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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Go and stock up people, don´t wait

Go and stock up people, don´t wait
Brandon Dean
June 10 2008

People have been crying for years about this crisis, or that crisis, and all of their crises are the biggest, most life-threatening crises ever. Well, sit back and judge this crisis for yourself. We have a food crisis in this world. It's real, and it could potentially threaten YOU at any moment. The supply lines of food have been being choked for years down to narrow bottlenecks by huge corporate buyouts and purposeful maladjustment. It now appears to be coming to a head in many different parts of the world.
It's coming to a head at this moment in the form of truckers' strikes. An online friend of mine named "Kap25", who lives in Spain, has now revealed that, because of a local truckers' strike, her corner grocers ran out of food. Not only that, but by mid afternoon today, the petrol stations in her neighborhood ran out of gas.
Kap25 is prepared; she and her family have previously taken measures for just this eventuality... She has plenty of storable food packed away to last her family quite a while. But, as we all know, some people are wise, and some are not. My guess would be that most of the people who have so far been hit by this sudden life-threatening crisis never saw it coming at all... And now they are left to fend for themselves. This may be the world wide crisis we "paranoid types" have been forewarning of.

In other words, shit may just get remarkably crazy, remarkably fast... It may not of course, but three striking truckers have already been murdered in rioting so far--all within the last few weeks... One died in Spain, one in Australia, and one in Portugal. And my friend now cannot purchase food regularly.

Maybe it's time for us in the states to start preparing for the eventuality that this crisis, hitting dozens of countries already, may just come here to the US?
I personally have at least six months of food stored away, and I've been constantly building it over the last six months. Preparedness is the word of the moment. PREPAREDNESS, like a god damn boy scout, no joke.

Get ready... like Kap25 said in a recent response to a thread at's forums, Go and stock up people, don´t wait


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