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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wizard of Oswald, Chapter I, by Brandon Dean

The Wizard of Oswald-Chapter I
Television: The Lazy, Soft-Brainwashing Machine
Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants

The human brain is too complex for us to understand all its functions, and what patterns it operates in. We have no true notion of the full effects of external stimulation. For instance, the effects of such things as television, advertising, and "news" media are largely unknown to us at this time. It's interesting to note that our government is heavily involved in all three of these subjects. To put it simply, we have no true idea what these three things have done to our collective and individual psyches since their inceptions within the last century. Advertising and news media certainly existed before the last century, but both have experienced monumental makeovers since the inception of the third: television.
Before television, information not only traveled much slower, but information was also extremely open to critical skepticism. When you listen to something on the radio, or you read something in a newspaper, your brain naturally creates images to go along with whatever subject you are listening to or reading. In other words, the brain is stimulated into action, which is a good thing, like exercise. But television creates the images for you, therefore not stimulating your brain, but rather numbing it, making it lazy so to speak...
Television, or rather those who create television, exploit this side effect of television to the fullest. Where did they learn the tactics? Well, the answer is very easy. The culprit's name is... Edward Bernays.

Edward Bernays: the Father of Spin

Edward Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. He was a psychologist in his youth, following in his uncle's footsteps. But then he found his niche. The niche was his personal invention: the PR industry. Bernays wrote a book called Propaganda. Propaganda was extremely popular amongst the elite of the world, especially amongst psychologists, businessmen, and those cretins involved in eugenics societies. Bernays himself belonged to a eugenics society. Among Bernays' followers were Colonel Edward Mandell House (President Wilson's shadow---I mean, adviser), Josef Goebbels (Hitler's Propaganda Minister), and many more despicable Illuminati devils... Bernays was responsible for such propaganda masterpieces as: the Suffragettes of New York City marching in the Macy's Christmas Day Parade in the 30's, at a time when no "lady" smoked cigarettes or anything else in public, and orange juice for breakfast. He basically just started advertising orange juice as perfect for breakfast, paid a bunch of doctors to corroborate the story, and put their testimonies in the ads. Suffice it to say, after years of a constant barrage of these ads, the collective American brain just accepted it as a truth.
Hitler once said "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." You know where he learned that from? Goebbels. You know who Goebbels learned it from? Yup--Edward Bernays and his book Propaganda...
And this is the basic premise behind the PR industry: lie your ass off, repeatedly, over and over and over and over again, and if you have enough money to keep paying for the ads, eventually the collective brain will accept it as truth.
Applied to what I wrote above about television creating the image for you, you should begin to understand the jump that was made in the profitability of advertising with the invention of television. Before television, the brain stood a much better chance of resisting propaganda. It still had to create the image, as opposed to having the image created for it.
And you can bet your ass that once the powers-that-be discovered the explosive manipulative power of television, which they discovered immediately, they jumped on and claimed all the best airwaves, and regulated the shit out of the rest. Then they funded research into both improving the quality of television and propagandizing the populace with television.

The brain is ruled by the subconscious, and powered by electric signals generated from the heart. The heart generates its electricity from the Earth, whose source of electric power is the sun, whose electric power comes from the center of the galaxy, and so on. Round and round it goes, and where it stops, nobody knows... Truth be told, it never stops.
Television wave molecules are so much less dense than our bodies that they travel right through our bodies. And they exist naturally. We just harness them on both the transmitting and receiving ends...
But, being that our brain is ruled mostly by the subconscious, what we see leaves an imprint in our brain. Never mind the fact that you are staring directly into light (as you are right now reading this)--the symbols which stick in your subconscious are what's really to worry about. As most people are aware, a flash of an image in the middle of non-related video can be retained by your brain without you being conscious of it at all. But flashing images aren't the only danger. Colors associated with sounds leave a deep imprint on our brain. It makes sense if you think about it: when you're out in nature, your brain associates colors with sounds and smells, such as the red of a rose, or the green of a pasture, or the sweet-sour smell in the air around a lemon tree... You don't have to think about it--your brain instinctively delineates these patterns for you. And television works the same way. Your brain categorizes imagery, and associates it with the words, sounds and emotions displayed in the sitcom, commercial, news show, et cetera...
The solution to this quandary is simple: first, turn off your television set. Second, toss it out the window. Third, take a twelve gauge scattergun and blow it to hell where it belongs...

end, part 1

copyright 2008 Brandon Dean

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