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--George Washington

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--Bob Marley


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Friday, November 30, 2007


by Brandon Dean

Okay, here's the REAL story:

Are you ready?

Yesterday FOX news wouldn't shut the FUCK up about the fact that all these Democrats had infiltrated the Republican debate on CNN. They EXPOSED the fact that a GAY ex-general named Keith Kerr WHO WORKS FOR HILLARY CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN infiltrated the debate on two occasions. CNN news HAD to be in on it. They approved his original youtube video question. Then, when all the rebooblicans answered the question, all of a sudden there was the gay general himself in the audience, and the announcer asked him if he was "satisfied" with the candidates' answers!!! He of course said no, blah blah blah.


So now, THE DAY AFTER THIS HUGE STORY, Clinton's (who obviously paid off the infiltrator and CNN at the debate) OFFICE GETS STORMED BY SOME PSYCHO WITH A BOMB!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!


Is anyone having deja vu about some building in Oklahoma that blew up right after the democrats themselves were calling Bill Clinton a fascist for his unconstitutional terrorism law he was trying to push through congress back in the good old 90's? Anyone???

here's a link to a article about the CNN debate debacle.

here's a link to a washington times article about it yesterday. for the life of me I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND A FOX NEWS STORY ANYWHERE ABOUT IT TODAY!!!! IMAGINE THAT. Wait!! I found ONE!! I was at my parents' house yesterday for about three hours while my dad watched fox news, and I mean EVERY SINGLE SHOW THAT CAME ON WOULD NOT STOP CALLING THE WHOLE THING A CONSPIRACY. THEY WERE TREATING IT LIKE THE STORY OF THE DECADE!! NOW IT'S "GONE AWAY" FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES? IT IS NOWHERE ON FOXNEWS.COM'S FRONT PAGE TODAY.

I think this alone may be viewed as proof of a false flag event at Clinton campaign headquarters... Hmmmm?

copyright, Brandon Dean 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 2: John F. Kennedy

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 2:
John F. Kennedy-
What is the price of being a true leader of a free people?

Kennedy was a member of the elite who chose honor over profit and power when the choice was put in front of his face. could you do it?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last actual president of these united States of America.
He was killed in a government takeover by ex-nazis working for our government in various capacities in the CIA. He must never ever be forgotten as the last true leader of the free world. He had real power, and chose to use it for the people's good instead of by lining his pockets. I'm sure he had his problems just like everyone else, but there are a number of things he accomplished or started to accomplish before he was brutally cut down on November 22, 1963, forty-four years ago tomorrow.
First, he realized that Vietnam was a total catastrophe before any Americans had even heard the name. He knew we wouldn't become mired there as the result of bad policy. Rather, we were being forced into the war to feed big business and world hegemony. He saw the real enemy.
Second, in the year before his death he gave a monumental speech to the National Press Club at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. In this speech he loudly and clearly warned the American people of a takeover of America by a cabal of secret societies which have infiltrated our government and our country beyond the highest levels.
Third, Kennedy's blood was boiling from the realization that the CIA was its own entity with its own agenda, and it was busy overthrowing nation after nation in a run at world control and tyranny. He found the presidency did not hold the power he thought it had. But when it came to Cuba, Kennedy was in charge, and he called off the backup of the US Air Force when CIA chief Allen Dulles ordered a Cuban invasion against Kennedy's specific order.
Kennedy was really, really mad, and he fired the top 3 people at CIA without informing the media. Why? Because he didn't want to make a bigger media spectacle than there already was. In private he vowed to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind."
Soon after that he ordered the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to disband the CIA forcefully, and to take over all duties previously attributed to the CIA.
It didn't work simply because people wouldn't listen to him. In the world of snoops, you're loyal to those you know, not those who are elected.
Fourth, he introduced the silver certificate back into circulation, which was basically a reissue of the greenbacks Lincoln had issued a hundred years earlier. This in my opinion is what sealed his fate as the same as President Lincoln's. There was no coming back from this, and Kennedy knew it. he used to tell Jackie and his brother Bobby about dreams he had in which he was assassinated, even within the month before he was.
Creating the silver certificate was the greatest thing Kennedy ever accomplished as president. It was his first step in disbanding the Federal Reserve, a private corporation which controls the economy of the U.S. The fractional reserve money system is the foundation of the global grab for power that has been in the works for hundreds if not thousands of years, and Kennedy knew it.
In order to re-institute a stable economy, the silver certificate was actually redeemable in silver, the way things were before the Federal Reserve, and according to our Constitution.
It seems Kennedy was busy rooting out every evil pandemic he could find in our failing, cancerous republic. I would venture to think he knew the danger he was in, and knew he had no choice other than to either be a true leader of the people, or to sell them out. He chose to be a righteous person, no matter what else he might have done in his life. He almost certainly knew he would die for it, and he did it anyway.
One amazing thing about John F Kennedy is that he has withstood the test of time with flying colors. In the present world of the internet, I think if there's something really bad to be found about him it would have been found by now. To know how much scrutiny his life and death has generated... And then to realize you never really hear anything bad about the guy. At least I never do...
He was a true freedom loving American, and he believed in what he was doing. He died for it. Let's keep his memory and more importantly his dream alive. Give thanks tomorrow that he did what he did, and for the sacrifice he gave to posterity. There is an eternal flame burning at his grave, which represents the assassins' occult beliefs, and which is a travesty to freedom.
Before I die, I plan to extinguish that flame.

