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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm back and happy new year...

ok, everyone... It's been a truly rough couple months for me in every way, but I've come through it, stronger for the wear like always. In the last month I've been ill twice, lost my computer, got booted off a contract job because some insane crippled guy flipped out on me for no reason, didn't get $2500 I was supposed to get, lost my car, and quite a few other unmentionables... hahaha good stuff huh? Raining and pouring...
I don't feel better because the new year has somehow brought me a new outlook. I feel better because I have a computer finally. Not only that, but I have two... :) I am now working on again, and hopefully I'll have interactive forums up and running soon. No promise, but...
I also feel better because I got to see my family for a week over the Christmas holiday, and it was great. They all live in Utah, round about the Salt Lake City area, and let me tell you it was a white Christmas, which is really cool if you're from Los Angeles. It barely stopped snowing while I was there, except when my plane arrived and departed. God seemed to be smiling on me after a barrage of shit.
I really like to pay attention to the little things... This morning, January 1st, 2009, I was out for my morning dog walk, when a kid I did not know, around 17 or 18 years old, waved, smiled and said "happy new year" to me. For some reason this made my day. Not because he wished me a happy new year, but because he went out of his way to do it, and he obviously meant it. I live in a much divided neighborhood of LA, being half Latino and half Chinese. I'm one of the few white people around, and yes, I get looks from lots of people with my red beard and crazy-looking German Shepherd Dog. So I appreciated the friendly gesture...
Anyhow, without rambling any more, thanks again for your patience, and I'll be back soon with something on the cynthia mckinney boat ramming by the Israeli military. those dern Israelis never stop giving us new things to be mad about, do they?

Brandon Dean

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