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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israelis Forced To Retreat From Gaza City

Israel troops retreat from Gaza district

Press TV
Saturday, Jan 11, 2008

Israeli forces have retreated from Tal al-Halwa neighborhood south of Gaza Strip after attacks which killed at least 12 Palestinians.

The bodies of at least 12 Palestinians were found in the rubble of houses in al-Khazaa and Tal al-Halwa districts south of Gaza, which brought Sunday’s death toll from Israel’s attacks to 26 Palestinians.

Israeli troops were forced to pull back from the neighborhoods after meeting a fierce resistance from Palestinian fighters and facing a lot of mortar attacks and roadside bombs planted on their way.

Israeli aircraft also targeted residential areas near the Palestine Mosque in Gaza. No casualties is reported yet.

At least 880 Palestinians have been killed and 3,690 wounded since Israel began its attacks on Gaza Strip on December 27. Half of those killed are women and children.

An Israeli investigation claimed on Sunday that it had ‘mistakenly’ targeted a UN-run school in Gaza on Jan. 6 attack, in which dozens of civilians were killed.

The Israeli attacks have sparked widespread protests across the world. On Sunday, angry protestors in al-Quds in the West Bank threw burning bottles on Israel’s security forces.


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