Copyright, Brandon Dean 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 1: General George S. Patton

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 1: General George S. Patton
the life and murder of one honorable son of a bitch
by Brandon Dean

Lt. General George S. Patton, Junior

General George S. Patton Jr. was controversial to say the least, but I can't think of a single successful general in history who wasn't. There are some who dismiss Patton because he fought in what they feel to be an unjustified bankers' war. There are those who think war itself is wrong, and therefore do not choose to look more closely at the lives of intelligent men who did fight in them-who see what some would call bravery as stupidity and waste. There are many who admire Patton as a hero for different reasons. Some admire him simply because he was one of the most brilliant tacticians ever to command an army. Some admire him because he was not politically correct. And still others admire him for standing up in the face of corruption from the very top, and losing his career, image and life in the process...


George Smith Patton, Jr. was born November 11th, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. George was interested in military history from an early age, and pretty much always planned on being a military hero like his father's friend, John Mosby, who was a cavalry and guerrilla hero on the Confederate side of the Civil War.
It seems Patton was born and bred to be a warrior. Most of his male ancestors were war heroes or politicians, such as his great-grandfather General Hugh Mercer, who fought in the American Revolution, or John Patton, who was governor of Virginia. His great uncle, Walter Patton, died in Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Military career

George Patton distinguished himself early in his miliary career. securing a position as General John Pershing's aide during the Punitive Expedition. Pancho Villa had crossed into New Mexico early in the morning of March 9th, 1916 and attacked the town of Columbus, killing 16 US soldiers, and a few civilians.
In retaliation, President Woodrow Wilson ordered General Pershing to basically pay back Villa for the carnage. During one of the counter raids of the 8th Cavalry Regiment, to which Patton was attached, Patton personally killed Jose Cardenas, commander of Pancho Villa's personal bodyguard. General Pershing was so happy with Patton, he called him his "bandito."

World War One

Captain George Patton, commander, United States Army Tank Corp, 1918

Patton became a tank commander in World War I. He participated in the first tank battle of note in history at the Battle of Cambrai. He was wounded by machine gun fire in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel. The bullet went in just below his buttocks. A big joke with Patton for years afterwards was to drop his pants while drunk at a party and call himself a "half-assed general."
For his bravery in battle during WWI, Patton was promoted to the rank of Colonel, although it was temporary, and reverted after the war back to captain. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, and a Purple Heart.

Between the great wars, Patton busied himself promoting the idea of armored warfare, with little success until 1940, when congress finally approved, and the First and Second Armored Divisions were created. Patton was promoted to Major General in 1941, and he commanded the 2nd Armored Division. When the I Armored Corps was created, Major General Jacob Devers appointed Patton as commander.

