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Thursday, November 8, 2007

a question of duality, or the conflict we create within ourselves

a question of duality, or the conflict we create within ourselves

by Brandon Dean

"Let's not crap ourselves, we are different, but we are one. We bring death to each other and death brings it to us. Did you ever see that flattened cat on the freeway as you drove by at 70 mph? That's us, baby. And I scream to the skies that there should be no way, no word, no limit. Just a roll of the dice, the tilting of the dark white light and the ability to laugh, a few times, at what has trapped us like this."

---Charles Bukowski,
from a letter written to William Packard, editor of NY Quarterly

Have you ever even considered an existence with no mental conflict? Thinking about it now, do you believe it possible? Are you completely swamped by the state of affairs in our world, to the point where you can't make sense of what's happening and why things seem so bad?
Do you believe the "conspiracy theories" which all definitively point towards a global collusion of bankers, corporations, governments, and media? If you're already even slightly aware of the mass hypnosis the human race is caught in as a whole, then you've noticed and maybe even studied the tactics they use to perpetuate their control.

I would like to focus on how we are TRULY manipulated, which is subliminally, or subconsciously. All the outward oppression we feel or read about in the news could never even hope to exist without the subliminal conditioning which teaches us to accept the situation.

The elite of this world know we are ruled by our subconscious, and therefore suppress this information from the general public for the obvious reason that people tend to shuck off control mechanisms once the mechanisms are discovered. We are absolutely ruled by our aesthetic preferences, which can be guided from birth through mere exposure to latent cultural philosophies, which were themselves introduced in the first place by "the bad guys."
An example of this would be how everyone seems to adore the "progress" president Franklin Roosevelt was making with his "new deal" in the 1930's. What really happened was he started printing billions of dollars in cash, and dumping it on the market, thereby inducing the first catastrophic inflation of the dollar ever in the country's history. At the same time he ordered the American people to sell their personal gold to the government for "the good of the country" during the height of the Great Depression. Why would he do this? Well, all his banker buddies stood to make a killing by buying off all the gold (which has real worth) they could get their hands on with the inflated cash (which they had no lack of).
Yet the media has portrayed Roosevelt as a great American, when he was nothing more than a communist infiltrator and a representative of the Illuminati. Yes, it was he who ordered the Federal Reserve to put the pyramid with Horus' all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, and to write "new world order" in Latin below it.
All the famous people who have fought the Illuminati have been suppressed. There have been thousands of true heroes in this country's history who fought for freedom by losing their reputations, careers and lives to the Illuminati in an effort to expose the conspiracy.
One of the prominent political parties at the formation of this country was the Anti-Masonic Party. President Andrew Jackson focused his entire two-term presidency on ridding the country of the money-changers he called a "pit of vipers", or international bankers. Inscription on his tombstone: "I killed the bank." That's right, I killed the bank. This is a president of the USA, folks. Not an anarchist hobo, or a smelly hippie dirtying up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, hopelessly chanting for rights.
Abraham Lincoln started printing up a new form of money called "greenbacks", which operated outside the realm of the bankers' control. That is why he was killed.
President Kennedy started printing up a new form of dollar called the "silver certificate" which operated outside the realm of the bankers' control. This is only one of the reasons he was killed.

In order to explore the true nature of our slavery, we must not only investigate how it's being perpetrated, but also how it actually works on us, and how they dicovered how to control us in the first place.
It really boils down to the creation of conflict where it didn't exist before. Researchers speak of the Hegelian Dialectic, which essentially states (in a political sense) that problem+reaction=solution. If there is an outcome you desire, introduce a problem, watch the reaction, then introduce the solution to the problem you created, which of course was your original desired outcome.
An example would be the Oklahoma City bombing. Timothy McViegh was a patsy. It's so obvious he didn't act alone, that if you don't already know it's because you haven't looked into it in any way.
Clinton was trying to get anti-terrorism laws passed, but the congress wasn't having any of it. Of course the reason they weren't having any of it is because the bills Clinton was introducing were completely anti-Constitutional, and severed freedom of speech and the right to privacy.
So lo and behold! what happens next? A federal government building in the middle of nowhere get's blown to hell by a "terrorist." This "coincidentally" puts the issue of terrorism on the forefront of the black hole media, and the sheeple demand that something be done about "this madness." "This can't happen in America." yadda yadda yadda...
Then Clinton re-introduces the legislation, and voila! it passes. What an amazing twist of fate!

So the dualism, or conflict, is created where it wasn't before to achieve a desired outcome. Sometimes the desired outcome is the created conflict itself.
It's not hard to imagine why. Let's say you have two kids, and for some insane reason you wish to conduct an experiment in conflict on them, and you are going to do that by moving one of your kid's clothes, for instance, to the other child's room to make it look like the other kid stole the clothes. I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me... Pretend you're the Illuminati for a second...
If the conflict itself is what your desired outcome is, then would it serve your purpose more to tell the victimized child you are the one who moved the clothes or to let him keep thinking his sibling was out to get him?
Now let's say your actual desired outcome was some sort of jerry springer/sitcom situation where all you really wanted was the last of the ice cream, but you were always in a war with the kids to get it. And let's say you used the same tactic of moving the clothes mentioned above to get the ice cream. The moving of the clothes keeps both of your victims, whom both think they are victims of the other sibling, distracted from the fact that you are swindling the last of the ice cream.
Now apply that to the democrat/republican duality for a second. Is the nature of manipulation starting to make sense? The bankers have both of the parties blaming eachother for all their problems while they're in the goddam kitchen stealing all the ice cream!!
It's really, really, really that simple.
It is so easy to distract people I would laugh if it weren't so disturbing. Okay, I laughed anyway. We're such silly creatures...

But the dualism goes much deeper, and has much stronger roots than random manipulations perpetrated in the dead of night. It has everything to do with the way we literally view reality, specifically along a linear "timeline" of past and future. The symbol of the yin and yang

does not represent the differences between positive and negative, it represents the balance between the two, or the "oneness." Or the fusing of duality.
This duality I speak of invades every single aspect of your entire life. The differences between everything and everyone are exploited by our media.
They talk constantly of the differences between black and white, and democrat and republican, and man and woman, and rich and poor, and socialists and capitalists, and conservatives and extremists. But the elite know like any thinking person that everyone encompasses all these traits in some form or fashion, and life is not black and white. It's not gray either, unless you're color blind. Life is full of ever-mixing colors, flucuating in ever-changing patterns and shifting non-absolutes. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is static, as in nothing remains the same.
Linear time does not exist except in your mind. There is no past and there is no future. There is quite literally only now, and it's a great form of manipulation to keep people worried about what has happened or what might happen as opposed to what IS happening.

Whenever you are confused about anything, think back on this, and perchance you'll find the situation less confusing. We are all victims of this duality.

I am not saying there is a utopian state to achieve; that may or may not be true. In fact, I'm kind of saying the opposite. Life is always changing, and is therefore a constant lesson to be learned. There is no specific thing to achieve or learn in this life. Life itself is a lesson and an achievement.

copyright Brandon Dean, 2007

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