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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Rise and Fall of the Zionist Reich, and its Historical Context

The Rise and Fall of the Zionist Reich, and its Historical Context

Brandon Dean
January 26th, 2009

Deep in our past lies the truth about our present, and if there is a reason history repeats itself, it is because time itself is cyclic in nature. There is no history which rests securely along a linear time line. History rests upon individual perception. And let it truly sink in: History is Written By the Victors. In other words, you cannot trust written history. You can only trust personal perception, or personal research. Personal research entails reading original documents, reading letters and diaries of those involved, and maybe even talking to some of those involved.
Personal research does not entail reading someone else' opinion on history, no matter how shiny the book cover is.
History is easy to manipulate if you understand that the human mind works cyclically, just like history and time itself. If you are led to believe that time is linear-that time does not repeat itself along with history-you learn to accept a tidal cause and effect, as opposed to a simple action=reaction scenario.
And on that note, we will take a look at the role played by self-titled Zionist Jews, who are nothing more than ruthless mass=criminals who falsely claim to be Jews. What we must understand is that these Zionists hate real, religious Jews more than anyone else hates Jews. One of the main antagonists behind the modern Zionist movement, Theodore Herzl, hated the stigma of Judaism, and openly denied Jewish tradition. He longed for the power of European Aristocracy, not Judaic principles. And Theodore Herzl is basically worshipped in modern day Israel...
Jews as a people, in direct consequence of Zionist influence on European governments, have been exiled (booted) from over 75 countries in the last thousand years. As far as trying to understand why they were kicked out of these countries, it would be easy to dismiss it as simple hate, and that's exactly what many people do. But research the laws that were actually written when these Jews were exiled and you will find the actual reasons. Jews were not only accused of usury (charging outrageous interest rates on loans) repeatedly, but they were also repeatedly charged with abducting Christian children and using them in ritual blood sacrifices.
Now as absurd as this may sound to someone who has not studied history exhaustively, there are many recorded court cases from all over the world where Jews were actually convicted of sacrificing the children of the Goyim, or non-Jews. Look it up.
Now, to look at the situation logically, if you study the court cases, and even the accusations that never went to court or conviction, you would see that the ratio of these ritual murders was no where near high enough to blame it on Judaism as a whole. This is why I believe there is a distinct difference between religious Jews and Zionists. The Zionists themselves carried out the blood sacrifices, and let the blame fall on Judaism as a whole. Can you possibly hate Jewish people any more than to keep them exiled for a thousand years, burning every bridge in sight, letting them wander the Earth in a depraved homeless state, hated by the world for no reason of their own? Exactly...

This is where we must make the distinction between sects of Jews. There are three main sects: Sephardic, Ashkenazim, and Germanic Jews. The only true Biblical Hebrews are the Sephardic Jews; the rest are converts. The remnants of the Sephardic Jews are mainly centered around the Mediterranean, from Spain all the way into Iran in the Middle East.
The Ashkenazim and Germanic Jews came much later historically than the original Hebrews. The original Hebrews, who developed in Egypt from the Hicksas, a class of workers who came from all over the Middle East and Africa to work in Egypt, became a powerful political faction in Egypt. They overthrew The Pharoahonic line in a coup led by Tetmoses I (Biblical Moses? They lived at the same time...). His "dynasty" lasted for about a hundred years before the Egyptian people kicked out this ruthless line of tyrants. But because the Hicksas still had such (financial) pull within Egyptian royal circles-in other words, the Hicksas had learned very early how to lend money at extravagent interest rates, and the royalty were under their debt-the Hicksas were given the land of Canaan by the Pharaoh as their land of exile.
And here we have a perfect example of history and time repeating itself. At the signing of the Balfour Agreement of the British Lord Balfour, the land of Palestine was promised to one group of people (the Zionist Jews) by another group of people (the British) at the expense of a third people (the people of Palestine at the time--Muslims, Jews, and Christians). Egypt handed the Hicksas the land of Canaan at the expense of the Canaanites, who instantly became a sub-class of people to the Hicksas, who now called themselves Hebrews. They subjugated the Canaanites both physically and historically. Just read about the seething disgust the ancient Hebrews had for the Canaanites and Philistines in the Old Testament of the Bible.
Historically, Zionism is the Hydra of the human race. Each time its head has been cut off, it has grown back three new heads, all stronger than before, having learned the lesson of why it was cut off. Because of this, the end result emotionally of what Zionism has created is apathy and defeatism. This hydra appears to be unstoppable to the timid or weak of mind. The hydra has learned to create illusions using our ability to create our own realities.
Which leads to my conclusion... Even though history seems to be a tidal flow of ever-expanding tyranny, and even though in the present all may seem lost, the simple mechanism which destroys all the illusions created by Zionists and other mind-manipulators is your own mind. It begins with a question, and ends with freedom. We absolutely create our own realities. If you live free, you are free. If you choose not to be trapped by the Zionist illusion, then the illusion does not exist in your reality.
And there can be no doubt that people are awakening to the Zionist illusion. I see signs of it everywhere. You simply did not see large anti=Israeli protests in the United States before the last few weeks, as the Zionists have yet again shown their lack of humanity in Gaza. The mask has been ripped off as we all watched (on free alternative media) as burnt babies were dislodged from bombed out hospitals and schools. The utter disregard for human life right in front of our faces has snapped many many people out of their slumber.
I do believe we are witnessing the death throes of the hydra. Of course, when a dragon is dying it will thrash around and take anything it can with it-a most dangerous prospect for humanity.

copyright Brandon Dean 2009

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