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Monday, June 29, 2009


Monday, 29 June 2009

Last week’s knock down drag out full scale riots (2) at the Tucson State Prison between Mexican Illegal Aliens and American Hispanics did much to dispel the notion that American Hispanics unite in brotherhood with “La Raza” and the left wing on the issue of Amnesty, not that anyone in the press has the intellectual honesty to comment on it.

“Whether they’re in prison or out, American Hispanics, generally, are unified by their hatred of Mexican Illegal Aliens and the culture of violence they’ve brought to the American Hispanic community,” says Tucson City Activist Roy Warden.

“Idiot Republican politicians like John McCain continue to court “La Raza” in search of the so called “Hispanic” vote, when the majority of Arizona Hispanics have consistently voted to close the borders, deny social services, and send Mexican Illegals home.”

Turns out the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner, who studied criminology at the Berkeley campus of the University of California , might know what he’s talking about.

Criminologists have long taught that the social values and psychological profiles of distinct groups in “civilized” society are often mirrored by the various distinct groups found in prison society.

“In prison or out, there is great enmity between American Hispanics and their Mexican Illegal counterparts,” said Warden.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others have reported that 25 Americans die every day at the hands of Mexican Illegals: 12 by directly intentional violent acts and 13 by DUI.

“American Hispanics have good reason to be furious with Mexican Illegal Aliens. From what social group do you suppose the majority of the American victims of Mexican Illegal Alien crime and violence come from,” Warden asked.

“Do you think the victims mostly come from rich upper class white folks living high on the hog up in the foothills or brown skinned people living in the barrios?”

For the past several years Warden has challenged local reporters to review the names on the Tucson City Court and Pima County Superior Court daily calendars, check the court files, and determine the statistics regarding DUI’s and the violent crime rate committed by Mexican Illegal Aliens.

“I’m in court weekly, and the number of non-English speaking Hispanics being processed through the criminal justice system is astonishing,” Warden said.

Here’s another idea: Why not call Arizona Daily Star reporter Danielle Sottosanti at (520) 618-1922 or email him at dsottosanti@azstarnet.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and ask him to do a interview/survey with various random, non left wing political members of Tucson’s Hispanic community to see if the open war between Hispanic Americans and Mexican Illegals at the Tucson State Prison is reflected in the general population, and publish his finding?

“This kind of survey would reveal the lie of so called Hispanic solidarity on the issue of Amnesty once and for all,” Warden said.


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