World War Two

Patton's first major assignment during WWII was commander of Western Task Force in Operation Torch in North Africa. Operation Torch was the codename for the invasion of North Africa. At the Battle of Kasserine pass, Eisenhower (who was tasked with commanding Operation Torch) basically hid in a bunker at Gibraltor over 800 miles away from Tunisia, and blamed his generals and soldiers for the miserable failure. Erwin Rommel's experienced Afrika Korps stomped all over US Army II Corps, who were almost all green troops. Eisenhower, the always blundering moron, over-extended his troops and lost the field.
Patton was promoted to Lieutenant General and given command of II Corps to take back North Africa, and as his XO he chose Major General Omar Bradley, later to become Patton's superior (though they always remained friends). Through Patton's discipline and toughness, II Corps pushed the Italians and Germans eastward while British Field Marshall Montgomery pushed them westward. They were pushed into the Mediterranean Sea by May, 1943

Eisenhower, the playboy who showboated with his mistress, while Patton cleaned up his mess in Tunisia

Dwight D. Eisenhower has been portrayed by posterity to be a great general who made great decisions.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was a bumbler. He bumbled command of Operation Torch by switching commanders back and forth. For example, he put British General Sir Keith Anderson in charge of the entire front three weeks before the German assault at Kasserine, and replaced him with British Field Marshall Harold Alexander on the 11th day of the battle.
The other commanders were sickened with how Eisenhower would flaunt his British mistress Kay Summersby, and by his cowardice in building a bunker at Gibraltor 800 miles from the front while soldiers died from his blunders.
It was so bad there was almost a mutiny of Eisenhower's generals in Tunisia, and President Roosevelt himself had to fly over there to settle things down.
Meanwhile Eisenhower took credit for the victory Patton and Montgomery had achieved at Kasserine Pass. Afterwards, he flew back to London where he flaunted Miss Sommersby at dinner parties and the like.

Eisenhower's mistress, Kay Sommersby

Kay even allegedly got drunk in public once, and started blabbing about Ike's poor bedroom habits, saying he got just a little too excited, and had to call it a night early, so to speak...

My point in bringing up Eisenhower is that he had a reason to resent Patton. Eisenhower had been chosen for his position above 366 senior officer candidates whom most would have argued were better suited for the position than him by Bernard Baruch.
Eisenhower basically sucked up to Churchill, who was a communist saboteur just like Roosevelt in America. He bungled most operations he was directly in charge of, and Patton disliked him heavily. Patton thought of Eisenhower as the person he really was: a bumbling playboy without a clue how to run a war. Although Patton may not have been able to publicly trash Eisenhower, he surely trashed him in private by all accounts. He did publicly trash Churchill, however.


George Patton seemed to be in every important battle in the European theater. After Africa, Patton was then given command of the US Seventh Army for the invasion of Sicily. Again, Patton teamed up with Montgomery's British Eighth Army to take the island.
During a hospital visit while in Sicily, Patton came across a soldier,
Charles Kuhl, who was in the hospital for battle fatigue. Patton accused Kuhl of cowardice, and slapped him with a glove in front of reporters and other observers. Reporter David Katz broke the story, and it became a huge scandal. Patton was relieved of duty for some ungodly reason... He probably shouldn't have slapped the guy,but he was the best Allied general in Europe. He was one of the few the Germans actually feared and respected. A reprimand probably would have served just fine.

the Battle of the Bulge: Eisenhower screws up yet again

Eisenhower chose to leave Army VIII Corps outside the town of Bastogne, Belgium in the beginning of the winter of 1944. Patton saw that the Germans were building for a possible offensive from the Ardennes Forest surrounding Bastogne. He wrote to headquarters:

"... The First Army is making a terrible mistake in leaving the VIII Corps static, as it is highly probable that the Germans are building up east of them. [in Bastogne]"

He was ignored by Eisenhower and his staff. The Germans led a massive counter-attack right where Patton said they would, and they trapped thousands of soldiers in the small town of Bastogne for about a month while supplies had to be air dropped. Generals Bradley and Hodges received the Distinguished Service Cross each for their command of Bastogne, when it was Patton who came charging to the rescue. Eisenhower's, Bradley's, and Hodges' blunders and timid leadership had almost cost the lives of everyone trapped in Bastogne. Patton's Third Army didn't receive any awards, commendations, or even a public thank you for their bravery. They broke the German lines and freed the surrounded divisions in Bastogne.
18,000 soldiers died in the Battle of the Bulge, and 80,000 were wounded... If Patton hadn't come to the rescue, there might have been 200,000 Allied casualties...

