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Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Total Recall" and "The Princess Bride"- propaganda or exposure?

Comparing "Total Recall" and "The Princess Bride"- propaganda or exposure?

by Brandon Dean

"I hired you to help me start a war. It's a prestigious line of work with a long and glorious tradition!"
---Vizzini, from The Princess Bride

"Life is pain, highness--anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something."
---the dread Pirate Roberts, from The Princess Bride

"No wonder you're having nightmares-you're always watching the news."
----Lori Quaid, from Total Recall

(note the pyramid with the rising sun behind it and a blue
Mars about a third (33) of the way up the pyramid and off the horizon)

If you haven't seen either one of these films, I highly recommend The Princess Bride, and I sort of recommend Total Recall for the plot, not for the quality of film making.
A (sort of) quick synopsis:

The Princess Bride:
The story starts off on a farm in medieval times in the country of Florin. The word "florin" has multiple meanings, all pretty much involving money. The original currency known as a florin was Italian, but the British use a silver florin. The country of Florin in The Princess Bride is an allegory for Britain.
Their enemy "on the other side of the Florin [English] channel," is a country called Guilder, which is an allegory for France. The word "guilder" is an old word meaning someone who attends a guild. Guilds have served different purposes throughout history. They have traditionally been the predecessor of workers' unions, masters of different trade craft.
To get straight to the point, guilds were exactly equivalent to modern day unions. Both have the potential of being benign organizations, though both are, were, and have always been completely corrupt.
I don't think I need to cite a modern example; Everyone knows the mafia infiltrated the unions all over this country early in the 20th century, and the mafia was in collusion with the government; Jimmy Hoffa, anyone?
There is a great and well-known example of how corrupt the guilds of ancient Rome were. Namely, the firefighters' guild of Rome, who were basically government terrorists. They would pay people to go around and start fires in the homes of political opponents, and make the opponents pay them to put the fire out, or else let the house or business burn to the ground. Wow...
This message is in The Princess Bride if you can see it.

So... Getting back to Princess Bride:
Back on the farm, Westley the farm boy (the "west" has always symbolically represented progress) falls in love with the farmers' daughter Buttercup. When he grows up, he decides he must see the world and aquire success deserving of Buttercup's hand.
While sailing the ocean seeking his fortune, a boat Wesley is on is attacked by the dread Pirate Roberts, who leaves "no survivors."
Westley manages to survive by pleading with Roberts, who sees the passion in his eyes, and is somehow moved by this to spare his life.
Westley spends the next few years on board the pirate ship. One day Roberts pulls him aside and explains that he himself is not the real dread Pirate Roberts, but that he had been in a similiar situation as Westley, and the Roberts before him had given him the same speech.
Now he wanted to make Westley the new dread Pirate Roberts so he could retire. So Westley became Roberts.
Meanwhile, Prince Humperdinck of Florin (whose name was inspired by the German composer Humperdinck, who composed the fairy tale opera "Hansel and Gretel" among many other things) decides for some reason he has to start a war with Guilder, and he hires an agent provocateur named Vizzini to help him do it.

Prince Humperdinck needed a new wife to complete his plan, and being that he had the right to marry any "maiden" (worker) in the land, he chose Buttercup, the most beautiful he could find. She did not love him, but mourned her lost Westley, whom she thought was dead after hearing of the attack on his ship.
So Vizzini kidnaps Buttercup, and takes her by ship across Florin Channel to Guilder with the intention of killing her on the Guilder frontier, thus fixing the blame on Guilder itself (government-sponsored terrorism).
Westley, however, has somehow heard of this plan, and he chases Vizzini and his two counterparts across the channel and into Guilder, eventually recovering Buttercup and killing Vizzini in the process.

The prince, on the "chase" of Vizzini, discovers Vizzini dead, and then catches the two reunited lovers.
He has Westley thrown in the Pit of Despair, where he is tortured to death.
Westley is rescued however by Vizzini's two counterparts. Westley had spared both their lives in pursuit of Buttercup, and they felt he could help them kill the man who killed one their fathers at the same time as saving Princess Buttercup from being married to Humperdinck, who now plans to murder his new bride on their wedding night and blame it on Guilder.
Anyhow, Westley is brought back from the dead by Miracle Max, and they successfully storm the castle, killing the father-murderer, and saving Buttercup from being killed.

