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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Wizard of Oswald, Chapter II: The Slow War Against the American Middle Class

The Wizard of Oswald, Chapter II: The Slow War Against the American Middle Class
Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants

Lee Harvey Oswald was an American hero. Not because he killed Kennedy, but because he didn't kill Kennedy... In the three days between the day he was arrested for the murders of Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit and President John F. Kennedy, and the day he was murdered on live television, Oswald repeatedly proclaimed his innocence at any opportunity. He actually said "I'm just a patsy..."
Now, that's not too amazing or impressive, since any person fighting for their life might say anything to shift blame somewhere else. However, Oswald had a whole life we've never been told about, which is slowly unfolding as the years go by. It turns out, Oswald was cheating on his wife with a young scientist, who worked for the CIA attempting to discover a way to kill Fidel Castro with a cancer virus. She was intimidated into silence until the 90's, when she finally went public.
Two or three days before the assassination of JFK, the last time she ever talked to Oswald, he told his girlfriend that he couldn't get out of the assassination plot-even if he ran, they'd find him and kill him. But, if he stayed, and went through with the plan, there would be one less person firing at Kennedy... Oswald was actually trying to stop the assassination. He also stated there were a couple other agents on his side, who were also trying to stop it. Once he discovered that he wasn't able to stop it, Oswald decided to stick around and not fire at him. It seems he wasn't even in position to fire at Kennedy, though... He was obviously set up.

Oswald was a victim of the war against the middle class in America. He was a young, impressionable man, and he greatly aspired to be a secret agent. He was an ultra-nationalist, a true believer in the American Dream. He trusted those above him to guide his secret life for the betterment of the united States. He was betrayed...

...And so were the rest of us. The Ninjas of the Far East believed "The best poison is the slowest poison." Why? Because the slower the poison, the less likely it is the perpetrator will be caught. A slow poison leaves no trace...
And so it is with a Slow War. The slower the war, the less likely it is anyone can discover the true cause. Such is the case with the Slow War against the American middle class. It began soon after the War for Independence, which ended in 1781. European banksters sent representatives to the united States immediately to lobby legislators to institute a private central bank, which was to be under the control of the European banksters. They got their first bank, with famous politician Alexander Hamilton leading the charge. The public hated the bank, and the congress killed it in 1811. A year later, the British invaded the united States and sacked Washington DC, destroying thousands of original founding documents. Two years later, in 1814, they got their second bank.
In 1828, an unexpected defeat left Andrew Jackson President of the united States. Jackson was greatly and vocally anti-private central bank. His platform to get elected leaned heavily on States' Rights. Once in office, he made it his mission in life to destroy the central Bank of the United States. He succeeded in 1833--the first year of his second term--when congress denied the bank a new charter.
The European banksters simply changed their plans, and decided the easiest way to destroy the American middle class, and hopefully America itself, would be to split the country through civil war. They succeeded in starting a war between the North and South in 1860.
The South was hopelessly caught in a web of political lies and monetary misfortunes; they simply wanted to save their honor, which was kind of hard while the federal government was slamming heavy trade restrictions on Southern exports, destroying their economy. The South had simply had enough. And conversely, Abraham Lincoln--who is certainly deserving of alot of the criticisms he receives in the alternative press--was simply trying to save the Union. He actually publicly stated he could care less about slavery as compared to saving the Union. So the banksters had him killed by a man who actually claimed to represent European banksters...

Since the Civil War didn't destroy the country, the banksters' next plan was to simply enslave the American public through voluntary contract. They introduced a slow poison, which at first only affected newly-"freed" slaves, but gradually engulfed us all. Their slow poison was called the 14th Amendment. It supposedly freed slaves, but in reality, the supposedly freed slaves were forced to apply for licenses and permits to do the things free Americans could do, such as owning a gun, or marrying a white woman (and eventually even a black woman), buying land, running a business, and so forth... So the slaves' ownership was transferred from plantation owners to the government, and therefore those who control the government. All they had to do was sign on the dotted line to transfer their new-found freedom into government hands...

Their next step was the Act of 1871, referred to by "history" as the Ku Klux Klan Act. It was supposed to shut down the operations of organizations like the Klan, but the problem was, the way they planned to do this was by creating a corporation called the United States, and laying out a different letter of law for all federal territories. This created the District of Columbia, and assigned to it a corporate system of law. Coincidentally, the KKK grew to its greatest number and power forty years after this "KKK Act" supposedly "did away" with these miscreants. Interesting, no?

KKK march on Washington DC in 1925, over 50 years after the "KKK Act." There were millions of KKK members who had joined since 1871, swelling their numbers to the largest in history before the FBI finally shut down their power base starting in the 1930's.

