities from the crazy lady (who also had kids in her car), this time directed at Ms. X. She kept saying things like "you have no right to interfere" to Ms. X, when she herself had interfered! She demanded that her two children use their cell phones to call the police (there was a police station about two hundred yards from the incident...). She finally got on one of the phones and called someone, describing Ms. X as a "bitch" who interfered and screwed up "her" situation. Crazy, right?
Well, Ms. X did calm the situation, the two apparent sisters thanked her, and they went about their day... The crazy lady could not live with the fact that she couldn't diffuse the situation, yet this new "bitch" (Ms. X) could. None of the parties involved could understand why this lady was so concerned. She really seemed in need of help herself. Then the truth finally came out.
While arguing with Ms. X, she proclaimed the reason she had a right to interfere in these two people's lives: she was a SOCIAL WORKER who worked with children!!! hahaha Amazing! There are so many things wrong with that I don't know where to begin.
But let's start with the politically correct dreamworld this person lives in. She actually not only views it as her responsibility, but her "right" as a social worker, to interfere in someone's life if she feels a child is in danger. First of all, there is no legal precedent for a stupid social worker to use any police powers WHATSOEVER. Second of all, no child was being abused. People argue every god damn day, even in front of children (oh my GOD!!). Did she think the police were going to show up and throw these two women in jail for yelling at each other? She really did!!! Literally amazing...
Years of politically correct brainwashing have led this lady to the ridiculous conclusion that any adults screaming at each other in the presence of a child are abusing that child. Even more ridiculous is the fact that she made the situation FAR worse by interfering, cursing, screaming and threatening than the two women ever would have. The ironic and funny thing is that, when I got down to the court building, there was a sheriff's deputy watching the whole event from about a hundred yards away. So while this idiot has her kids on the phone to 911, pleading with passers-by to hang up their phones and also call the police (!!!!!), there is a cop right down the street who obviously saw the whole thing, and decided like me it was none of his business. And it wasn't...

It may be uncouth, unappealing, and moronic to scream at your sister in public, but there is no law against it, even if-GOD FORBID!!--there's a small child in attendance. Only the war against the American middle class can explain this social behavior called political correctness.

The self policed state rears its ugly head in many ways. By means of example, the once dominant race in this country (white protestants) has been mainly reduced to soft-bellied confusionists who vote against and even believe contrary to their own best interests out of self-guilt...

Manufactured Racism: the Catalyst for a Race War

I grew up learning all about how my white-skinned ancestors abused and killed the African slaves who were brought here by my ancestors against their will. I wasn't told that the white slave trade was just as prevalent as the black slave trade until the invention of the cotton gin. And I also wasn't told that an Irish slave was worth a tenth of the price of an African slave, and that was the real reason the South chose African slaves: they were simply bigger, stronger, and more compliant. The Irish slave was not only smaller and weaker, but he organized with his fellow Irishmen to break out or revolt, and would, at every opportunity, malign his "owner."
Simple economics. The African slaves could be (generally) trusted not to rebel. The Irish could not. Not to mention it was a whole lot easier to find a black slave amid a white population than an Irish...
I was also never told that there were BLACK SLAVE OWNERS from the South, and not just a few of them. They certainly were not the majority, but they also certainly existed. Not only that, but where did all the African slaves come from in the first place? Africans sold them to the white slave merchants, who transported them across the Atlantic. They were treated like no better animals by their fellow black African slave traders than by the European slave traders. I'm terribly sorry if this does not fit your "view" of history, but it's the simple truth. Go read any book on the subject. Shit, go watch "Roots."
So. growing up hearing about "my people" oppressing "their people," it surprised me to look back on my childhood, and realize something entirely disturbing: I have been called a "honky," "cracker," "gringo"-and any other number of anti-white racial epithets-so many times as a child, that I STARTED TO ALMOST BELIEVE IT. My people must be evil... We must have something wrong with us to always treat people like this... It seemed to all be the White Man's fault... The exact defeatist attitude experienced by the blacks of the South from years and years of institutionalized racism had been experienced by me!
In contrast, I have probably heard the word "nigger" used in anger by a white person toward a black person less than a dozen times in my life, and certainly not more than once or twice as a child. But I can promise you there is not one black child in all of Los Angeles of the present generation, who got called "nigger" by whites more times than I've been called "honky" "whiteboy" or "cracker" by blacks. As I grew older, I retaliated against being ridiculed for being white, and many learned never to insult me again. I've always had black friends who have seen the exact thing I am talking about as true. I will probably offend many people just by using the "N" word, but that just makes me laugh. If you can't listen to the sound of a mere word uttered in critical symposium, how could your fight for freedom be anything but baseless and worthless?
I was one of the very very few white kids in my junior high school and high school, and I had to learn to fight. Period. You know why? Because black and Latino gangsters would beat the shit out of me for no reason other than going to school in their neighborhoods. Do I resent them for this? Not at all. In fact, it taught me many imperative facts of life, the most important of which is to defend myself...

