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Monday, February 25, 2008

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice Meet For Coffee At Starbucks , by Dictator Hater

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice Meet For Coffee At Starbucks - Part One: the Beginning

Dictator Hater
February 25, 2008

Lady Liberty leapt from her pedestal and slogged through the harbor. Once on dry land, she shook the water from her robes and hurried to the coffee shop to meet Lady Justice. They had plenty to talk about.

As she rounded the corner, the familiar Starbucks symbol came into view. She sighed. Everything had changed so much since she first arrived in New York. She used to stand for something... Now she just... stands.

Lady Justice had removed her blindfold and she raised a hand in recognition when Lady Liberty entered the coffeeshop. She winced as if in pain.

Lady Liberty adjusted her damp robes and sat down across from Lady Justice and frowned. Speaking with a slight French accent, she asked, "What's wrong, Dear? Is your arm hurting?"

Lady Justice smiled wanely and said, "Yes, holding up those scales all day long is really giving my arthritis fits these days. There was a time, though, when I wouldn't have complained, no matter how much it hurt. It was worth it. But now..." Her voice trailed off and she twisted the blindfold she had laid in her lap with nervous fingers.

Lady Liberty shook her head, then rubbed her shoulder. "I know what you mean, there was a time when I would have kept holding that torch without complaint. Back when it use to mean something."

Lady Justice rose gracefully and swished across the room to order their lattes. A strikingly beautiful sight to behold, she turned every head in the place, male and female.

When she returned to the table, Lady Liberty said, "I see you've not lost your touch. Everyone loves you, you know. You're so lucky not to have had a sculptor like mine who couldn't decide whether I was male or female and turned me into an androgynous looking... thing. All I've had going for me was what I represented and even now that is gone. This war on terror and this Bush Administration... Congress going along with whatever he wants! What a shame the people have forgotten what it really means to be free, much less fight for what they have lost."

Lady Justice blushed at the compliment and took a sip of her latte. She sat the styrofoam cup on the table in front of her and ran her finger around the rim, seemingly lost in thought. She looked up and her eyes were wet with tears that threatened to spill over. "It's so hard for me, too. Day after day, I stand in the courtroom, hearing all the injustices that are compounded by unfair decisions. The courts are stacked, you know. Some of these judges are just an extension of the Bush Administration, their puppets. And that attorney general, Gonzales! Thank goodness he's gone, but the new one isn't much better. The court is the last bastion of the common man's justice... or was and now that is gone. You should have been there when the Supreme Court handed over the presidency! I almost dropped my scales!"

"I know what you mean. I see all kinds of things from my perch and you wouldn't believe it! The whole city of New York has been militarized, you couldn't tell the policemen from the military. The uniforms they wear are frightening! All that body armour. And don't get me started on how they have checkpoints everywhere. It's basically a free-for-all out there." Lady Liberty paused to take a sip of her latte, then continued. "Sometimes, I just want to scream at them when I see how this country is being destroyed. I always knew it would be from the inside out, not the outside in."

Lady Liberty looked around the room. People were engaged in lively conversation and laughter filled the air. The people seemed Stepfordlike, all dressed the same, drinking the same coffee and laptops galore. If only they understood what was going on around them, they would be out in the streets protesting, she thought. Or not.

Lady Justice followed her gaze and said, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking they'd fight for their rights if they knew what was happening to them."

"Don't tell me, I know it's wishful thinking." Lady Liberty watched as a man pulled out a cigarette and then returned it to his pocket. He must have forgotten that cigarettes were forbidden in Starbucks.

"Nine Eleven got them everything they wanted, didn't it? And now, I have been relieved of very important duties with these Military Tribunals! What a disgrace! They won't even let me in, I guess Lady Justice is not to be trusted in this Brave New World we have."

"Brave. That's a laugh. But there is some hope." Lady Liberty's eyes twinkled with mischief.

"What do you mean?" For a moment, hope flashed in Lady Justice's face. Then it died like a flame extinguished.

Lady Liberty put a hand on hers and said, "Haven't you heard of the Truth Movement? And there's We Are Change."

Lady Justice shook her head no. "Tell me about them! What are they? Who are they?"

"They're a bunch of people who have woken up to what is happening and their numbers are growing daily." Lady Liberty smiled radiantly. "They might just succeed, if they are not squashed by laws that threaten their freedom of speech. There are plenty of efforts to shut them up, label them as terrorists instead of the True Patriots that they are. Anything that threatens the status quo is viewed as negative by the Powers That Be. But these people... they have a fire in their gut that won't be put out easily."

"Really? And just how do they expect to stop the Powers That Be?" Lady Justice looked skeptical.

"By informing others of what is going on and forming peaceful groups that are demanding justice. You should see those We Are Change guys in action. They are not afraid of anyone! They'll go right up to them and stick a microphone in their faces and ask them the questions that the mainstream media whores will not ask!" Lady Liberty's hand flew to her mouth. "Oops! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to swear. There are other groups, too. If they ever combine their efforts and all come together, all these groups who are fighting for the same thing... woe be to those who would tear this country apart."

Lady Justice grinned. "That's all right. It's about time everyone swore. ...Swore to uphold their Constitution and their Bill of Rights."

The Beginning

copyright DictatorHater, 2008

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