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Saturday, October 4, 2008

700 Billion Dollar number Legitimizes Multi-Trillion Dollar Extortion

Suspension of Elections/War With Iran Imminent?
Brandon Dean
October 4th, 2008

The Bailout Smokescreen

Hank Paulson, extortionist extraordinaire

Sound American economics promoters have been pulling their hair out for years warning Americans of what is happening right now. What the mainstream economic "experts" and bankers call the "business cycle" is nothing more than the grinding of the economy up and down through compounded debt bubbles. These debt bubbles usually deflate into "recessions," but sometimes burst into "depressions." The sub-prime mortgage collapse is a perfect example of this.

Now the Congress, with this bailout-which was roundly rejected by the American people-has once again slapped the people in the face by passing it, even referring to it in genuine Orwellian fashion as "the Rescue Plan."

To imply that a few dozen of the richest individuals in this country (most of whom received multi-million dollar bonuses this last year) need to be given more of OUR money after losing all of theirs through bad business decisions is like saying O.J. Simpson didn't just go to jail today for kidnapping and armed robbery (because he did).

The most important factor, however, is that this "$700 billion" number is a smokescreen. As of the week before the bailout was first rejected by the House, the Federal Reserve had already lent out over a TRILLION dollars to failing lenders. This is two weeks ago now. The number has shot up since then...

So while we've been bitching and moaning about this "bailout" in Congress, the Fed has already surpassed their obscene price tag in spades.

Please understand what is happening right now: the rats are scurrying from the burning and sinking ship of our economy. This is completely preplanned, as one of the few things standing between total world domination and the New World Order are these united States, and our super-power status. This status served the NWO well for decades, but our usefulness to their nefarious purposes has expired, I'm afraid. Now they are ready for their one world government-itching for it-and we must be turned into a third world nation before all can be set in place.
Those whose "credit" has been falsely propping up our economy are now taking their bonuses and splitting town, under the auspices of bad decisions and bankruptcy.

Will Elections Be Suspended?

John McCain Bushing it up...

A couple weeks ago, when this bailout business first came to light, John McCain (the POW who willingly propagandized for the Viet Cong, and blocked the search for MIA's and POW's known to still be in Vietnam) said he would suspend his election campaign until this whole bailout thing got "straightened out." Well, they've straightened it out, alright...

"It's only there trying to fool the public,
but when it comes down to fooling you,
now honey that's quite a different subject..."
---Smokey Robinson

Was this a test for the suspension of the upcoming presidential election? I mean, a judge just ordered Barack Hussein Obama to hand over his birth certificate in order to prove he was born in the united States. McCain's about to keel over, and Bush seems to be relaxed and quasi-fluent for the first time in his presidency (sort of...).

War with Iran?

The Iranian Army is ready to defend its homeland, in contrast to the untrained and under-supplied Iraqis

After the events of the past few months, including the Georgian/South Ossetian/Russian War, and now the Wall Street Bailout-both of which received piles of media attention-I have to take a step back and try to peer through the smoke of battle. Is there anything being hidden behind that smoke, or is the bailout the real news?

War is on the move. The U.S. sent a supposed "aid ship" in the form of a Navy combat vessel to the Georgian coast, in an obvious provocation to the Russians. The Russians replied by threatening back.

The U.S. and Israel both were involved behind the scenes of the Georgian War. Iran is not intimidated by the U.S. at all. Is anyone else seeing the buildup here? Georgia is a perfect position to occupy prior to an invasion of Iran, and we have been aiding, advising and arming the Georgians since 2003.

I suppose only time will tell... We've been waiting for the imminent invasion of Iran for about two years now, and either the war hawks are intimidated by the response of the American people, or their plans have gone awry. I can think of no other explanation--they couldn't possibly care about the fact that we have no money and our military is dangerously and hopelessly over-extended globally. Watch for a false flag attack in the near future. I think they're too afraid at this point to take out a whole city with a nuke, but this financial terrorism can only be interpreted as an introductory phase for worse terrorism to come, and may be correctly interpreted as a false flag attack itself.

copyright Brandon Dean, 2008

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