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Friday, May 2, 2008


Brandon Dean

Well, the food crisis seems to have hit the US, folks. How very exciting! We found out a couple weeks ago how manipulated the general chain of supply is for food in this country, and I suggest anyone who reads this seriously start to think about stocking up on food while the dollar has an ounce of value, and before the prices for food skyrocket beyond control...

Maybe it won't happen. I and thousands of others who've been screaming this for years could be wrong about the super-inflation of the dollar and the skyrocketing of food prices, but isn't it better to be safe than sorry? Inflation equals higher prices for food and everything else, but compounded with a manufactured, international food crisis, food may be expensive indeed.

We've all seen gas prices rise (on the average) almost two dollars in the last two years. It's 4 dollars a gallon here in Los Angeles right now! Equate the preceding statement with what you have learned about "incrementalism," and voila! You're right there with the world's smartest economists, who all know that when you endlessly inflate a currency, building debt upon debt in a proverbial Tower of Babal, eventually it is going to topple. And it isn't going to be pretty...

But what will be pretty if this occurs is when you open up your pantry/shed/food cache, and see three years worth of food waiting to be eaten or bartered. That's correct... Don't just think about your own gullet--think about a potential currency for yourself if our precious, beloved dollar tanks to shit. Purchase a vegetable/grain scale, so you may sell/trade by the pound/kilogram etc. Learn methods of preserving your food stash in all conceivable ways, to protect it from things like: weather, insects, thieves, and yes, THE GOVERNMENT. Common sense will help us in most instances.

When the manufactured food crisis hits the US in full force, we may even see government/Blackwater thugs rounding up all the food they can find, and even doing house to house searches for stashed food sold on the black market. This will of course be in addition to opportunistic looters, who will loot anything not nailed down and guarded...

This is damn serious, as us actionwarriors already know. I really hope we are all taking it seriously though... I personally have almost six months food supply at this point, and every week I'm adding to it.

Remember, however, that if for some reason you have to leave your house permanently, you can't take all your food with you. But if that never happens, or until it does, stocking up on food couldn't hurt you. Like I said above: better safe than sorry.

Watch the following video on our "food crisis":

Notice he says they are "trying to prevent stores and restaurants from stockpiling."

Hmmmmm.... Why would they not want that.....? That statement is further evidence to me that this whole crisis is completely manufactured in the first place.

Copyright Brandon Dean 2008

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