Patton discovers the real enemy

Patton was a true believer in war. He became cynical as time passed and he watched the bungling of the war in which his supreme commander was cow-towing to the Russians and jockeying for political gains rather than military ones. Patton believed in never stopping his pursuit of the enemy, yet he was constantly held back by the high command. Patton was a warrior through and through. He would have taken Berlin weeks if not months before the Russians managed to get there and rape and pillage the entire city. At every chance, Eisenhower held Patton back from victory, yet Patton stole the day anyway. Eisenhower hated Patton.
My opinion is: the reason Eisenhower was put in the position of power he was put in was to carry out the genocidal policies of his controllers. Patton despised Eisenhower, especially after he discovered some of the operations Eisenhower was involved in and fully endorsed.
One was Operation Keelhaul, in which Eisenhower approved the deportation of 1.5 MILLION anti-communist refugees from Russia. Stalin sent them to the gulags, where they were tortured and killed. They were sent to Russia in train boxcars,
just like the Jews sent to Aushwitz. hmmm... Eisenhower even sent Russian Defectors who had fought for the US Army, because Stalin wanted them. Many killed themselves rather than go back to Stalin and certain torture and death...
Next, Eisenhower made his own little death camps, in which German POW's were put into open pens like cattle and left to rot. Out of 1.4 million of these POW's, over a million died.
Eisenhower fire-bombed major German cities such as Dresden, even if they had no military use at all, or even soldiers quartered there. They did it just to terrorize the public into submission. Of course to do this they had to burn women, children and the elderly to death in their beds in the middle of the night...
And lastly, when Patton was made governor of post-war Bavaria, he was ordered to kick upper class German families out of their houses to accommodate rural Jewish families who were basically given carte blanch to take over any German house they wished.
Patton saw this as a travesty, and
he refused Eisenhower's orders.

This enraged Eisenhower and the high command, and Patton was transferred to the 15th Army, which was in charge of writing a history of the war.

Patton truly was a son of a bitch

Patton was known for his anti-jewish, and especially his anti-communist, views. There is no denying he thought the whole Soviet Union was a Jewish conspiracy. Those of us who know the difference know the Russian Revolution was a ZIONIST BANKER conspiracy, not a Jewish one. There is a huge difference. It seems Patton did not see this difference, however.
But he did recognize the true enemy as communism, however, and saw the German people themselves as very much like Americans--a very modern society which had true potential to be powerful American allies in the future. As occupation governor he actually had SS units start to train again, in order to have some semblance of dignity. He believed once Hitler was out of the way, the Germans could help us defeat the real enemy: Stalin and communism. He was infuriated by the Russians being our allies, and he viewed Stalin as far worse than Hitler. He didn't want what he called an "army of Mongolian savages" running half of Europe.
But Patton never did shut up about Eisenhower and the rest giving up half the spoils of victory to the Russians, and handing over centuries of culture in German industry and infrastructure to mountain people he saw as inferior and uncultured. He saw them as jackals who fed off the corpses of brave soldiers who had actually fought.
Now, to put this in perspective, I personally have distant relatives on my mother's side who were in concentration camps as Khazarian Jews. These are the exact people Patton was against giving German-owned property to. And I agree with him. Most of the people who came and claimed German property were never wronged in the first place, and were only opportunists. Most of the actual victims of concentration camps were either killed or deported to the newly formed country of Israel in Palestine against their will.

Patton's "car accident"

Colonel Lindbergh, national hero, and future presidential nominee:

"There are German children who gaze at us as we eat ... our cursed regulations forbid us to give tham anything to eat. I remember the soldier Barnes, who was arrested for having given a chocolate bar to a tattered little girl. It's hard to look these children in the face. I feel ashamed. Ashamed of myself, my people, as I eat and look at those children. How can we have gotten so inhumane?"

