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Thursday, February 7, 2008

we will be on NIWECS radio show tonight at 4:30-6pm PST

Please feel free to listen in as I and fellow researcher/Thus Always To Tyrants author FranG discuss the roots of fractional reserve banking and how it is at the root of the mess we find ourselves in today.

If you miss the broadcast, you can listen to the archive show whenever you want. the link to listen is here.

The call in number is 646=378-1445

Please listen if you have a chance...

Tonight is part one of a two part series FranG and I are doing on the history of economy and fractional reserve banking, which will be continued tomorrow night from 6-7:30pm PST at the same link...

NIWECS radio broadcasts once a week, every Thursday from 6pm-7:30pm. Today's 4:30 start time is due to technical difficulties...

thanks from Brandon Dean and FranG

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