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Monday, October 1, 2007

Falling Apart With All Plights Deserved
by Brandon Dean

march 26th of the year of our word, 2007
with all plights deserved

artwork by Brandon Dean

Operating on the basis that most of what I've been told but have not experienced myself is either intentionally or accidentally false, my life has built itself into a jumble of constantly fluctuating crossword puzzles known as "reality." The longer I exist, the less solidity I find, and the less stability I encounter.


This can seem very depressing to some folks, but not me. It tells me I can and must invent my own reality in order to stay sane and somewhat happy.
Sometimes it is hard to swallow the bitter fruit we plant and nurture, however.
When you make a point of investigating truth, and especially true history, you come to a number of realizations:

1) it's really true: the more you learn the less you know.

2) no one really knows anything about anything. We all take stabs at it though... You can break anything down far enough for the truth to fan out into an abstractness of waveforms and neutrons, rendering it unusable to our limited sensory capability, and therefore unexplainable...

3) Math is not accurate or constant being that there are no actual constants in the universe. EVERYTHING is changing ALL the time, whether in monumental or minute degrees. so 2+2=4, but the value of the 2's are constantly changing on an atomic level, so math is more of an anchor to hold on to than a set value...

4)No unit of measure OF ANY KIND is completely accurate. Light and therefore reality bends over humongous amounts of space, and therefore fluctuates constantly. Units of measure are simply a human concept, chosen arbitrarily by someone somewhere to use, like math, as a common anchor. This includes minutes, hours, inches, meters, yards, miles, days, seconds, kilometers, kilotons, nanoseconds, liters, gallons, ounces, pounds, years, etc. etc... All of these measurements fluctuate greatly over large amounts of space and time. They are "set in stone" by their common usage. But at their heart they are only necessary to maintain the crude society we exist within. With "hidden knowledge" units of measurement are actually used as a form of manipulation.

5. Everybody is pretty much full of shit. We all spend our lives trying to figure out how to stay happy through defining recurring situations as reality. Because of this we shun the rest of existence (anything that hasn't recurred in our realities) as impossible, therefore closing ourselves off from any "greater knowledge" to be attained.

This apparent need to stay happy has driven all the fears and therefore manipulation of the human race. The easiest way to manipulate someone is to distract them by putting fear into their minds. Fear of anything. Doesn't matter of whom or what... It's the ultimate distraction. And the banksters use distraction like a fine tool.

Those in control can TELL you anything they want.

They can put anything on TV or in your food they want, and they do.

But it's all falling apart. They just don't know it yet...

I truly believe here, in the belly of this great beast (not the heart or the brain of the beast mind you) we call "the USA," we have been the first to break the shell of the new life of freedom and honor awaiting us in the near future.
We as Americans have a heritage of dissent and freedom, deserved or not, and the true sleeping giant of the USA is actually awakening now, and has been for some time. Those who sling their control over our imaginations are now afraid, because they have vast knowledge, but lack simple wisdom. They have not the common sense to see the more you try to control someone, the more they resist, no matter how dormant or elusive this "free spirit" may have become.

I urge all who read this to consider what is to come ahead. I'm not being apocalyptic, just look around. There is a great tide of awakening happening in the world right now. I know because I've been studying true history and government corruption since I was 16, and no one cared back then. Now it's not too hard to engage someone in a politically charged discussion about corruption.
It's not a big surprise though... They've really been going to town on our freedoms in the last twenty years or so, and people have simply started to notice. Most of my generation know little else besides the continual loss of freedom, to the point where it HAS become our accepted reality... Every form of protest seems futile because we are being attacked from all angles. We are fighting the Hydra, a dragon who grows new heads faster than we can chop the old ones off.

But their control is falling apart and there's nothing they can do about it.

The vast majority of the human race still lies under their hypnosis, but the numbers are steadily decreasing. If you look for polls which don't make the national or local mainstream media news you'll see there are far more aware people in this country than you may think...
We have been propagandized into thinking Americans as a whole are more ignorant, apathetic and stupid than they are...
Just like every time the news mentions welfare they show blacks, although there are far more whites on welfare in this country than blacks, they present the average American as completely ignorant morons with sixth grade educations and emotional responses when it's simply not true.
In fact, I find pretty much ANYONE I try to engage in a real conversation will go there with me, even if they are stuck in their little belief pattern.
A seed is planted, and it will usually come back to me in the form of further questions from the now-curious person. But I have no doubt the seed will grow and fruit will appear...

Try it yourself. Seriously... You may be surprised...

Most who do think for themselves don't speak about it, and I am going out on a limb by saying that includes EVERYONE WHO ISN'T ALREADY SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES. Which essentially means everyone thinks for themselves, they just choose to relinquish the authority to someone else out of fear of making the wrong decision.
I truly believe that. Everyone already knows in their heart we are constantly lied to by forces seemingly out of our control, they just need to see others are not afraid to speak about it. They are sheep and they are afraid, but being a sheep isn't a bad thing necessarily; you're really in trouble when you have a bad shepherd.

It is a big deal, because we are set for slaughter, like a bunch of fat hogs. Americans and their little idea of "freedom" are the first on the New World Order's agenda of destruction.
You can see the signs all around us: plentiful drugs (legal and illegal-all lethal), bad food, fluoridated water, TV brainwashing, obesity, complete lack of education--end of story, breakdown of family life, destruction of the middle class, glorification of promiscuity leading to "social (designer) diseases," etc. etc...

And being that Americans are the planned army killbots of the New World Order (those who aren't killed outright themselves), it is up to us to begin the destruction of the New World Order by overtaking their tactics and using them for our own good. At the expense of sounding disgusting, we must eat our way out of this beast's belly no matter how badly the beast thrashes and screams in agony. It must bleed...

And I won't shout "The Time is Now" because this "now" began before most of us were born. Since Kennedy was killed Americans have been waking in fits and starts as to the nature of our manipulation and the brutality with which we as "sheeple" have been and are controlled.

Do your part simply by educating yourself. We can and will defeat this monster. I don't care how old it is. Its tactics are being exposed in more astounding amounts daily. And I don't care how ingrained it is in our culture, all of its pawns are humans, and therefore malleable with the truth.

There are generals, admirals, colonels, and ex-government officials of all kinds who all question the official story of 9-11. These are people who are in a position to know. In the mid-90's an attempted coup by 24 American generals and admirals to arrest Bill Clinton for treason. Instead they were found out and arrested themselves.

By most accounts outside the national media more than half the families of victims of 9-11 now question the official story. Way more than half the FDNY firefighters think the government is involved in some way...

It is a well accepted fact in the USA at this point President Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy. There is now beyond conclusive proof of this. No question at all about it, and I mean seriously. If you want to find out how far us "conspiracy theorists" have come in the JFK investigation, go to and see for yourself

We know about the Oklahoma City bombing. There were multiple unexploded bombs found INSIDE the building, and we only know about it from HOURS OF NEWS FOOTAGE from the morning of the bombing! That's all! Hours and hours... This of course is proof Timothy McViegh did not act alone. Sorry New World Order...


In conclusion, we have much turmoil and destruction in front of us, but also much pleasure and peace.
The totality of their mayhem and destruction and usurpations will accomplish nothing other than to introduce our first glimpse as a human race at the totality of peace and singularity.





copyright Brandon Dean, 2007

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