Total Recall:
Douglas Quaid is a new brand of Manchurian Candidate. His real name is Hauser, and he is a super-secret agent for the horrendously corrupt governor of the Mars Federal Colony, Vilos Cohaagen.

note the narcissistic messiah imagery displayed by the Quaid character

Quaid volunteers to have his memory wiped in order to penetrate the army of the rebellious mutants who live on Mars, who were actually made mutants because of Cohaagen's withholding of oxygen, and because Cohaagen would not build proper domes to block the UV rays of the sun for the poorer sectors of the colony. (that's not allegory, right?)
Hauser as Quaid is planted on Earth with a wife and a job until Cohaagen is ready to activate his plan for Quaid, which is to infiltrate and kill the leader of the rebel movement on mars, Cuoto. He is given a fake memory as Quaid, although he is never at peace with this, and feels he is called for some reason to go to Mars, although it is swamped with war and violence.
He randomly sees a commercial for a company called "Rekall", which implants false memories of vacations into people's brains to make them think they went on an exotic vacation to wherever they want, for much cheaper than the cost of actually going to the same place.
He decides since his wife (implanted by "the agency" to watch his progress) does not want to go to Mars, he will take a virtual vacation.
When he gets the implant however, there is a problem. The doctor implanting the memory inadvertantly uncaps his old memories, and Quaid wakes up as Hauser freaking out and blabbing about his role on Mars.
Since he is constantly monitored, this instantly alerts a crew of secret agents that he is a traitor and needs to be killed, so they start trying to kill him.
Quaid manages to get to Mars via normal transportation, and eventually meets Cuoto, believing himself with his new persona (given to him by Cohaagen) to actually be against Cohaagen, and he convinces the mutant rebels of the same. This of course leads Cohaagen directly to the elusive Cuoto.
But Hauser perserveres as Quaid, and betrays his former alliances in order to save the mutants and regular denizens of the Mars colony. He discovers what has always been suspected or even known by the mutants, which is that in one of the mines (which produced some sort of chemical for a war back on Earth, and was therefore very valuable) the government had discovered a huge machine made by ancient aliens which would unleash the core of Mars, which was made of ice, and therefore water. Cohaagen knew (or suspected) this would bring life to the planet, but he also knew (or suspected) this would be the end of the chemical which made Mars worth colonizing for his company, which was one in the same as the government. Sound familiar...?

In any case Quaid saves the planet by activating the "defrosting" machine the aliens left behind. The planet almost instantly develops an atmosphere and a blue sky.

Here is an example of state-sponsored terrorism:

This is Dreden, Germany, where during World War II anywhere from 35,000 to 135,000 german citizens (not military) were firebombed and murdered in their homes in the middle of the night by the American and British governments. There were no military outposts or detachments in the town, and it was of absolutely no strategic significance. The allies did it solely to terrorize the german population into submission. Go USA!
Burnt bodies of children... Burnt bodies of dogs and cows, cats and trees, destroyed beautiful German homes and buildings that had been around for a thousand years. What a fucking shame...


What do all these things have in common, and what were the producers of those two films trying to tell us?
Well, in The Princess Bride, the ruler of Florin (Britain) pays a wealthy businessman to start a war with his neighbor. Here in the real world, in 1952-53, the CIA decided to take over the government of Iran, and they did so by spreading flyers claiming the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mosadeq, was a communist in league with the Russians, and an atheist. Well the predominantly Muslim country didn't like this at all.
Then, a bunch of "extremists," hired of course by the CIA and British Intelligence, started going around murdering religious leaders and claiming to represent Mosadeq.
Just like Vizzini leaving a shred of cloth from the uniform of a Guilder soldier on Princess Buttercup's horse before shooing it back to the castle after she was kidnapped.
Mosadeq died in prison...

In Total Recall, the government of Mars pays a lowly mutant cab driver to infiltrate his own people, therefore betraying Quaid and the resistance.
In Germany after the burning of the Reichstag (parliament) building in Berlin, the Nazis plucked a manchurian candidate out of one of their mental hospitals and left him naked on the street bleeding from his head, screaming about how he'd started the fire, and how he was a communist.
So Hitler enacted the equivalent of the Patriot Act, giving himself dictatorial powers to avoid "the threat of communism."

