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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ron Paul Vote "for the shredder" -Illinois Election Worker

Ron Paul Vote "for the shredder" -Illinois Election Worker
Brandon Dean
Thus Always To Tyrants
February 8, 2008

The preceding video was made by an acquaintance of mine on Tuesday in Illinois. She wore her Ron Paul sweatshirt to the polling place, and was made to cover it up while inside, as advertising a candidate is illegal inside a polling place.
So after she was done voting, on her way out, one of the election officials quipped "There's another one for the shredder."
What I'm gathering here is it's illegal for a voter to walk in advertising a specific candidate (for fear of voter intimidation), yet it's perfectly fine for an election worker to condescend a voter by either warning her that her vote is going to be shredded, or betraying her biased opinion by making a joke which was not funny at all. Either way it can easily be construed as voter intimidation, just like the voter's sweatshirt can be construed in the same manner.
Now you tell me, which was more intimidating: an election official threatening to shred someone's vote, or a voter walking into a polling place with a specific candidate displayed prominently?
At this point, we've heard tales of old ladies stuffing ballot boxes in Colorado, New Hampshire's recount boxes were slit open when received by the people who were to count them, the Ron Paul campaign is demanding a recount in Louisiana, and in my home state of California, everyone who has re-registered Republican in the last six months apparently did not make it to the list, me being one of them. We all had to fill out provisional ballots. The election worker in my polling place showed me the list of the provisional votes cast in my district, and there were almost fifty names on the list by eleven o'clock in the morning...
In any case, this friend of mine, who goes by the online moniker Rattlesnake, was dissatisfied with the fact that she did not record the incident on video. She was also not sure which election worker made the quip, and wanted to know. So she goes back with a video camera, and the above video is the resulting confrontation.
The lady who made the "joke" obviously becomes very cordial in front of a camera. She admits to being the one who made the remark, and tries to explain that it was just a joke, and what she meant by "the shredder" was the "ballot box."

Ummm... ok.. So, now are we to understand the ballot box is equivalent to a shredder? Surely she couldn't have meant that? So what did she mean?

{flashback-old ladies stuffing ballot boxes in Colorado}

Am I implying this innocent looking old lady is capable of carrying through with her threat? Yes, yes I am.
In Arizona, a valiant cowboy stopped five or six McCain agents who were trying to actually take the ballot box out of the polling place by placing himself between them and the door, and daring them to go through it. They chose to run away.
In all likelihood, the old lady in this video was making a stupid condescending joke, but when I'm hearing reports of chicanery from all over the country, I take this seriously. Here on video, we have an election official admitting she made an intimidating remark to a voter in her district during polling hours, in an official polling place. It may seem minor to some, but maybe a compendium of all evidence of election fraud is in order...

copyright Brandon Dean, 2008

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