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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the United States Corporation: know the contracts you sign, sucker!

the United States of America Corporation: know the contracts you sign...

by Brandon Dean

Did you know that you are owned by a corporation? Well it's true. Your body itself is co-owned by this corporation if you've ever signed an official piece of paper that asks if you are a United States citizen, and you say yes. The United States of America Corporation was created after the civil war.
Why did they create this corporation? Because the law in a REPUBLIC is based on rights, not privileges. The problem was they just freed slaves, and they were AFRAID to make them equal citizens who could own guns. There were millions of them, and if they all of a sudden had the right to own guns, the people doing the oppressing might have had a problem on their hands. Not fair, but makes sense right?
So they created this corporation that gave "privileges" to black people if they agreed to be its citizens. Privileges, not rights, Because you can't give a right to someone or take it away. That's when the idea of permits of all kinds were introduced. Permits=permission. They gave blacks permits to carry guns, or to marry a white person, etc. They eventually just transferred the "law" over to everyone, not just blacks. it's that simple.
The key is that you have to give up your rights as a national to become a citizen of the United States of America Corporation. If they cannot prove that you are a United States of America Citizen (in other words owned by that corporation), then you are a national-someone with all the free rights of a citizen of the united states (not capitalized because it's not an official name), not a United States of America citizen.
Stop signing government papers and you will start being a free citizen of this republic. There is no constitutional law stating you have to pay property tax, income tax, excise tax - any of it. And if it's not in the constitution, by definition it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. For instance, you make yourself liable for what they say you owe them by SIGNING the tax return form. Period. If you do not sign it, you do not incriminate yourself. End of story.
The constitution also provides that any US national has UNLIMITED contract rights, which means you can draw up a contract for whatever you like. You just need to fulfill the contract, because if you don't, you're infringing on the rights of the contract holder. A contract includes ANY PIECE OF PAPER YOU SIGN.
If you spend their money, ie a federal reserve note, you make yourself subject to their law, which is not common law, or the law of the people. It is admiralty law, which is the law of the sea, which means the judge is the arbiter of your doom, and YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. That's why it's so easy for people's property to be taken left and right-because IT'S NOT THEIR PROPERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT IS CO-OWNED BY YOU AND THE GOVERNMENT. YOU GET TO USE IT - THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T, SO THEY "GET" TO CHARGE YOU RENT FOR USING IT - PROPERTY TAX. "REAL ESTATE" IMPLIES YOU OWN EVERYTHING ABOVE THE GROUND, BUT NOT THE GROUND ITSELF OR ANYTHING BELOW IT, WHICH IS WHAT IT MEANS TO ACTUALLY OWN PROPERTY.

A "crazy" anarchist punk band named Crass once sang - "if you don't want to be a number, don't give them your name."

Exactly how long are we going to take this crap? Are you going to be a slave for the rest of your life? Are you going to LET them do it to you? Because they will, and they have, and they are. Who are they? Anyone who believes in destroying the inherent rights of FREE people!!
It could be your mom, or it could be President Bush. They are american traitors if they believe in a contradictory law to the constitution and claim to be "american." The declaration of independence states when a government no longer serves the people, it is the peoples' right and DUTY to fix it at any cost.
This country was founded on the belief that a higher power gave us these rights, which is why they CAN NOT be infringed upon unless YOU allow it. And you can CHOOSE to stop allowing it AT ANY TIME.

And whether the rest of the world knows or cares, they have these same rights - they just HAVE TO STAND UP AND TAKE THEM BACK!!!

Whether you believe in a higher power or not doesn't matter--that's what this country was founded on: individual rights granted by god - ie inalienable. It was not based on privileges. And whether you believe in god or not shouldn't matter, because either way you win under an individual rights-based system.
I have never paid an income tax return. Why? Because there's no law that says I have to. I refuse to be bullied into it. If you have ever filed your income tax return form, you admit to being their subject. STOP THAT!! - YOU'RE SCREWING IT UP FOR THOSE OF US WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO BE FREE. GET IT? "FREE?"
Stop doing things because everyone else is doing it. That doesn't make it correct. Start thinking for yourself and learning for yourself.
WE DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE EDUCATION. That is a socialist idea, not a republican idea. And please do not mix "republican" with "Republican Party" - they don't even mean close to the same thing. There's no such thing as free education anyway- someone is paying for it - you!! Through taxes!!
How about teaching yourself how to live? Did you know almost every year the national spelling bee is won by a HOME-SCHOOLED child? Most years now the top three or four places are held by home-schooled children. Public or free education means "government education." You learn what they teach you.
You do get what you pay for - or more to the point, you get what you sign up for.

Start being free - start thinking for yourself.
STOP SIGNING FEDERAL FORMS. PERIOD. That will end many headaches, but begin smaller ones, because no one understands someone who's trying to be free. You'll have to explain yourself alot. I do. Get used to it. It's the price of freedom
And you may want to start investigating what kind of law we have in this country.
Look up common law, and then look up equity law, and then look up admiralty or maritime law. That will teach you a whole lot about what I'm saying.
Good luck!!

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