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Monday, August 13, 2007

a study of the cash-carrying capitalist vs. the card-carrying communist

A study of the cash-carrying capitalist vs. the card-carrying communist,

by Brandon Dean

che, ed house and mickey maus,
by Brandon Dean

che, ed house, and mickey maus
were waiting in a bread line
citing lines from marx and faust
to pass away the time
all the while the docile,
curious communist child
read instead of leo strauss
not che, ed house or mickey maus!

I'd like to talk about one of the greatest and most crippling mind-traps available to our propaganda diet: left vs. right.
The left/right paradigm between any two opposing viewpoints is exploited by the television, print, and radio media.
In our country the left/right paradigm takes the form of Democrat/Republican. From a global point of view, the same paradigm is more aptly represented as Communist/Capitalist.

Why are we always shown only two prevailing points of view on most subjects by our mainstream press? In the case of abortion, you're either "pro-life" or "pro-choice." How about "none of your business?" How about "It depends on the situation?"
Nothing is black and white. Nothing at all... Our universe follows patterns so grand we cannot even perceive of their complexity. Our brain cannot "decode" MOST of the universe around us. We happen to be stuck in a small little world, confined within a five-sense reality inside a seemingly infinite universe.

This acceptance of a five-sense reality and the DUALITY it creates is responsible for our vulnerability to psychic attack in the form of creating conflict in our brains where it didn't exist before.

Communism - the greatest lie ever, passed off as "the people's revolution"

Socialism in one form or another is probably the earliest form of civilization in human history. Socialist politics are relatively new to history. They have taken the form of "Communism."
Communism borrows its cultural tenants from socialism. All socialism implies is a common recognition of the equality of all those under the leadership umbrella of whatever society is in question. The earliest forms of socialism were obviously crude tribesmen who gathered berries and began hunting meat with weapons for the people of their village. However, the smaller family unit seems to always take precedence over the village as a whole in any indigenous society I've read about. Go watch a group of monkeys hanging out for a while and you'll see socialism at work. Of course, most clans of monkeys are highly incestuous, and therefore it's mostly "one big happy family" (connected through BLOODLINE). But now try to convince yourselves monkeys are communists. My point is communism and socialism are not the same thing. Socialism is a term, almost the natural way of things, where communism is a financially centralized system of law. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe what socialists say, and I definitely do not agree with their methods or principles. What I'm saying is the word socialism itself was hijacked to be associated with communism. These are two completely different subjects.

At the same time "revolutionaries" the world over clamor for "worker's rights," those who fund these communist and socialist "organizations" spend the same money to make sure every last educated person in every third world country in the world is either MURDERED or publicly diminished. Communism as a political machine is responsible for at least 200 MILLION deaths, and probably a whole lot more--that's just what we know.
Capitalism as an ideal is probably responsible for many deaths, but nothing compared to communism. A political assassination here, a war there, a sprinkle of third world starvation over yonder where we can't see it... but it still just doesn't add up to 200 million or even close!! In fact, every war we've EVER been in as a country was fought to stem the tide of COMMUNIST BANKING, or central banking. This is not necessarily an endorsement for capitalism, it's more a wake up call to those who still harbor little sentimental thoughts about Engels and Marx and Trotsky from college when they read those retarded, inane books. Get over it: communism was started by the Illuminati, the same folks who represent the present day "neocons" AND----AND the democrats.
Yeah, that's right... The Rockefellers made Trotsky who he was, and the Rothschilds made Karl Marx, Engels and Lenin who they were.
What you must realize is these bankers have an old feud with the Russian aristocracy. When the Rothschilds tried to buy off Czar Alexander and impose a central banking system, Alexander laughed at them. He was already aware of the scheme. Not only that, but he knew the Rothschilds were paying the British and French armies to get ready to attack the US once the South won the civil war. So he sent a naval fleet to San Francisco to aid President Lincoln. The Rothschilds made sure to kill the entire Russian royal family for that one...
The bastards have closed in from all sides, and it's up to you to figure it out for yourself. I am an iconoclast, and I look at it as my mission in life to destroy walls people build around themselves. I find it easier to talk to someone when you can see them, not "what they project."

