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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Assault Against "Truth" Leaders Now in Full Swing

Site Owners Face Crackdown from Anonymous Sources
Brandon Dean
Thus Always To Tyrants
September 6th, 2008

In the summer of 2007, I and many others were active members of It was the one un-moderated forum I've seen on the internet. In certain ways, it was a free-for-all. In other ways, it was the most open discussion I've seen on the internet. Most of the posters were there to learn or to teach, and although many who tried to "teach" might not have been qualified to be college professors, there wasn't as much bull shit as you might expect. I met quite a few individuals through the forums at whom I still know and talk to, and even met FranG there, who I now consider a friend of mine. He's actually come to Los Angeles and we've met.
At the same time, there were, without a doubt, undercover agents, or "trolls," infiltrating the forums. I can say this without a doubt. I know because me and a few others actually found his real name. His moniker was "Ilegal" (sic). His real name is Alanis Kleber, and he is a Mexican Policeman, who apparently was sent to the US as part of an officer exchange program. This exchange could serve no other purpose than intergrating US and Mexican police to pre-empt the North American Union. This is especially poignant given that we caught him in the act. He would always attempt to lead any debate about the North American Union back to the "poor immigrants," rather than discussing the topic at hand. He used intentionally poor English (which I discovered when he sent me a violent and threatening private message in fully legible English). I publicly accused him of being a federal agent, along with others. We wouldn't relent, and finally he exploded on everyone when I posted a photo of him in full Mexican Police riot gear. That's when he PM'ed me and told me to take the photo down or I'd basically suffer the consequences. He told me straight out that I was right (that he was a cop), and I'd better calm down or he'd come "solve the situation." I didn't take the photo down until he quit as a member and went away. His threats were empty and I knew it. He was just some peon who was sitting in Washington DC (we'd found his IP address) taking orders from some peon above him. He probably couldn't even afford the plane fare to come out to the west coast and "solve the situation." And, well, I haven't heard from him since. Then again, I don't live where "they" think I live....
My point is that I know for a fact there are agents infiltrating the more popular "truth" sites, which attract anywhere from thousands to millions of hits a month. Alex Jones' network of websites has been attacked so many times he's been forced to get triple and quadruple backups for his sites.
A couple days ago I posted a blog from, which is just as popular if not more than and Jeff Rense has a letter to his audience posted at the top of his news section right now titled " Now Under Severe, Routine Attack."
From the article:

"We are being regularly hacked and taken down by the dark side. We cannot trace the exact point of origin but these are highest level ops...of that there is no question."

Tom Feely, the owner of, had his wife threatened by armed thugs in his own kitchen. They threatened him and his whole family to stop exposing the New World Order, or else...
Luke Rudkowski, founding member of, and others from Wearechange, have had death threats over the telephone, attempting to intimidate them into ending their ativities against the New World Order.

Call it a coincidence, but last year, after very vocally protesting the income tax via,, and other forums, the IRS attempted to audit me for the first time in my life. The problem for them is two-fold:
a) I have never filed an income tax return, and thus have never granted them legal jurisdiction over me, so they're fucked... :) And
b)They don't intimidate me in the least, and intimidation is the only way they've ever gotten money from anyone. Social intimidation, court-room intimidation, media intimidation...
So what did I do when they sent me three letters? I ignored them. I am not the "Brandon Dean" the corporate government views me as. I am not chattel property, and I am not a legal fiction. You see, I understand this, and that's the number one reason they will not pursue the matter.
Also last year, directly after publicly and vocally supporting Ed and Elaine Brown in their struggle against the IRS, all "Myspace friends" of Ed and Elaine, or Reno Gonzalez, were solicited by undercover agents in an attempt to "befriend" and infiltrate any plan or coordinated effort to free the Browns. I know this, of course, because the US marshal in charge of the Brown case told TV cameras that's what they were doing, and he specifically named Myspace as one of the ways they were "gathering surveillance."

The only reaction I have to all of this is humor. These futile attempts to stifle the truth are beyond humanity at this point, and they're fighting a hopelessl battle. Humanity is now ready for truth, and they will get it no matter what anyone does. Those who screamed the truth before others were ready to hear it will finally be vindicated in their efforts. Those who were once called fools will be looked upon as prophets and the founders of the new age.

copyright Brandon Dean 2008


Anonymous said...

The twelve Napoliens song "their comming to take me away" is one of the most poinient peices of music of the last 50 years.

splitbabyniblet said...

is that the same "they're coming to take me away" as the sixties song--the one that jello biafra and Lard covered?

great song...

I'm reminded of the song "I am the Owl" by Dead Kennedys:

"I am your plumber
No I never went away
I still bug your bedrooms
And pick up everything you say
It can be a boring job
To moniter all day your excess talk

I hear when you're drinking
And cheating on your lonely wife
I play tape recordings
Of you to my friends at night

We've got our girl in bed with you
You're on candid camera
We just un-elected you

I am the owl
I seek out the foul
Wipe 'em away
Keep America free
For clean livin' folks like me

If you demonstrate
Against somebody we like
I'll slip on my wig
And see if I can start a riot
Transform you to an angry mob
All your leaders go to jail for my job

But we ain't the Russians
Political trials are taboo
We've got our secret
Ways of getting rid of you
Fill you full of LSD
Turn you loose on a freeway


Send you spinning
Send you spinning
Send you spinning all over the freeway
Spinning on the crowded freeway
Spinning on the freeway
Spinning on the freeway

The press, they never even cared
Why a youth leader walked into a speeding car
In ten years we'll leak the truth
By then it's only so much papaer

Watergate hurt
But nothing really ever changed
A teeny bit quiter
But we still play our little games

We still play our little games
We still play our little games
We still play our little games
We still play a lot of games

I am the owl"

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Brandon Dean (splitbabyniblet)


Joshua Berry (tattoogeek)

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