Here's the reality of the situation: It is not the blacks who are responsible for this politically correct attitude. They are simply fooled by the same propaganda whites are... In order to destroy the American middle class, the New World Order has decided multiple race wars are necessary. They've already started the race war between Islam and "the West." In the Middle East, they have multiple race wars (Arabs vs. Jews, Sunni vs. Shiite, Kurd vs. Arab, Arab vs. Arab, Iraq vs. Iran, etc. etc. etc.) and inside the US, they have multiple cold race wars (white vs. black, white vs. Latino, black vs. Latino, etc. etc. etc.).
Race is the easiest dividing line in the world to exploit. People are naturally drawn toward things of like substance to themselves and their aesthetics. Prejudice exists in every human during every moment of their entire lives. You are prejudiced against certain foods, stores, geographies, and of course, people. Why should we attempt to be something we're not? Why would we deny the inherent prejudice in each of us? Is it wrong to prefer one type of human over another, the way you prefer to, let's say, visit one country over another? Why in the HELL are we so afraid to fucking OFFEND people?!?! I could personally give a rat's ass what color someone's skin is-I've met the good and bad of all races living in LA-but I could also care less what someone else's opinion is on the matter. If I offend weak-minded, confused people in the process, so be it...
So one might understand why someone like me would so greatly resent this politically correct atmosphere in which whites are "forbidden" to criticize blacks or other minorities, yet those same minorities are completely free to criticize whites. A sense of shame has been instilled in the urban white male, and an aura of weakness. I can't tell you how many minorities I've surprised by not being a victim. They are used to the white male's submission, so it can be a shock when a white male actually stands up for himself!
Which leads to my point: the only explanation for the marginalization of the white male's pride is political correctness. And the only explanation for political correctness is propaganda. I do believe that if it wasn't for our shit-hole media, blacks and whites would have long ago settled their differences and learned to live in harmony. "You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

Right Versus Left: the Stepchild Paradigm

I can state without hesitation that the Left/Right Paradigm is the outstanding idiocy of the human race. There is no activity human beings involve themselves in which takes up so much of their time, without producing one positive thing, as Left/Right politics. All countries are victims of it, yet, like in many important areas, Americans simply take the cake for their supposed tradition, political intellect, and fervor from the Left and the Right.
First of all, there is no "Right" party in this country, and there hasn't been since the Whig Party. End of story. When the Whigs disappeared, the Democrats were simply MORE left than the present "Left" party: the REPUBLICANS! The Republican Party was the original Left party in this country, and their main positions have not changed... Once again: the Democrats were Left of the Left party, which already existed.
To be sure there are conservative-minded Americans, but they have not been truly represented by any major party since the 1820's.
The political Left in this country basically consists of those who feel a sense of guilt over their position of dominance over other countries, social classes, and races. They vote to force others to financially support the poor whom they feel responsible for, and they call it freedom. Perhaps "Leftism" is not the correct term; perhaps "self-guiltism" would be more appropriate...
This is the attitude which allows political correctness to exist. The soft-bellies on the Left are not the creators of political correctness, but simply those who most easily buy into it. When enough people bought into it, it was then possible to cram it down everyone else's throats. Some of us have resisted all along, but many were fooled and many were cowed.
I really don't want to leave the Right out, because Rightist thought is just as responsible for our present social state as Leftist thought, but political correctness is not usually equated with conservative thought. So they're exempt from blame on this issue... but a rather large number of conservative people have been cowed by political correctness...

Rightist thought is responsible, however, for the psychological preparation required for the constantly rising invasion of our privacies we all are experiencing... Enforcing morality is an old tactic of the supposed Right. This of course is the attitude which led to the drug war, and the social revolution of the 1960's. Any moron knows that the more you restrict something, the more attractive it becomes. Restrict sex, and kids will want to have sex... Restrict drugs, and kids will want to have drugs... It seems so simple to me. But it also seems obvious that the powers-that-be would recognize this, and thus it becomes another tier in the war against the American middle class. What better way to destroy the main component of any middle class-a strong sense of family-than to introduce drugs and sexual freedom to the youth? Of course, drug and sexual freedom should exist, but not as the opponent of anything, such as conservative morality. Sexual freedom and conservative morality can work hand in hand, just as it works with liberal morality. There is no need for conflict between the two, yet the Republicans have certainly promoted this conflict...
The main purpose of this Left/Right paradigm is to present an illusory choice, where there is no choice at all. The other side of the mirror may be the opposite of you, but it's still you. And the same may be said of Left/Right politics. They are opposite sides of the same reflection, nothing more...

The Self-Policed State Going the Way of the Dodo

I have noticed a sharp decline in politically correct self-policing in Los Angeles in the last few years. In much the same way a shepherd uses some of the sheep themselves to guide the other sheep, we have mostly been led towards political correctness not by those in power, but by the brainwashed sheep themselves. They bark and bark until you get back in line.
But ten years ago the politically correct fervor was at its highest pitch. It seems to have declined much in the last ten years, much to the chagrin of the New World Order, to be sure... Los Angeles is still a haven of politically correct scum, but more and more people I meet are sick of it.
If I hear one more person spout off about man-made global warming, sourcing Al Gore's propaganda film, I'm really going to try and vomit all over that person. If I hear one more person proudly tell me about their hybrid, or their bio-diesel car, I may just go 5150...
I've offended people with my research into the supposed Jewish "holocaust" even though I'm 1/4 Jewish, and over half of my close friends are Jewish. If one is looked down upon for researching the history of his own people, I pity the future...

copyright Brandon Dean, 2008

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