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Monday, July 21, 2008 bans administrator and moderator for discussing holocaust Goes Traitor!! hot off the presses!! hahaha
Brandon Dean
Thus Always To Tyrants
July 23, 2008

(In-) has fallen from its low pinnacle in the last two days. I'm sorry to say it, but I've been randomly banned from my own site, which I was the administrator for. I did all the work on the site, and apparently the other two admins, without discussing it with me at all, have gone ahead and banned my IP for DARING to openly discuss the fact that the supposed "holocaust" never happened. Not to mention for DARING not to walk on eggshells about it. sorry, I have big fucking boots, and I don't even feel the eggshells as I SMASH them!
I've been working on completely re-vamping that entire site for the last three months, and now I will simply take all that work and start my own site. hahahaha!
A fellow member, one FrancisDade, was banned along with me. We will be the first two members of a truly FREE interactive website, complete with news.

This is my ANNOUNCEMENT to a CANDID world: nothing will stop me. this is open war: free men versus the New World Order, and THERE ARE NO PRIZES FOR SECOND PLACE. it's kill or be killed. what do you do when you see a black widow spider? You fucking STOMP on it!!! DEAD!!!

I will never stop discussing the holocaust or any other issue of TRUTH.

Hey all you cunts out there!! You can't scare me and you can't stop me!! I will not stop until the new world order is stomped dead into the ground--ashes to ashes, shit to shit. goodbye!!

fuck inactionwars! They call it "actionwars" and the catchphrase for the site is: "the info is out there---now it's time to take action" HAHAHAHAHA rich!!

Not one "action" has been taken the entire time I've been at the site. I'm the only one who seems to spend countless hours trying to better the site and fill it with content, and they ban me because the little queasy bitches don't understand what the word "WAR" means.

The New World Order could care LESS about our little melodramas. they have the minds focused on their goals. we squabble over the scraps from their table


Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon. This is FrancisDade. I just found your site. I have not really read anything here. I'm not angry, not even disappointed. I just don't care. I have some other things to do than be involved with an inaction forum. What am I talking about for someone other than Brandon reading this? Apparently I was banned from actionwars for having questions about Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Zionism, and The Holocaust. Now, one always has to say or write, "The Holocaust". Because it is holy. And apparently, it is so holy that it cannot be questioned at actionwars. I do find that strange, as well as the fact that very few there seemed to care about the plight of Ernst Zundel, or the treatment of Palestinians by "god's chosen people." Strange.

I do think that the admins at actionwars should at least have the guts to say why I was banned instead of this sticky:

"During administration to ensure security of the site this evening,
posts were lost and we are working to restore them.

Thank you,

ActionWars Staff"

Readers, what do you think?

tokenblack said...
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tokenblack said...

That's nuts Brandon and the funny thing is those were the same people complaining about prisonplanet's censorship. If something really happened in history why all the censorship? The truth should be able to stand alone. They went apeshit when Mick Swann gave his personal account and reacted irrationally off of pure emotions. WORDS WORDS WORDS. Anyway keep me posted Brandon on that forum because we really do need to seek out people out there with the courage to talk these issues through and alleviate them of the fear of censorship. It's becoming my opinion now that if you aren't banned from at least one forum then you aren't asking the right questions. By the way this is Prentice in case you were wondering.

splitbabyniblet said...

thanks so much prentice. that means alot to me. I feel like I've been slapped in the face in two ways:

1)slapped for thinking I could trust people to be true. I'm telling you, none of the other "leaders", admin or mod, did ANYTHING. I don't know what they're thinking, honestly. I built that site, and I will take what I did and go elsewhere. they don't want me playing in their sandbox apparently...

2)slapped in a good way - there was nothing happening at that site. I am not joking when I say this is fucking WAR. you know better than anyone else what I mean by that prentice. I am not fucking around, and we're running out of time. do we seriously have time to cater to everyone's little sensitive bitchy issues? I don't... I'm on a god damn mission. these fuckers are pointing their guns at us right now, for christ's sake!! I can't even believe the incredible mistake they made by doing this.

but like I told dade in an email, things are happening in our universe which are far beyond our control. one of the major things which happens when all these cosmological events which are taking place now happen, is that relationships fall apart. all kinds of relationships. the ones which remain will be the strong--those who don't get fooled into posting everything Ajax Jones parrots himself.
those who question everything, from election fraud to THE HOLOCAUST to lord ajax jones. we are the ones who will know how to deal with the best of times and the worst of times.

life is good, and life is shit, as they say - well, I say it anyway...


thanks for writing prentice. you never posted much, but you've always said what's in your heart, and the honesty and insight you show is refreshing. why does it always seem to be that way with the brothers? It must be that suffering breeds wisdom, both of which blacks have a large store of...
and I'm sure seeing people blown apart woke you up to certain truths...

myself, I went through my own kind of war in prison. I was there for two years, and they'll have to kill me to get me back in there. I saw people killed, I saw people crippled, I saw trees explode while I was an inmate firefighter--damnedest thing I've ever seen!! I was telling my whole story to my friend's cousin, an Iraq vet, a while ago and at the end of it he looked at me all crazy and said "wow, you know what war means." I'll never forget that.

don't trip prentice - I've already got me, dade, you, FranG, gvmtcheese, and tradesman coming to the new site, and there will be more soon. I brought almost fifteen members to actionwars, and I'll just bring them again. give me about two weeks, and we'll be up and running.

