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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Tell Me You Care: Israeli Army Caught Targetting Children, Hospitals, Playgrounds...

Don't Tell Me You Care, Israel...

Brandon Dean
January 4th, 2009

In the late Seventies and early Eighties, there was a punk band from England called Crass. The angriest, most rebellious thing I'd ever heard as a teenager was their song entitled "Don't Tell Me You Care." Applied to any atrocious act, it fits any of the times we've known well. Those of us born in the 1970's have grown up in a world which constantly becomes more fake, more corrupt, and less inhabitable...

You shit-head slimy got it alls
You crap-eyed ghosts with greasy balls
You wicked matron stabbing hard,
Grabbing while the going's good
Administrators vicious smile
Dancing on the body piles
Slipping your sly fingernails
Impaling flesh on battlefields
The decaying corpses help you up
To your position at the top

The last few weeks have shown not only the unbelievable contempt Israelis have for their Palestinian neighbors, but also the contempt they hold for the entire world. There are no doubt peaceful Israelis, but they are completely marginalized in the face of the Gazan Agenda.

The Gazan Agenda consists of one simple truth: Israel must destroy Gaza. They've planned to do it all along, and they still mean to. Their complicit American media will (and is) faithfully roll over on their backs in a supine gesture of gushing pleasure at being able to serve their powerful overseas masters.

You shit-head slimy want it alls
You bind the baby as it crawls
And crush its head, the soft new skull
Burst its brain and keep it dull.
You own its mind, you murderous thief
Grind it down with bloodied teeth
And feed it up with national pride...
Progress through self-sacrifice
Not for themselves, but you, you scab
You raid the bodies of the dead

We've known what Israel was about since the beginning: feigning victimhood to gain political support. I usually tacitly point out the difference between Judaism and Zionism, and there's no time for a history lesson now, but here there is no need to point out that difference. The suffering Zionism has caused on Judaism is the same suffering Zionism has caused on the rest of humanity.

You shit-head slimy make it alls
With dead meat dripping as you walk
Don't talk of justice or respect
You shit soaked armchair moralist...
What right is yours that others lives
Are yours to smash and kill and bind?
It's your security that they bleed for
Your definitions that they die for
You stack your dead heroes with no more thought
Than some accountant at their work

It's very easy to find articles in the alternative press nowadays written by folks who are no longer afraid to call a Jew a Jew. There are many researchers who believe Zionism is the material result of focused Judaism. But the simple fact is that there has been a Jewish Anti-Zionist movement since Zionism was created. Most Jews have no idea of the evil things written in the Talmud, and would be disgusted by its utter intolerance toward humanity.

You shit-head slimy got it alls
Crap-eyed ghosts were maggots crawl
Tired old jerk-offs with your bodyguards
Those muscle-pimps with forty-fives
You gutless automatic butchers
Bullet shitting dumbhead hookers
It's your heartless failure they protect
While you deny the shame of your neglect
All you can see is your brutal success
And damn the dead and fear the mess

But let's call a spade a spade: Israel has little to do with Judaism or any religion. There are fake Jews in Israel just like there are many fake Christians here in America, and there are probably fake Muslims in the Middle East; it just stands to reason...

But the utter inhumanity shown in the Gaza Strip in the last few weeks is enough to make an old campaigner like myself puke in his suit. I've been following the atrocities of the New World Order for almost twenty years now, and I have not been this disgusted since the Waco Church was burned to the ground by the US BATF and FBI. All I can seem to muster is the words to the Crass song:

You shit-head greedy have it alls
You cheat and lie and jargonize
That your success is also ours
That what you take you take for us
While your ambition scrapes the living dry
And your solutions are archaic battle cries

You dead meat eyesore death pushers
Look elsewhere for your arselickers...
The face that stares back from the mirror
Reflects the reality of your horror!
So don't tell me you care, shit-head
You betray the dead as you curse life
Eat you own shit leader of this nation...

...This is our World!!!

Copyright Brandon Dean 2009

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