The Princess Bride was directed by Rob Reiner, who is an editor of the Huffington Post, which is a leftist news organization funded by other questionable organizations.
One can only ponder whether it was a subliminal way to teach people about our true history of government-sponsored terrorism, or a way to desensitize the public to the idea itself. It is up for debate, but I think I can present a couple examples which point toward the film being a subversive way of awakening the people, and is therefore an asset to freedom.
1) The evil pirate spares the lives of the criminal swordsman and the slow giant because both displayed compassion in saving his life before he bested them at arms and spared their lives in return. This lesson is way too valuable for the banksters to let that slip in if this was truly a propaganda piece.
2)Rob Reiner wasn't always a fat rich asshole who wanted to take away our freedom by putting taxes on cigarettes while he courted heart disease by scarfing down scones and apple fritters. He was quoted once upon a time as saying "Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that's a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.."
And he's right. This is very powerful insight into reality. I'm not saying Rob Reiner is a spiritual guru; what I'm saying is he's a shrewd businessman with a philosophical way of looking at things, and he has been corrupted by his wealth into thinking he has a mission to accomplish, but I don't think he works for the Illuminati.
3)Those who perpetrate the state-sponsored terrorism in the film are presented as inbred, stuck-up, morally defective royals, and there is an obvious glorification of the plight of the poor, and the beauty of life itself without politics or need of money. The overall message is: love is the answer to life's problems, and true love will conquer all. That mixed with the exposure of government sponsored terrorism leads me to believe Rob Reiner was actually aware of what he was doing, and was trying to expose the Illuminati's age-old technique of control, as opposed to him trying to manipulate the public in some way with the film.

"Death can't stop true love" ----the dread Pirate Westley

Total Recall, however, is an entertaining yet obvious piece of government propaganda. The pyramid in the picture above shows you everything you need to know. There is one three second shot of a pyramid in the film, and therefore the pyramid on the release posters and the DVD cover are incongruent with the film, and thrown in without a seeming purpose. The pyramid is, however, an age-old symbol of the control of the Illuminati, with the rising sun behind it representing the rising of the the "illuminated (enlightened) ones."
At the end of Total Recall, you're still not sure whether the whole story actually happened, or whether it only occured in Quaid's mind.
The film is based on a Phillip K. Dick story called "We can Remember it for you Wholesale." Although Phillip K. Dick is on the good side, and was trying to expose what's really going on through all of his fiction, the producers of Total Recall bent the message to their own needs.
We see through the symbology in Total Recall a messiah/superman figure, who chooses to deny his wicked ways in order to bring a glorious new day, or a "new order" of things to Mars while outwardly serving the higher purpose of compassion, overcoming all the odds. This is one of the stated ways the Illuminati has always planned to infiltrate our society. They've actually written it down for Christ's sake...

One of the producers of Total Recall, Buzz Feitshans, also produced the following films, among others:

Shadow Conspiracy, 1997 (!!!!!)
all of the Rambo films
Extreme Prejudice, 1987
Uncommon Valor, 1983
Act of Vengeance, aka the Rape Squad, aka The Violater, 1974 (!!!!!)

I'm just sayin...

Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a Nazi commissioned officer. One of Arnold's favorite poses as a competion body-builder was reminiscent of his devotion to his father's legacy:

I could go on and on about Schwarzenegger's narcissistic, hateful, womanizing history, but I think just the fact that he was the star of the film, he was a huge star already, AND HE FUNDED THE FILM, thus him having considerable influence over aspects of the film is enough to make the film suspect. Arnold attends the Bohemian Grove in northern California, where the elite of the entire world perform ancient babylonian rituals to stop caring about what we "profane" care about and to do mock-human sacrifices to Sumerian demons while claiming to be the moral and political leaders of our world. That's not suspicious...

I believe Total Recall is meant to desensitize us to the already-known fact that mind control exists. Yet in the story itself, by Phillip K. Dick, you can't help but feel the humanity seeping through. Dick's message can truly be seen as this: "the conspiracy is huge, but we can fight it individual by individual, no matter what we did or believed in the past."
The message of the film is "Fantasize about helping humanity, but you don't want your eyes to bulge out of your head, and you're not Arnold, so give it up." You can see this in the fact that we don't even know if the story happens at all, or is just a fantasy of Quaid. It leaves the question: "Is the conspiracy real, or are you just crazy, and imagining all of this?"

The film also inadvertantly portrays another thing Dick was exposing (no pun intended--really Smiley ), which was the fact that there is an inherent genetic memory which can totally recall our entire bloodlines' histories, given the right guidance. Our genetic memory is physically perceived at this time as "wisdom," which is simply the re-awakening of the lessons already learned by our ancestors through experience. Have you ever felt when you learned something new that you've always known it, and had no way to put it into words until now?
This is your genetic memory saying you already knew it, and you do already know everything you're going to learn in your life. You just have to realize it, or become enlightened (illuminated).

So another lesson learned:

Question everything you're told, and that means EVERYTHING...
Because you'll find that one thing you may feel badly about is actually good for you, or another thing you always thought was good for you is actually bad. Which is which is up for you to decide..

copyright, Brandon Dean 2007

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