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Monday, February 25, 2008

Won't Be Coming Around For To Kill Your Snakes No More...

Won't Be Coming Around For To Kill Your Snakes No More...

Brandon Dean
Thus Always to Tyrants
February 25, 2008

Donovan Leitch was a 1960's singer/songwriter from Scotland. He wrote one of the more insightful and prophetic songs of the entire decade, called "Riki Tiki Tavi." The bold/italic words in this article are the lyrics of this song.

Many people seem to believe that all those involved in the rock n' roll scene of the 1960's were pacifist hippies/flower children who thought shouting "peace" and "love" would change the world alone. Many other people believe that all of the youthful, vocal leaders of the time worked for the New World Order. True, the Beatles were groomed at the Tavistock Institute, Timothy Leary handed out acid for the CIA, and the head of security for the Black Panther Party, when they were brought down, was actually an FBI agent. But the New World Order does not invent anything--they only distort and manipulate. The 60's cultural revolution itself was in no way created by the New World Order. They merely infiltrated and destroyed it.
The reason they needed to infiltrate and destroy the burgeoning cultural scene of the 1960's was that they were wandering into dangerous waters from the perspective of the status quo. In other words, they threatened the status quo. Take this verse, for instance:

Better get into what you gotta get into
Better get into it now, no slacking please
United Nations ain't really "united"
And the organization ain't really organized...

This is an anti-globalist song. Donovan is clearly anti-United Nations, and clearly somewhat anarchist, given the last line. If you haven't noticed, most of the ex-hippies did not turn into anarchists, yet they do tend to make up the extreme left in this country. The extreme left in this country are responsible for allowing the New World Order to implement its communist policies of social programs and anti-gun legislation of the last forty years. The typical ex-hippie leftist supports the United Nations. Even conservatives in this country now support the United Nations. Yet here we have a supposed "hippie leftist" from the sixties who is anti-globalism, and obviously not a leftist or a rightist.

Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
Won't be coming around for to kill your snakes no more, my love
Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone

Everybody who read the Jungle Book knows that Riki Tiki Tavi's a
mongoose who kills snakes
When I was a young man I was led to believe there were organizations to kill my snakes for me...
ie: the church, ie: the government, ie: the school
But when I got a little older I learned I had to kill them myself

Donovan is explaining here that social programs do not work. He names the Church, the Government, and the School as distractions meant to placate you. As children, we are taught to depend on government, schools, and the church to protect us. We are not influenced in public life to rely on ourselves and trust in ourselves. We are persuaded rather to depend on police to protect us, and on religions to explain things to us. To depend on schools to teach us the truth.

Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone
Won't be coming around for to kill your snakes no more, my love
Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone

Growing up can be jarring to most people - you are forced to accept responsibility for your actions, which can seem impossible for some. When Mommy and Daddy force them out of the nest, they look for another Mommy and Daddy, and they find it in the nanny state. The New World Order would ask nothing more of you than to rely on them.

People walking around-they don't know what they're doing
They've been lost so long, they don't know what they're looking for
Well, I know what I'm looking for, but I just can't find it
I guess I gotta look inside of myself some more...

The answer is within us. We all must look inside ourselves for our answers. The government will not protect you; religions will advise you to follow their rote and ritual; schools will teach you what they want you to know. People wander in a haze of terror and forgetfulness, and have no true vision of where they should be, or why they should be there. Those of us who are seeking the truth of the lies cannot look externally for philosophical answers. We must review ourselves internally, to see how and why our actions have contributed to where we're at now. You must look externally for what happened, and internally for why it happened. We allow ourselves to be torn apart by conflicting emotions, or worse yet, we allow emotions to control us. We somehow find relief in others choosing for us, when it should be us choosing freely. To relinquish responsibility for your own destiny is to die a living death...
Like I've already stated, the New World Order does not create anything; it merely warps existing things to its own purpose. It warps anything and everything malignant to its goals. The CIA and FBI were very busy during the 1950's-60's infiltrating movements of all kinds.
They've seemingly killed the rebellious spirit of popular music, and the artists have traded it in for diamonds and pearls, cast about the necks of swine, from the pilfered treasuries of other, more vicious swine... A "look" or an "attitude" now replaces talent and rebellion.
I abhor the attitude in the alternative world of the whole thing being a NWO hoax. Anyone who believes this never listened to the words, or felt the underlying rhythm, of true music.

oh oh oh inside of myself some more
oh oh oh inside of myself some more

Riki tiki tavi mongoose is gone

copyright Brandon Dean 2008

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