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Thursday, June 11, 2009

James Von Brunn Plays Right Into the Zionist's Hands

Zionists Play the Jews and Blacks versus Whites Card

Brandon Dean
June 11th, 2009

Last week, President Obama delivered a sorrow-filled and remorseful address in Poland, at one of those supposed World War II "death camps" the Nazis ran. Zionist-written history aside, Obama stressed at one point in the speech that there was an epidemic of "holocaust deniers" in the U.S. and on the internet. CNN then spent the next ten minutes talking to Jewish "experts" on "holocaust denial," of course without having ONE dissenting opinion. That's what I call open debate!

Yesterday, a guy who has claimed to be a white supremacist for decades, but doesn't seem to know anyone except through the internet (one of these people he happened to be in contact with was John De Nugent-a recognized leader of the white separatist movement), walks into the Washington D.C. holohoax museum and blows away, not a JEW, but a BLACK security guard. No jews have died, yet it is being treated by the mainstream press like a new holocaust. That alone should give you some insight into the supposed hollowhoax of World War II. They'll just pretend any old thing is a holocaust.

Glen Beck, the crybaby-for-ratings who in March of this year flip flopped more times in one day regarding FEMA concentration camps than a stack of flapjacks, then gets up on his show and claims that this nutcase was a "hero" of the 911 truth movement.

Glen Beck flip-flopping on FEMA camps in one day

Glen Beck: "this guy is a HERO in the 911 truth community.."

HAHAHAHA Stop it, you dilettante! No one in the "911 truth community" had even heard of von Brunn until he was plastered all over news channels like yours! This lie is just a little over the top, you worm. How in God's name do you sleep at night? Do you tuck your 50 million dollar Fox contract under your pillow to collect your tears of guilt?

Mr. Glen Beck--how does it feel to be the whore of the zionists? Feeling a little, shall we say, "incontinent" lately? Yeah, that happens sometimes when you have money shoved up your ass...

Within two hours of the shooting, CNN had a full 3D diagram of the entire holohoax museum complex, complete with Jewish representatives of the museum, IN THE STUDIO! Gee, how on Earth did that ever happen? I have worked in the 2D and 3D graphics fields, and I happen to know that you can't create an accurate 3D map of an entire multi-acre complex in an hour and a half. Was there a shuttle at the museum to take the "witnesses" straight to the TV studio? Give me a break...

Then the U.S. media starts plastering twenty year old photos of von Brunn all over the place, when the guy's about to keel over from old age and what appears to be alchoholism from the recent photos.

James von Brunn today

von Brunn twenty years ago, as he is being shown in the U.S. media


Why were Obama and CNN going on and on about "holocaust deniers?" And why has this shooting of a black man by a senile old man been made out to be an attack against jews?

If von Brunn were part of a white supremacist organization as he's being made out to be, where the hell is the rest of his so-called movement? Backing him up from the internet?

The answer is that this incident is just too convenient to be a coincidence. My prediction is that von Brunn will turn out to be a Manchurian Candidate, just like Sirhan Sirhan and many others. There will be a history of pysch drugs and mental institutions.

This thing looked more staged than 911 to me. I guess time will tell...

copyright Brandon Dean 2009

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