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Friday, August 15, 2008


I love the 80's New York band Big Black. They were a semi-industrial, semi-punk, completely original band which basically rejected all convention. They played with a drum machine, but it was somehow more raw than most bands with real drums. At live shows, they would throw lit fire-crackers into the audience, or shoot a water hose at them. They were little geeky-looking guys who looked like they had to get their asses kicked all the time for this behavior. I'm not from New York, so I can only assume some people loved them, and some people attacked them back. That's what would have happened in Los Angeles at any rate...
Their lyrics were sometimes outright dangerous ("the only good policeman is a dead one--the only good laws aren't enforced..." from Steelworker), but they were always brilliant. My favorite Big Black lyrics are in the song Rip:

That man's shirt is worth more than your life

And I'd rather kill him than insult you

He hasn't the sense to know we're fighting

He hasn't the fear to run

We have to rip this up

It doesn't look quite right

People like that, too dirty to save

Better watch out, friend

He's gonna get torn

When I poke my fingers in it

I tear him apart

Cover your ears

They make a lot of noise

We have to rip this up

It doesn't look quite right


Liberty Belle said...

You have good taste, we should trade playlists. =)

splitbabyniblet said...

why thank you darlin... ;)

and if you like big black, you must have good taste too... I like all kinds of different music. for a complete view of how crazy I am, go to my myspace page... haha

Liberty Belle said...

Between the Crass quote and Big Black, I knew I was in good company, but I did go to your myspace anyway. Robert Johnson, Dead Kennedys, Bob Dylan, and hey, you like the dicks, which is awesome, as no one else has ever heard of them. Have you checked out Black Kali Ma?

splitbabyniblet said...

I have heard of black kali ma, but I don't remember ever hearing any. I'll have to look them up...
yeah, it is pretty rare to meet someone who knows about the dicks, but everyone who knows about them is fanatical about it, and we're always surprised and pleased to meet each other... haha
you should look up tuxedomoon. they were from san francisco in the late 70s/early 80s. they used a drum machine, and sometimes real drums, and synthesizers. they were great. more artistic than most punk of the time, but unique.
you can download them on limewire or soulseek. or of course buy it from a store... haha

Ray said...

I'll check them out the next time I boot up my media box.

You can listen to Black Kali Ma at, they have a few tracks up.

splitbabyniblet said...

right on. thanks ray...

Liberty Belle said...

Oops, Ray was me, I must have been logged into my husband's google acct. on this machine.

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