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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Temporary Wizard of Oswald Site Up and Running

Due to the fact that I'm paying for the hosting of, I figured I should be using it. So I have a news page, a page with my writings, and a video page up, all which are being updated daily in a format much more compatible to reference than a blog.
In the next day or two, there will be featured stories written by me and other truth seekers I know on the home page. Please feel free to submit stories you have written, and after review, they'll be posted on the home page.
At this point I'm going to just add forums to the html site, gradually building a highly personalized new interactive PHP site, which of course will take a little longer to finish. I'm having problems with the PHP site I've already built, which I tried to change from the site I'd already built but never used. So I'm going to toss that site, re-learn Dreamweaver (to program HTML and PHP), and build a cool html site until the PHP site is ready.
But we can get started with the PHPbb forums. I'll post another blog here in a couple days when the forums are ready, and of course send out a mass email.
Thanks for your patience - you know how it is...

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