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Thursday, October 4, 2007

the cassandra complex wains... how conversation can save the world

the Cassandra Complex conversation can save the world

To laugh and dance in the face of sudden death-your only armor the truth-is freedom

by Brandon Dean

this is to reassure all those who feel no one listens to them, no one cares, or no one believes what is really happening...

I decided 1 year ago the countdown to world control had begun, and the showdown was approaching. I still hold to that. This collosal behemoth we've created simply by not paying attention is about to turn around and deliver its poisonous bite.
You can call it natural development. You can say humans are meant to be here at this crossroads of technology and our primitive mentalities. Or that it's some cosmic accident...
But it's not. It's cold and calculated, and it's been passed on generation after generation by aquiring wealth, and passing it on along with the values learned from earning it to their children.
We really could be living a relatively peaceful life here on planet Earth if it wasn't for these financial illusionists. We're not meant to live in conflict and seperation from our inner soul. I know it with every synapse in my brain.

The Butterfly Effect

"There is no thing endowed with life - from man, who is enslaving the elements, to the nimblest creature - in all this world that does not sway in it's turn. Whenever action is born from force, though it be infinitesimal, the cosmic balance is upset and the universal motion results." ---Nikola Tesla

So for the last year I've been conducting an experiment upon humanity. I decided if I truly believed what I have learned over sixteen years of study, then now is the time when minds should be opening. Therefore, now is the time to awaken my sleeping compatriots, lost in ten thousand different dreams and manipulations from beyond. From forces "out of their control.."

The focus of the experiment is to bring up political corruption in any conversation possible, to see how open people have become to the idea of massive political corruption compared to sixteen years ago. I've been trying to expose government corruption in one form or another for that long. There have been times when I became severely cynical. I've read and watched and investigated so many things it really takes focus to retain the important parts.

To date, every single person I've engaged in conversations about political corruption and even the new world order in the last year has become at the very least open to the idea. Every last one of them. In fact, this is an open invitation for any who read to engage me in a discussion about world political corruption. It is my duty by knowing what I know to scream it from the mountaintops!

This is huge, and I'll tell you why: fifteen years ago, I could talk to punk rockers about this. That was pretty much it. Those who had been beaten down by society simply by stepping back and taking a good look at it. It really hurts and depresses you when you first start to realize the enormity of this monster. Most either live in abject fear of it or in absolute denial of it. The rest are oblivious...

It's very hard to intimidate me in any form, as most who know me personally would agree, and I crave the hidden truth, so it's very hard to fool me. I do not fear the monster; I see it as an apparition and an aberration which grips humankind. But though it doesn't exist in my immediate reality, it utterly stampedes my external reality.

The Cassandra Complex

The problem for me has always been the Cassandra Complex. Cassandra was an ancient goddess who was blessed to know the future, but doomed to have none believe her when she foretold it.

It sometimes seems like a good portion of my life has resembled that. Only I do not know the future, I simply pay attention...

Peace and Exhilaration:

Two things will save you in this maelstrom. They will afford you peace and exhilaration:

1) Lose your fear. There is no reason for it. Death is the greatest mystery you will ever learn.

2) INFORMATION. Inform yourself. Inform yourself. INFORM YOURSELF!!! They are trying to steal your access to information, and they're closer to having it all than you may think.

With these two tools you will have access to THE TRUTH, which they've always tried to keep from you.

Don't be a robot. Don't play a game with no rules and no winners. Stand up right now and take your life back. The time is now!

For the past sixteen years I've observed the human race slowly rising from its slumber, and it's a beautiful thing, like watching the sunrise. Slow yet inevitable...

All anyone needs at this moment to wake is a nudge from someone with INFORMATION who is NOT AFRAID to say it. A little patience usually helps too...

Sixteen years ago no one wanted to hear it. Now, I have people practically begging to send them links, and to tell them what I know... hahaha! I love it...

We will overcome, by the way... There's no getting around it. I may not live to see it, but it's enough to know freedom, and to live it now, in the midst of their storm.

To laugh and dance in the face of sudden death-your only armor the truth-is freedom.

Start talking to everyone you can. Bring up touchy subjects. Force someone to stop sedating themselves for half an hour and give them a good dose of reality. We're ready for it.

The truth will spread like a pandemic, and it already is...

life eternal not life external,
Brandon Dean

copyright 2007, Brandon Dean

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