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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 2: John F. Kennedy

Heroes of the Generational Freedom Movement, Part 2:
John F. Kennedy-
What is the price of being a true leader of a free people?

Kennedy was a member of the elite who chose honor over profit and power when the choice was put in front of his face. could you do it?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last actual president of these united States of America.
He was killed in a government takeover by ex-nazis working for our government in various capacities in the CIA. He must never ever be forgotten as the last true leader of the free world. He had real power, and chose to use it for the people's good instead of by lining his pockets. I'm sure he had his problems just like everyone else, but there are a number of things he accomplished or started to accomplish before he was brutally cut down on November 22, 1963, forty-four years ago tomorrow.
First, he realized that Vietnam was a total catastrophe before any Americans had even heard the name. He knew we wouldn't become mired there as the result of bad policy. Rather, we were being forced into the war to feed big business and world hegemony. He saw the real enemy.
Second, in the year before his death he gave a monumental speech to the National Press Club at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. In this speech he loudly and clearly warned the American people of a takeover of America by a cabal of secret societies which have infiltrated our government and our country beyond the highest levels.
Third, Kennedy's blood was boiling from the realization that the CIA was its own entity with its own agenda, and it was busy overthrowing nation after nation in a run at world control and tyranny. He found the presidency did not hold the power he thought it had. But when it came to Cuba, Kennedy was in charge, and he called off the backup of the US Air Force when CIA chief Allen Dulles ordered a Cuban invasion against Kennedy's specific order.
Kennedy was really, really mad, and he fired the top 3 people at CIA without informing the media. Why? Because he didn't want to make a bigger media spectacle than there already was. In private he vowed to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind."
Soon after that he ordered the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to disband the CIA forcefully, and to take over all duties previously attributed to the CIA.
It didn't work simply because people wouldn't listen to him. In the world of snoops, you're loyal to those you know, not those who are elected.
Fourth, he introduced the silver certificate back into circulation, which was basically a reissue of the greenbacks Lincoln had issued a hundred years earlier. This in my opinion is what sealed his fate as the same as President Lincoln's. There was no coming back from this, and Kennedy knew it. he used to tell Jackie and his brother Bobby about dreams he had in which he was assassinated, even within the month before he was.
Creating the silver certificate was the greatest thing Kennedy ever accomplished as president. It was his first step in disbanding the Federal Reserve, a private corporation which controls the economy of the U.S. The fractional reserve money system is the foundation of the global grab for power that has been in the works for hundreds if not thousands of years, and Kennedy knew it.
In order to re-institute a stable economy, the silver certificate was actually redeemable in silver, the way things were before the Federal Reserve, and according to our Constitution.
It seems Kennedy was busy rooting out every evil pandemic he could find in our failing, cancerous republic. I would venture to think he knew the danger he was in, and knew he had no choice other than to either be a true leader of the people, or to sell them out. He chose to be a righteous person, no matter what else he might have done in his life. He almost certainly knew he would die for it, and he did it anyway.
One amazing thing about John F Kennedy is that he has withstood the test of time with flying colors. In the present world of the internet, I think if there's something really bad to be found about him it would have been found by now. To know how much scrutiny his life and death has generated... And then to realize you never really hear anything bad about the guy. At least I never do...
He was a true freedom loving American, and he believed in what he was doing. He died for it. Let's keep his memory and more importantly his dream alive. Give thanks tomorrow that he did what he did, and for the sacrifice he gave to posterity. There is an eternal flame burning at his grave, which represents the assassins' occult beliefs, and which is a travesty to freedom.
Before I die, I plan to extinguish that flame.

Copyright, Brandon Dean 2007

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