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"From this date I date the ruin of all my fortunes."
--George Washington

"The truth is an offense, but not a sin"
--Bob Marley


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Monday, October 29, 2007

time out for some prose

"The words are meaningless except in terms of feeling. Does anyone act as the result of thought, or does feeling stimulate action, and sometimes thought implement it?"
--John Steinbeck,
The Winter of our Discontent

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artwork and prose by Brandon Dean

I have to wander dark alone
to find the path behind my home
alone outside the fearless fort
I trudge on broken bones
I judge the token clones
for their excess of abstinence--
pacing the tower walls
they keep the parasites at bay--
(at least it appears that way)

I find my destination feeds me
--dehumanization frenzy--
malignant stupor envy
cancer shakes the money tree,
it's the connection of freedom to destiny
I rule over those who rule over me--
I step over those who fall under me
I forfeit my decision to justify a life
in tune with sensational extremities
I'm laughing at disparity
and grunting with depravity
proffering a bloody lamb
to ensure myself of who I am
I carved the bones with my teeth
to guarantee a smiling death
the path to the unfathomable darkness--
it lies beyond your home,
beyond your dreams the fences lie
built by yourself to avoid the unknown

copyright Brandon Dean, 2007

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