Lindbergh was speaking of the Morgenthau Plan, which Eisenhower implemented in post-war Germany, in which American Soldiers were forbidden to feed or aid the starving German people in any way. Excess food was burnt so it could not be scrounged out of trash cans.
Most of the officers and soldiers in post-war Germany were sickened by these conditions, and Patton was by far the most vocal. At one point he wrote:

"... I shall prove even more conclusively that he [Eisenhower] lacks moral fortitude. This lack has been evident to me since the first landing in Africa, but now that he has been bitten by the Presidential Bee, it is becoming even more pronounced."

Patton even publicly stated he was going to move back to the united States and publicly denounce all of Eisenhower's policies as genocidal and inhumane. He knew he was in mortal danger. His family spoke after his death of his letters home in which he warned he might be killed by friendly fire, so to speak...

On April 21st, 1945, Patton was flying to Third Army Headquarters when his plane was attacked by what they assumed to be a German fighter, but what turned out to be an inferior Polish pilot in a Spitfire.

On the 3rd of May, an ox-drawn cart charged Patton's jeep, slightly injuring the general.

On October 13, 1945, Patton was in his official car when it was struck by another military truck. It didn't kill him. Upon arrival at the hospital, Patton was put in isolation. No one was allowed to visit him the day of the 13th. That day he was injected with a substance to give the appearance of a heart attack, and he died the next day. His wife had flown to Germany to be with him, but he couldn't talk to her before he died....
It was suspected for a long time that Patton was killed, but on September 25th, 1979, we found out what happened. Douglas Bazata, who worked for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), publicly admitted it in front of 450 ex-high-ranking memebers of OSS at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. Here's part of what he had to say:

"For diverse political reasons, many extremely high-ranking persons hated Patton. I know who killed him. because I am the one who was hired to do it. Ten thousand dollars. General William Donovan himself, director of the O.S.S, entrusted me with the mission. I set up the accident. Since he didn't die in the accident, he was kept in isolation in the hospital, where he was killed with an injection."

Patton was destined to be a true political force when he returned home after the war. He publicly ridiculed Eisenhower once he was relieved of command, and he said he was going to expose the whole thing when he got back to the states.
For political aspirant Eisenhower, this was a death sentence. Eisenhower was the darling of the New World Order at the time, and it became a death sentence for Patton himself, yet another person, love him or hate him, who truly ended up dying for freedom.
He lived a charmed life in some ways, and he remained naive about the true state of the world perhaps until the very end, but he certainly knew how to win. And he planned on stomping the New World Order and their genocidal plans into the ground, which would have been his greatest battle and most glorious victory, before he was cut down.

Patton's grave

copyright, Brandon Dean 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

a question of duality, or the conflict we create within ourselves

a question of duality, or the conflict we create within ourselves

by Brandon Dean

"Let's not crap ourselves, we are different, but we are one. We bring death to each other and death brings it to us. Did you ever see that flattened cat on the freeway as you drove by at 70 mph? That's us, baby. And I scream to the skies that there should be no way, no word, no limit. Just a roll of the dice, the tilting of the dark white light and the ability to laugh, a few times, at what has trapped us like this."

---Charles Bukowski,
from a letter written to William Packard, editor of NY Quarterly

Have you ever even considered an existence with no mental conflict? Thinking about it now, do you believe it possible? Are you completely swamped by the state of affairs in our world, to the point where you can't make sense of what's happening and why things seem so bad?
Do you believe the "conspiracy theories" which all definitively point towards a global collusion of bankers, corporations, governments, and media? If you're already even slightly aware of the mass hypnosis the human race is caught in as a whole, then you've noticed and maybe even studied the tactics they use to perpetuate their control.

I would like to focus on how we are TRULY manipulated, which is subliminally, or subconsciously. All the outward oppression we feel or read about in the news could never even hope to exist without the subliminal conditioning which teaches us to accept the situation.