The banksters' next success was two-fold: one was the Federal Reserve Act, and the other was the 16th Amendment. The Federal Reserve Act in 1914 finally brought back the private central bank for the first time since 1834, when Andrew Jackson destroyed it. The 16th Amendment introduced the income tax, which, as the Supreme Court has consistently ruled, inferred no new power of taxation to the government. It is simply a word game, enforced through scare tactics, and was never even legally ratified by Congress in the first place!
After that, the banksters decided to start fracturing the world through massive wars, involving many nations. The first was World War I, where many countries were dragged into a seemingly meaningless war, which was actually geared toward destroying the German nation's middle class nationalism. This backfired on them (or did it?), which resulted in World War II. The results of these two massive wars were manifold:

  • a massive arms buildup throughout the "first" world.
  • the creation of the State of Israel.
  • the creation of first the League of Nations, and when that failed, the United Nations
  • the paradigm of the Cold War
  • miscellaneous results, such as enlightening the thinking man, who is now aware of the corruption in national and international government, and of government's collusion with big business.
  • cleared the whole of Asia for American commerce, which before had been kept in check by the Japanese
  • cleared the whole of Eastern Europe for Soviet terror

In the midst of these two wars, the banksters attacked the middle class in America further by inducing the Great Depression. They did this by first collapsing the speculative markets, then by stopping the flow of cash into the country. The actual amount of cash on the streets, so to speak, before 1929 until 1933, fell by thousands of percent. The banksters take cash off the streets by raising interest rates for loans until no one can afford the interest rates, so less and less people are able to take out loans. And when people can't take out loans to cover their previous loans, they end up foreclosing on their present loans. Where does their real property go? That's right--directly into the coffers of the banksters... See where I'm going with this? The banksters, who had the ability to cause a depression through collectively raising interest rates and collapsing the stock markets, had every motive to do it.
In the midst of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt stabbed the heart of the American people, and stuck the blade as far as he could stick it. He passed a law which forced the American people to sell the government their real asset called gold, for a paper asset called a Federal Reserve Note. Anyone who did not comply faced a 10,000 dollar fine (sorta like a 100,000 dollar fine in today's dollar), and ten years in prison. In a big media parade, he locked up the American people's gold in the newly built Fort Knox. There it supposedly remains, but anyone paying attention knows it's all been used as collateral on the "national debt," which of course came into existence due to the debt-based fractional reserve policies of the Federal Reserve.
And ever since these events, culminating in World War II, the onslaught has been perpetual. We haven't had a rest. There are so many examples of their attacks, that only a partial list will suffice in convincing you of my theory of this Slow War on the middle class. So here is a list of all the fronts in the banksters' war against he American middle class, and this list is incomplete:

  • Supposedly mandated vaccinations. When this program began, there was one "mandatory" vaccine. Now, a child is bullied into dozens of vaccines by the time they're sixteen years old.
  • The gradual dumbing down of American youth through state-funded education. Compare school tests from the 1950's to those of now. Kids graduate high school today sometimes without being able to read or write.
  • Designer Diseases such as ADHD, ADD, Collitis, Leaky Gut Syndrome, etc... These "diseases," which didn't exist fifty years ago, are designed to draw a profit for pharmaceutical companies, and to gradually grind away at the health of Americans.
  • Designed Diseases: AIDS was created to target minorities, drug users, gays, and hemophiliacs, has killed millions of people, and is still killing hundreds of thousands of people in Africa a year..
  • Gun laws: In order to destroy the powerful middle class in this country, our guns must be confiscated. They are achieving this in bits and pieces, through nit-picking legislation at state and federal levels.
  • Television. As discussed in The Wizard of Oswald, Chapter I, television psychologically and physically numbs the brain's ability to creatively think for themselves, and promotes the ideas and desires of those who broadcast television, which is tightly restricted and regulated by the government.
  • False Flag Terror: Terrorist attacks on our country have been on the rise since the 1960's, when John F. Kennedy was killed by the banksters, who blamed it on Lee Harvey Oswald, who was actually attempting to stop the assassination. These attacks are always aimed at achieving a clandestine goal by banksters.
  • Destruction of the Family: this is the most important front in their war. With the unity of the regenerating nuclear family, the destruction of the middle class is impossible. This front incorporates all other fronts, as all other fronts affect the family. In fact, this war could appropriately be referred to as the Slow War on the American Middle Class and the American Family.
It's unbelievable. This list is too short, but I don't feel like spending the next week listing everything I can think of, and you probably don't have time to read it all, so for the sake of brevity, I'll end it there.
The Slow War has certainly been ramping up in the last ten years. It took the banksters 75 years to get their central bank back after Jackson took it from them. It took our present government a few weeks to destroy the Bill of Rights after September 11th, 2001. It took the Federal Reserve 57 years to finally get rid of the Gold Standard. It took three years to destroy America's reputation through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It took ten years of depression to make the Americans fall for World War II. It took Bush stuttering on national television for a couple minutes the night of September 11th, 2001, to get the American people to fall for the present war. See where I'm going?
The intelligence, common sense, currency, health, pride, stature, property, and very identity of the American people are all going down the toilet. It was slow at first, but now the floodgates are open, and the tide is in.

Yet all tides ebb and flow. All diseases come and go, and the banksters are a disease-neither designer nor designed-of the human race. And the human race, if it wishes to survive, must purge this disease using our immune system's white blood cells, better known as the TRUTH.

Watch this ten minute video on the US Corporation to get a better understanding of what's really going on around here:

End, Chapter II

Copyright Brandon Dean 2008

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