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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The New World Government Is Cutting Off Our Supply Lines

The New World Government Is Cutting Off Our Supply Lines
Dictator Hater

You'd think the treasonous miscreants sitting on their fat cushy tushes in their soft cushy chairs for which We The People pay, would at some point get tired or at least feel some remorse at sticking it to us. But it's not just the U.S. government contributing to the world's problems, there are plenty of other culprits helping run this sad, sad show. I wonder what all this must feel like to the person who's been slogging along at their boring job to come home and turn on the television only to hear that they might not be able to afford food for their children or fuel for their car in the very near future.

The Plan appears to be chugging right along. Let's get real about one thing right here and now. The people running the world couldn't have gotten us into a worse predicament than we are in right now and we are supposed to believe it is all a series of major mistakes. Funny how that works for them.

I've been self-employed for the past twenty-one years and I have never, let me repeat that in stronger terms-NEVER been rewarded, financially or otherwise for making a mistake. If I had, I certainly wouldn't have called it a mistake. Yet our so-called leaders of the world have managed to do just fine throughout wars, abject poverty of their people, skyrocketing oil and food prices and the credit crunch. What have they "sacrificed"? We hear that word "sacrifice" an awful lot these days, but I have yet to see them sacrifice a damn thing. Other than their souls and their credibility for getting us into this Global Mess. God and Country must appear a small price to pay for riches and immense power over the people of the world to these jackals. We have all been subjugated.

The bulk of the current world leadership consists of mobsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The trick is to figure out what it is they want. If you try and use common sense to deduce what that is, you will never get anywhere. Common sense tells us that no one would want civil unrest or mass starvation or wars and the carnage left behind by them. But what you must understand is that these are the vehicles that carry weath and power for the global elite. What we have to do is think like the leadership does and that is no small feat. Normal people think in terms of five or ten year goals, the less affluent of us think about next Friday's paycheck. What we have here are thousands of people who have nothing better to do than think ahead for not weeks, years or even decades, I am taking about centuries of planning and it is done by people who don't have to spend the time to tie their own shoelaces. They can hire someone to do that for them if they so wish.

Can you imagine how different your mind might work if you had never worried about paying the rent, buying food, hitting a job every day of your life or any of the other issues that we must think about for our own survival and the survival of our families? Survival and making ends meet consume much human energy and eats up most of the time from our daily lives. If we didn't have to deal with the survival aspects of life, then we would have much more time to meddle in other's affairs in the same way the global elite spends their time meddling. Normal human beings would not care to do this, but these people are not normal in any sense of the word as we know it.

The reason good people are not in charge of the world is a simple one. Reasonable, honest people neither crave wealth beyond what they and theirs could ever use nor do they crave power over other people's lives. They are not cruel and do not murder their fellow human beings for power and profit.

The question we should all be asking is what labor have these people ever done to accumulate so much wealth and power? The answer is nothing. Their wealth has been stolen from the sweat of other people's brows. It is done through usury and loopholes in the laws they create and administer, the abuse of their powers, insider trading and a host of other acts. Their standing in the world puts them far and above any rule of law as far as they and their minions are concerned. Their unique positioning and their web of personal connections hang over us like a net waiting to drop. The net is being lowered as you read this.

A friend of mine, named Bossgator on our forums, told me that the first thing an enemy does is to cut off supply lines. If that is not what the New World Government is actively doing and allowing to happen, then I don't know what else you could call it. Unless you are still on the page where they told you all of these Global Messes are simply the result of a series of mistakes and unfortunate events. Turn the page, they're way ahead of you and have been since before you were ever born. Do you understand that the same families have been running this country and a huge portion of the world for centuries?

The New World Government is cutting off our fuel and food supply lines at this very moment and there are still people out there who believe this act of war on the people of the world is the result of errors. Lord help us all.

The Plan, thus far, has inextricably tied together oil prices and the world's food suppy as shown in this article here:
Oil prices are being pushed higher by the media throwing shockwaves through market speculation brought on by threats of shortages due to terrorists blowing up pipelines, the prospect of peak oil, reports of civil unrest in oil rich nations and a host of other issues. Not the least of which is the U.S. firing a shot across the bow at Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. Here's one example of hundreds of similar articles here:

Now the Global Food Crisis is the talk of the media, as if they didn't see that coming. Though I can hardly blame them these days, the art of actually investigating and reporting the News instead of parroting government talking points seems like an easy way to earn a buck, compared to how most of us have to earn ours.

The man or woman walking in the door, kicking their shoes off feet that ache to the bone from standing on them all day to make a so-called living will probably have neither the time nor the information given to them to understand how dangerous market speculation on food crops actually is and will continue to be. They understand that they can hardly fill up their gas tank and their food bill has risen dramatically, but out of control and unregulated futures trading is probably not one of the reasons for the rape of their paychecks that is bouncing around in their heads. Or maybe they no longer have a home due to foreclosure, but it's not like alternate media hasn't been trying to warn them as this article and the links contained therein proves: Again, we see the rich get richer and it's not just the poor getting poorer, they're out to suck the lifeblood from each and every one of use who are not one of them or theirs.

We have a credit crunch and the Federal Reserve bails out Wall Street. We The People get a piddly check, and unless you have already seen it, have no way of calculating how much it is going to be. No matter, $1200.00 is the most a working couple who qualifies can receive and we are told to shut up and let the IRS figure out what the dole is going to be. I'm happy to be getting some of my money back from these criminals, but as far as I am concerned, it's a flippin' insult of the highest order. This is my money they are returning to me that is freshly minted and the Federal Reserve will receive interest on it for the rest of my life because the debt created by Congress through them is designed to never be paid off.

What is it going to take to stop them? Can they be stopped? Are the people willing to get up en masse and do what it takes to get rid of these mobsters? The people of the entire world must be educated to understand what they are and how they use us against each other by pointing out our differences, by stoking nationalism and cultural and racial discrimination. I seriously wonder if there is enough time left. If a miracle happens and people finally understand what is really happening to them, will they take the action necessary to make lasting changes?

Suggested actions: Run for office, stock up on food and supplies, band together with like minded people and form think tanks just like the NWG have formed, only make their purpose for the good of humanity, not its demise.

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