The elite of this world know we are ruled by our subconscious, and therefore suppress this information from the general public for the obvious reason that people tend to shuck off control mechanisms once the mechanisms are discovered. We are absolutely ruled by our aesthetic preferences, which can be guided from birth through mere exposure to latent cultural philosophies, which were themselves introduced in the first place by "the bad guys."
An example of this would be how everyone seems to adore the "progress" president Franklin Roosevelt was making with his "new deal" in the 1930's. What really happened was he started printing billions of dollars in cash, and dumping it on the market, thereby inducing the first catastrophic inflation of the dollar ever in the country's history. At the same time he ordered the American people to sell their personal gold to the government for "the good of the country" during the height of the Great Depression. Why would he do this? Well, all his banker buddies stood to make a killing by buying off all the gold (which has real worth) they could get their hands on with the inflated cash (which they had no lack of).
Yet the media has portrayed Roosevelt as a great American, when he was nothing more than a communist infiltrator and a representative of the Illuminati. Yes, it was he who ordered the Federal Reserve to put the pyramid with Horus' all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, and to write "new world order" in Latin below it.
All the famous people who have fought the Illuminati have been suppressed. There have been thousands of true heroes in this country's history who fought for freedom by losing their reputations, careers and lives to the Illuminati in an effort to expose the conspiracy.
One of the prominent political parties at the formation of this country was the Anti-Masonic Party. President Andrew Jackson focused his entire two-term presidency on ridding the country of the money-changers he called a "pit of vipers", or international bankers. Inscription on his tombstone: "I killed the bank." That's right, I killed the bank. This is a president of the USA, folks. Not an anarchist hobo, or a smelly hippie dirtying up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, hopelessly chanting for rights.
Abraham Lincoln started printing up a new form of money called "greenbacks", which operated outside the realm of the bankers' control. That is why he was killed.
President Kennedy started printing up a new form of dollar called the "silver certificate" which operated outside the realm of the bankers' control. This is only one of the reasons he was killed.

In order to explore the true nature of our slavery, we must not only investigate how it's being perpetrated, but also how it actually works on us, and how they dicovered how to control us in the first place.
It really boils down to the creation of conflict where it didn't exist before. Researchers speak of the Hegelian Dialectic, which essentially states (in a political sense) that problem+reaction=solution. If there is an outcome you desire, introduce a problem, watch the reaction, then introduce the solution to the problem you created, which of course was your original desired outcome.
An example would be the Oklahoma City bombing. Timothy McViegh was a patsy. It's so obvious he didn't act alone, that if you don't already know it's because you haven't looked into it in any way.
Clinton was trying to get anti-terrorism laws passed, but the congress wasn't having any of it. Of course the reason they weren't having any of it is because the bills Clinton was introducing were completely anti-Constitutional, and severed freedom of speech and the right to privacy.
So lo and behold! what happens next? A federal government building in the middle of nowhere get's blown to hell by a "terrorist." This "coincidentally" puts the issue of terrorism on the forefront of the black hole media, and the sheeple demand that something be done about "this madness." "This can't happen in America." yadda yadda yadda...
Then Clinton re-introduces the legislation, and voila! it passes. What an amazing twist of fate!

So the dualism, or conflict, is created where it wasn't before to achieve a desired outcome. Sometimes the desired outcome is the created conflict itself.
It's not hard to imagine why. Let's say you have two kids, and for some insane reason you wish to conduct an experiment in conflict on them, and you are going to do that by moving one of your kid's clothes, for instance, to the other child's room to make it look like the other kid stole the clothes. I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me... Pretend you're the Illuminati for a second...
If the conflict itself is what your desired outcome is, then would it serve your purpose more to tell the victimized child you are the one who moved the clothes or to let him keep thinking his sibling was out to get him?
Now let's say your actual desired outcome was some sort of jerry springer/sitcom situation where all you really wanted was the last of the ice cream, but you were always in a war with the kids to get it. And let's say you used the same tactic of moving the clothes mentioned above to get the ice cream. The moving of the clothes keeps both of your victims, whom both think they are victims of the other sibling, distracted from the fact that you are swindling the last of the ice cream.
Now apply that to the democrat/republican duality for a second. Is the nature of manipulation starting to make sense? The bankers have both of the parties blaming eachother for all their problems while they're in the goddam kitchen stealing all the ice cream!!
It's really, really, really that simple.
It is so easy to distract people I would laugh if it weren't so disturbing. Okay, I laughed anyway. We're such silly creatures...