Capitalism - the promise of freedom, manipulated from the very start

the idea of capitalism basically comes from sea merchants of a few hundred years ago, who developed their own system of laws to cover the open sea, where no country claimed ownership, and called it the "law of the sea." I is now referred to as admiralty law. The law of the sea states the captain is judge, jury and executioner. He is the law while on the open sea. The rest of the law of the sea is based on the idea of trade, and who owns what, like salvage rights and that sort of thing. But when a captain has ultimate say over your life, what does that equate to? Yup, no RIGHTS.
The original sea merchants which represented the law of the sea as opposed to the law of whatever country they represented were the remnants of the knights Templar of France, who were massacred after the French king decided he didn't want to pay off his sizable debt to the Templars. Many of the families became in league with the governments of countries, and get PAID to be high-seas pirates... it's one of the oldest businesses on the planet.
Anyhow, these Knights Templar went into hiding, mostly in Scotland, and from there became the pirates of old which are romanticized in story and film, with their "skull and bones" flags, still used today by the richboy fraternities such as, well, the "skull and bones society" of Yale University, which sprung George H W Bush, George W. Bush, John Kerry and many, many others who "control" our country.
Capitalism as a term was never really used until the late 1800's, when Karl Marx, (33rd degree Freemason) popularized it in his book "the Communist Manifesto."
In this book, Marx pits communism against capitalism, and this is where the dualism, or conflict, between the two ideologies began.
It never existed before Marx as a cultural theme, or discussion, or ideology. The term "capitalist" was thrust upon the West through Karl Marx by the Illuminati which he represented.

Here's an interesting perspective of the Democratic Party:

In the beginning years of this country, the two big parties were the Whigs and the Republicans. The Republicans were the LEFT party! Now, a lot of people know this, so it's not that interesting. The interesting part is that the political ideology of the party itself has not changed. The Republican Party has not "moved" to the right. it's core politics remain the same as when the country was formed. The Whigs simply went away, and were replaced by a FAR LEFT party, ie the Democratic Party!
so instead of replacing the far right party (the Whigs) with another far right party, they made the already left party (the Republicans) the right party, and came up with a new, much further left party called the democrats... The Illuminati themselves are behind this and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party of the USA is nothing more than our "brand" of communism. THAT is the truth.
Capitalism doesn't really apply to most of us here in the USA. We are not capitalists. We are the mere sheep of actual capitalists, who are no different than actual communists. And there you have it: those who created and funded and promoted the very ideas of capitalism and communism were the same people.

They made this happen because the only way they can control anyone is to have those they wish to control believe someone else is out to get them, thus policing and "controlling" themselves, just like a bunch of sheep (works the same way).
A shepherd holds up his rod and the sheep follow. The banker holds up the dollar, and the sheeple follow...
So they tell us communists are out to get us, or they tell communists we're out to get them, when really it's the elite of both countries who are out to get all of us, and they're in collusion with each other...
They tell communists we are capitalists, and all capitalists are greedy.

I hear my friends and others innocently spouting alot of leftist ideas, which were originally planted by the banking elite of this world in order to "make order out of chaos" or "divide and conquer."
Again, they have a desire, say the national ID card, so all of a sudden the news all over the country is shouting about how law enforcement can't do anything unless there's a FEDERAL database on EVERYONE so police agencies can coordinate investigations. We hear this, and we think "yeah, that's not so bad, cops should be able to talk to each other."
But there weren't really any communications problems between the agencies in the first place, so all that happens is the FEDERAL government acquires yet another centralized tool to oppress us legally, to know where we are at all times, and to be able to trace EVERYTHING we do. Do you want that?
I sure don't.

Everybody can smell rightist crap, because it's out in the open, but here is some leftist crap you might just still agree with:

Global Warming is caused by humans.

Carbon Dioxide is dangerously high in our atmosphere because of humans.

the EPA and PETA are for environmental and animal rights, respectively

Greenpeace protects the environment. (HAHA!!! what a joke!)

plants don't suffer when you kill them to eat them just like animals

co2 causes the earth's temperature to rise (thanks al gore)

soy is good for you.

meat is bad for you.

the government is supposed to provide your retirement, educational and medical services.