I have huge plans, which were for inactionwars, but no more... now they're for this new site.
I'll disclose this plan in a few days when I announce the site from here. you can subscribe to the RSS feed here, so you'll get email updates when a new post happens, or just look back in a few days. there will be lots of info about the new site.
I'm thinking of calling it what do you think?

also, prentice, if you could send a message to kap25 at actionwars with my email,, and tell her to shoot me a message. I'd appreciate it... thanks alot.
and tell anyone who knows about actionwars to come read this post!!! hahaha fuckers!!

Anonymous said...

Hi B this is Rattle. I didnt have anything to do with you getting banned. My power was out for 4 days starting last Monday,due to a storm. I had no idea what happened while I was gone. I had a problem with Dade not you. I didnt have anything to do with what happened to you. All I said was to let Dade defend himself. That's it. Hate me for that I guess.

splitbabyniblet said...

I don't hate anyone rattler. I know I can be insensitive, and whoever was involved was involved. all I know is I never got even a "fuck-off" from the "leadership" over there. and that kinda sucks when you've done as much work on something as I have on that site.
whatever... water under the bridge. you must understand that I was very mad that day, and felt betrayed. I still do see it as a betrayal, but I also see that as the way of the universe right now.
I do find it ironic that the two people who were banned were the two people who have been doing this the longest, being me and dade...
but in any case, gator and DH see me as a volatile threat apparently, and maybe I am too volatile for the people over there, especially as an admin for people who are trying to impress others into coming to their site. when it comes to this whole business, I don't give a shit about anything but truth, and I have no time to wonder how people feel about it.
honestly, the only person I have any animosity towards at this point over there is rackattack. he owes me at least a fuckoff. he knows exactly how much work I've done, and I find it a slap in the face that he didn't have the decency to respond to my email.
other than that, I don't care any more. but I don't hate any one of you guys. I've gotten plenty of reassuring messages and emails since this happened in any case...
don't trip rattler - the truth is always scorned at first, and truth without a cushion for peoples' emotions is almost impossible to come by, and scorned more than the rest...

Anonymous said...

Well at any rate. I just wanted to say my peace.

Peace -

Anonymous said...

Is this true? Were you really banned for what, as far as I was able to read before it's deletion, was an intelligent, respectful and well backed debate over the historical truth behind the 'holocaust'? And on a forum that claims to be dedicated to truth, information and awareness... this bothers me, and I am concerned now over my ability to retain my copyrights over material I have shared there. If they will ban you for expressing your researched views, will they sue me over the publication of my own writings which I shared, for free, on their site? These are questions that anyone posting on such forums must address.

Although I was quite new, I miss your posts. I look forward to the site you have in the works.

~Liberty Belle

splitbabyniblet said...

thanks alot belle - if you either subscribe to the RSS on my blog, or keep coming back, I'll be updating everyone on the new site.

yeah, to be honest, I don't really know what happened, besides the fact that dictator hater decided francisdade I were a nuisance or something. she was heavily influenced by the idiotic boss gator, who turned on me, after I originally went to bat to make him moderator, when the other two admins said hell no...
so yeah, people easily forget all the things you do for them when emotions become involved.

so half of it was the fact that francis and I wouldn't shut up about the holocaust and israel, but the other half is that I am the opposite of sensitive about the facts we deal with in this information WAR... I wouldn't walk on egg-shells about the holocaust, and morons such as gator can't distinguish between well-documented research and racist drivel, so fuck 'em...
like I said in the article, there was no real action happening there anyway.
the new site will draw thousands of new hits a day with the plan I have--more details of which are soon to come...

again, thanks so much. I am working on the new site slowly but surely since I'm horrendously busy right now.
I'm over the anger though. at first, I just couldn't believe they would do that without any explanation or anything, after I built the god damn site and maintained it without any help from the other admins. it was a huge betrayal, but hey, that's the power of the internet, huh? scoundrels don't have to look you in the face and say what they've got to say--they can type it and sleep just fine. guess I'm still a human being with respect and humility...
maybe I expect too much outta folks?

splitbabyniblet said...

oh and as far as your content on their site - I would say the main thing you have to worry about is losing all of your posts like francis dade and I...
...and you're right - it was a completely open dialog, backed by researched facts, with absolutely no malice towards religious jews or any other non-guilty party. some folks just can't fathom that in regards to jews and the holocaust.
the funny part was I got accused of being "racist" towards someone by gator, when I have jewish ancestors who were actually in nazi work camps (I refuse to call them "concentration camps" any more, because that is a zionist sensationalist propaganda term meant to make the nazi non-atrocities look like, well, atrocities...). not only that, but I live in a major city, and I grew up surrounded by mexicans, blacks, asians, and whites, and almost ALL of my friends are some sort of minority. hell, the two people who were most supportive of me through this whole thing with were the only two black guys on the site, franG and prentice reid!! oh yeah--I be hatin on those minoriteeeeees.... hahahaha

splitbabyniblet said...

...and just for good measure, here's proof of my hatred of normal minorities: my two favorite music acts are Devo and Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman. he's jewish... :)
if you look below at the authors for this blog, you'll see me. I am a quarter jewish, and the rest of me is as white and WASPy as they come. below me is my friend FranG, who is black. Below him is my best friend, whom I've known for over 15 years, Josh. He's jewish. These are the two fellows I trust to post on my blog without editing anything they would ever write (besides maybe spell-checking FranG...hahaha). hmmmm.... I certainly seem to be full of hate towards jews and minorities. haha anyway, I thought that was funny...

thus always to tyrants authors

Brandon Dean (splitbabyniblet)


Joshua Berry (tattoogeek)

you see what happens?

"I, like the arch-fiend, bore a hell within me, and finding myself unsympathized with, wished to tear up the trees, spread havoc and destruction around me, and then to have sat down and enjoyed the ruin." --Mary Shelley, from Frankenstein