But the dualism goes much deeper, and has much stronger roots than random manipulations perpetrated in the dead of night. It has everything to do with the way we literally view reality, specifically along a linear "timeline" of past and future. The symbol of the yin and yang

does not represent the differences between positive and negative, it represents the balance between the two, or the "oneness." Or the fusing of duality.
This duality I speak of invades every single aspect of your entire life. The differences between everything and everyone are exploited by our media.
They talk constantly of the differences between black and white, and democrat and republican, and man and woman, and rich and poor, and socialists and capitalists, and conservatives and extremists. But the elite know like any thinking person that everyone encompasses all these traits in some form or fashion, and life is not black and white. It's not gray either, unless you're color blind. Life is full of ever-mixing colors, flucuating in ever-changing patterns and shifting non-absolutes. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is static, as in nothing remains the same.
Linear time does not exist except in your mind. There is no past and there is no future. There is quite literally only now, and it's a great form of manipulation to keep people worried about what has happened or what might happen as opposed to what IS happening.

Whenever you are confused about anything, think back on this, and perchance you'll find the situation less confusing. We are all victims of this duality.

I am not saying there is a utopian state to achieve; that may or may not be true. In fact, I'm kind of saying the opposite. Life is always changing, and is therefore a constant lesson to be learned. There is no specific thing to achieve or learn in this life. Life itself is a lesson and an achievement.

copyright Brandon Dean, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Way of the Scholar Warrior: a balance between dark and light

The Way of the Scholar Warrior: a Balance Between Dark and Light
by Brandon Dean


"The Taoists believe that it is humanity's refusal to regard itself as part of a greater order that causes ignorance, confusion and sorrow."
---Deng Ming-Dao, from Scholar Warrior

Tao is basically the idea that all life (and thus freedom) is based on the same principles of being, non-being, and evolution or change. Taoists believe there is a natural balance between all living things: tangible and intangible, physical and mental, competitive and passive...

The goal of the Scholar Warrior is to locate this balance and fight to keep it. To find the Tao... Discipline is key to finding your Tao, as it is individual in nature. Just like everything else in life you must discern everything from your own individual perspective. How one chooses to interpret their reality is their own business.

One might say for brevity's sake that Tao is the search for balance...

"There are two of you, don't you see? One that kills... and one that loves..."
--from Apocalypse Now Redux

the Scholar Warriors

The Scholar Warriors were formed in China about four hundred years ago, and were formed out of the three main schools of discipline:
Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and Tai Qi.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu was the culmination of the knowledge and discipline gained from thousands of years of idealistic royal knights and land owners, who gained their honor by defending the poor and defenseless. The Chinese have a much deeper history of chivalry than European countries. It was the most important faculty to being a Scholar Warrior. Society itself taught that one could not be successful in business without being an artist, philosopher, and athlete. And conversely, one could not be a true artist without having the physical skill to defend themselves. Kung Fu taught self-defense in the necessity of ridding China of the Manchurian royal family which had invaded and conquered China. The Chinese people never truly accepted the Manchurian Royalty, so they set up the Shaolin School as a monastery, because monasteries were the one place the Manchus would give sanctuary. It was a religious front, however, and the Shaolin monks spent decades honing their skills in secret to fight the Manchurian royalty. They developed skills others could only describe as super-human, and chief among these techniques was Kung Fu.
They considered the human body to be the epitome of a war machine. Of course big guns proved them wrong in the end...

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a healing art which moves and channels energy (or "qi", pronounced "chee") through breathing techniques combined with fluid bodily movements. I practice it myself. I could actually show anyone who cares to learn facial exercises which will nullify any cold or virus I know of, if practiced with discipline. This is not new age medicine or philosophy. The Chinese have known about qi for thousands of years, and have been able to manipulate it through acupuncture, acupressure, Qi Gong, and other techniques for the same amount of time.

