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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Conflict and Frequency: the Reason We Humans "Can't Get no Satisfaction"

Conflict and Frequency: the Reason We Humans "Can't Get no Satisfaction"

by Brandon Dean

Does anyone else have a constant nagging in the back of their minds telling them they're missing out on something? Is it telling you there is something more out there beyond what we perceive to be happening?
Have you ever wondered why animals hear and see and feel things we do not? Having grown up around dogs, I have often wondered what the world looks like through their eyes since I was young. Dogs have poor eyesight, and I think the fact that I used to wonder about a dog's sight instead of their greater senses like hearing, smell, or touch is case in point of a purely human stigma.
The stigma is this: we as humans are not in touch with our deeper senses. Animals are.

Our five senses all are restricted to a perceptual frequency range. Since some might not follow that immediately, here is a picture of an analogue audio waveform:

This is a typical seine wave.

The above pictured display is from a machine which is calculating the energy of an audio wave pulsating through it. The green line (pulsating up and down) is a representation of what the audio wave would look like if our eyes could see it (in a linear fashion). It's there, and it's a visible thing to those whose eyes are able to see it. If your eyes could see a radio or TV wave, that's probably the most of what you'd see, because they're quite literally everywhere, going in and out of your body as if you weren't there. We certainly did not invent radio waves; we simply harness and manipulate them.
Our eyes do see waveforms however, just not radio or TV waves (or a number of other wave types). In fact, everything we see is an analog waveform. All matter is made of waves, condensed to tighter or looser vibrations.
Look at the waveform in the above picture. it's pretty cut and dry. it's demonstrating how a dog's frequency range is wider than a human's. Therefore they hear more than humans. The vertical red arrows pointing both up and down approximately demonstrate a canine's frequency range compared to the human's in blue. This same waveform applies to all of our senses, including: hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell. We perceive everything as a wave, including thought.
Try to look at the brain as an antenna, not generating but receiving electrical signals from the heart (your blood pulse is governed by electricity), which receives its signals from the electro-magnetic core of the earth itself. From the world around us. This is quite literally what's happening...
A chart for comparing human and canine sense of smell would look very similar to the chart above. For vision, the opposite is true. The human has a wider frequency range of vision than a dog..
But then there's the eagle, whose vision range is FAR greater than humans. People seem to accept they see farther and clearer, but not understand they actually see MORE.
There is definitely more out there, and just one look at that audio waveform should be proof enough to start you wondering. Why?
This is why: take a good look outside the range of human hearing (the part where the dog hears and we don't-above and below our range), and then imagine how much there is out there we do not hear at every moment.
Now think about our sense of touch, which also dwells within a frequency range. Imagine all the things that are in and around us which we can't feel, because they're either above or below our frequency range.
How about sight, smell? What is out there--in here--we can't perceive?
Now think about this: scientists have proven mathematically that humans only percieve of 5-10% of the known matter in the universe!!
That just so happens to coincide with the long-known fact that humans are only using 5-10% of the electrical impulses in their brain.

Are we ever really home? Are we ever really home when we can't even know what's going on ALL AROUND US AT EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY? Do you wonder why humans "can't get no satisfaction?"
What are we searching for? Why do we intentionally destroy the very ecosystems which will sustain our species? Why does the conflict between other animal species seem so easily explainable, yet the conflict between humans seem to make no sense?
Are we just blind, deaf, mute monsters thrashing about in a wild state of carnal fury? Why do you feel like you know less every time you learn something you didn't know before? Are we actually searching for answers to questions already known, only to flounder with confusion every time we subconsciously realize it?
Being that "here" is a perceptual place, unique according to each life form, the question "why are we here?" becomes useless. "Why?" is unanswerable. It doesn't matter why we're here, because what is "here" in the first place?
Everything you view as solid and stable will fall apart. There is no solidity and there is no stability. Everything we perceive is in flux constantly. In other words, our reality is constantly changing, and nothing is still. Our Milky Way galaxy is literally hurtling through the universe at millions of miles per second, so you've never been in the same place twice, and never will be. Everything is constantly changing all the time, yet sticking to patterns that become more chaotic as you focus closer in on them.
It is literally impossible to do the exact same thing twice. If you generalize it, you can recognize patterns which tell your brain the same thing is happening, but there are minute and gigantic

Now let's get back to this waveform/reality thing. As the human race awakens to the slavery and hypnosis we've been put under, and realizes the true potential of the human brain, our frequency range for all of our senses IS widening.
I personally believe, once we have learned to fire 100% of our brain's electrical synapses, we will realize we are all an extension of the driving force in the universe, which you can call love, God, a good equation, or whatever you choose. We are all an expression of god whether you believe in whatever religion, or are an atheist and call nature or math your god. Our brains, being manipulated, tell us the space between us is a constant, and tell us time is a constant. But neither are true. Both fluctuate constantly just like everything else.
Once our frequency ranges swell and reach their full potential, the dividing lines between them and us will come crashing down.
The dividing lines all stem from a duality of nature, and manifest in the form of conflict where it didn't previously exist.
This is the root of: action+reaction=solution, divide and conquer, the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis+antithesis=synthesis), and even the fact that opposites attract...
Those who desire control over humanity realize where there is harmony, there is strength. Where there is conflict there is weakness. So a despot will impregnate conflict within an otherwise harmonious situation to cause discord, which serves as a distraction from harmony. There is an actual scientific explanation for this, which I can get into if anyone wants to know...
We can help each other widen all of our frequency ranges simply by adding knowledge to our brain's store. We may dwell in a conscious world, but we are absolutely controlled by our subconscious, which is not an individual thing---it may even be our perception of god, and it is in all of us. Our subconscious is nothing more than our thoughts and dreams and vision and taste and smell and touch which dwell outside of our frequency range. By creating conflict where it didn't exist before, therefore injecting duality in an otherwise concordant situation, the despot restricts the frequency ranges of ALL our senses! Without conflict, there is no restriction of our range of senses. They literally have control of our perception of the subconscious through creating conflict!
That is why I do not feel at home, and that is why humans "can't get no satisfaction."
As all of us gradually become aware of our slavery, and that it's well beyond a mere physical or even psychological enslavement, their oppression itself will grow to meet the threat which harmony itself represents. But their oppression will fade away in the end as humans gradually discover the power of harmony.
All the oppression we've ever felt was exactly equivalent to the pressure we've accepted, invited and allowed to happen.

Brandon Dean, copyright 2007

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