I could go on and on ALL DAY. The EPA was created by Richard Nixon, one of the most evil men ever to live in the white house to use American land as collateral on government debts. Al Gore says co2 creates heat, when it is proven through ice core samples from Antarctica co2 cycles FOLLOW temperature rises by about 800 years in an almost exact pattern. This proves that HEAT IS THE CAUSE OF RISES IN CO2, so car emissions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GLOBAL WARMING. Stop falling for this nonsense. The engine in your car has absolutely zero negative effect on the ozone layer.
Soy is commonly thought of as a good source of protein, but it has absolutely ZERO positive things to offer you, and only empty proteins. And when you eat empty foods, your body is confused, and instead of just passing through the system (which is what happens with most of it), your body tries to see if there's anything useful in the empty food by absorbing some of the empty nutrients into your blood stream, thereby poisoning you. This poison will sooner or later purge itself from your body in one form or another, whether it is pimples or body sweat or sickness or tumors. Soy is NOT good for you at all, and it has no protein to offer you. Protein is part of a cycle; it's not an actual particle or something. Proteins develop as a result of the different minerals in food mixing with those in your body. It has nothing to do with any one single food over another. All living matter has protein in it--it just needs to be activated...
you may have some moral problem with eating meat, but it has been proven over and over and over again to have vitamins and minerals essential to certain brain functions which you CANNOT gain from anywhere else. You can survive without it, but there is no proven benefits AT ALL to not eating meat, as opposed to many proven benefits of eating it.
PETA murders unwanted animals. Anything else need to be said about them? Keep sending them your money. They can tell you whatever you want to hear.
When the government is in control of your education, your health care, and your retirement services it does not mean you get anything for free. It means you have to literally reach into someone's wallet and TAKE their money, because they don't have a choice in the matter. If I don't want to help keep some old man in Kentucky on a life support machine through FORCED taxation, I shouldn't HAVE to. No government service is free. It's time to get past that already!

My point in saying all this is again to question everything. Conflict is not our normal state of being. Nobody I talk to wants war or genocide or torture. Doesn't matter if they're republicans or democrats or capitalists or communists. The people who want these things and make them happen are those who benefit from them. And please show me how you and I benefit from genocide and massive health pandemics?

Those who benefit from all the destruction and conflict in this world are the international bankers. Any others who appear to benefit receive nothing more than ancillary baubles, or proxies of success. All others who are hypnotized by this farce are pawns. Even government representatives who dabble in "the big game" usually get spit up in the end, unless they are an international banker. Funny how that works out... The only safe ones are those who represent NO COUNTRY, on the evil side and the good side.
The evil ones who represent no country are the bankers, who have no national loyalties. They have their little secret societies, and they play their LITTLE games. We on the good side, who believe in freedom, rely on our OWN minds, not the minds of others, to solve our problems for ourselves... The power of INDIVIDUALS grouping together to defend a common cause is infinite. Let's make sure we don't group up the way they would have us. Always retain your personal perspective. Question even yourself. Questioning will reinforce the truth.

It is now time for the human race to see the ACTUAL hypnosis we roam under, as opposed to nibbling at little bits and pieces, as though a hair comb will saw a thick rope in half while new ropes appear every second.
The grand issue is DUALISM. Capitalist/communist is only a small duality in comparison to the issue of duality itself. I know many people who see past the capitalist/communist paradigm in a matter of seconds, simply by me mentioning it, even though they had never truly considered it before.

People here actually think the Russian people cared whether they were called communists or not when they were starving to death by the TENS OF MILLIONS. No that's not a joke. The government of the USSR, SUPPORTED BY OUR GOVERNMENT AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE, decimated over 80 MILLION of their own people through starvation and other forms of torture.
David Rockefeller, corporate international banker and one of the most evil pieces of trash you could ever hope to consider, once said "China's Maoist [communist] government is our [the international bankers] greatest social experiment yet."
Mao Tse Tung was responsible for another 100 MILLION deaths of his own people, and his movement was originally supported financially by whom? the CIA...

It's really only in non-communist countries that "card-carrying" communists are vocal and passionate about their beliefs. They wouldn't be happy at all to actually live inside a communist country. That's exactly why there's always been a HUGE amount of immigrant applicants from the USSR waiting for visas to the good ol' USA instead of the other way around.
The passionate communist in this country is the product of a spoiled, overfed environment, feeling self-guilt over their (truly) oppressive culture. The actual product of communism, which was invented by our neighborhood ILLUMINATI (international bankers), is genocide, torture and totalitarianism.
This passionate communist carries his/her card proudly, and waves it in the face of the "ignorant capitalists" he lives among.
Communism as an ideal was created to tap that exact thing: passion.

Capitalism as an ideal was created to tap into greed, and to play off of it. Freedom itself has NOTHING to do with money.
Money is not the root of all evil--the international bankers are much closer to the root of all evil. Money is an inanimate object, to do with as you see fit, just like a pencil. You can pick a pencil up and write whatever you wish, or you can stab someone with it. does the pencil become evil because YOU'VE chosen to use it in an evil fashion? No....
Rightist greed can be played off of just as easily as leftist passion.
Freedom CANNOT be played off of. There's no two ways about it.
Start defining your life with freedom, start making decisions based on what is free and what is not. It is the ONLY ideal worth preserving. Freedom is not static; it is a constant state to maintain, in deference of EVERYTHING else.

copyright Brandon Dean, 2007

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