Tai Qi

Tai Qi is a mixture of the healing arts and the martial arts. Tai Qi encompasses both Qi Gong and Kung Fu. It is mostly a dance to gain energetic balance with the earth. Its primary function is not to defeat your enemy, but to make it impossible for your enemy to defeat you: the ultimate self-defense...

history of the Scholar Warriors

The Scholar Warriors of China were basically at first a response to the Manchurian invasion.of China in 1644. The Shaolin monastery collaborated with the Wudangshan, which was a group of monasteries on 72 different mountain peaks which defended and aided each other against the Manchurian Chinese government. They were constantly attacked by regular Chinese troops over the following centuries, and always the Scholar Warriors would be outnumbered, and almost always they would succeed despite overwhelming odds.
One Scholar Warrior would sometimes take 50-100 soldiers, AND WIN!
Finally, when the soldiers came with big guns bought from the British Crown, the monasteries were overrun, and most of the books they had were destroyed. But they had planned for this, because for hundreds of years, every time the Manchus invaded they destroyed knowledge in the form of books about the martial and healing arts whenever possible. But the monks kept their knowledge in memory, and would just re-write books as they were destroyed.

(side note: you have noticed the term "martial art" right? martial implies conflict, or fighting. So obviously the Scholar Warriors saw little difference between self-defense and art, or the ways you should go about performing either)

The Scholar Warrior went the way of the dodo when Japan invaded China in the 1930's, destroying most of the monks' tomes, and killing most of the monks. The rest was finished off by Mao Tse Tong in the "cultural revolution" of the 1960's, in which "Chairman Mao" purposely starved, tortured and executed 80 MILLION of his own people!

The ideas of the Scholar Warriors have survived however, and it would be wise for westerners to learn from their centuries of discipline.

the modern day Scholar Warrior

"Perhaps most sadly, we find ourselves inadequate when tragedy strikes us. An unexpected death in the family fills us with fear and uncertainty, and we are unable to explain the event to our children. Sudden illness finds us too weak to fend it off. Our relationships swamp our hearts with confusing emotions. And when we try to face questions about who we are, what we are doing here in the world, what we are doing about our future, and how we can face our own death, we panic."
--Deng Ming-Dao, from Scholar Warrior

The modern Scholar Warrior has allowed for the fact that the human body is not the highest possible faculty of war, and also for the fact that there is no possible way for the human mind to learn everything there is to know. But there is a balance in everything: you can call it karma, divine justice, or what goes around comes around. Whatever you call it, the fact remains: balance is there, and it's a life-long struggle to attain or retain it. The Scholar Warriors taught that you never can know about any one subject without the continuous influx of other subjects to counter-balance the knowledge. Famous Chinese warriors and martial artists were also great poets, calligraphers and land-owners, among myriad other skills.
The honing of skills of all kinds was their primary drive, and balance was the driving force behind this endless search.
And an endless search should not sound forlorn to you. it should fill you with wonder and expectation.

life's greatest irony

"the beginning was the end of everything now
the ape regards its tail (he's stuck on it)
repeats until he fails
half a goon and half a god"
---Devo, from the song "Gates of Steel"

The great irony of life in my opinion is that we are individuals at the same time as being part of every other thing in the universe. We have unique perspective, but we are also part of the same whole. The only way to find balance between these two seemingly contradictory thoughts is to find discipline, and to seek skill. We are half goons and half gods. We can be the ugliest creatures on the face of the earth (as evinced through war, rape, destruction, etc), and we can be the most beautiful creatures on earth (as evinced through music, writing, arts, and technologies).

No matter how crazy and meaningless our society becomes, there is a balance to be found. This balance of course is exactly what the new world order is attacking. Through creating conflict instead of abating conflict, you lose balance instead of gaining it.

Each duality which seems to exist infinitely is exploited by the new world order. Scholar Warriors seek the balance in these dualities instead of exploiting the differences.

If you seek to be honorable, and if you seek to always better yourself, you are already on the road to Tao.

If you always seek to learn new things, and to ACHIEVE new goals which do not seem attainable, yet you strive anyway, and if you fight for your rights, and if you defend the poor, you are already a Scholar Warrior.

Brandon Dean

"Balance is the perfect state of still water.
Let that be our model.
It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface."

thus always to tyrants authors

Brandon Dean (splitbabyniblet)


Joshua Berry (tattoogeek)

you see what happens?

"I, like the arch-fiend, bore a hell within me, and finding myself unsympathized with, wished to tear up the trees, spread havoc and destruction around me, and then to have sat down and enjoyed the ruin." --Mary Shelley, from Frankenstein