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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sudan and the ZOG West’s deception

The officials and mainstream media in the Zionist Controlled Governments (ZOG) and international organizations (UN, ICC, EU, etc.) have been ranting about the 400,000 Darfur death – a “genocide” carried out by the Islamist government im Khartoum. However, one see a big duct-tape covering the same big-mouths and mainstream medis – when it comes to the case of over one million Somali Muslims have been displaced by the Ethiopian and Rwandan Christian armed gangsters – funded and trained by the US, Britain and Israel. The mass-murder of Somali Muslims doesn’t fall into West’s definition of “genocide” as the death of 60-100 million Russian Christians at the hands of Jewish-dominated Communist-regime is not accepted a “Holocaust”, which is reserved for the “Jewish genocide” only.

The West deception is also worth noting in the case of 6.4 million death in Eastern Congo as result of the invasion of the country by US-British sponsored Ugandan and Rwandan armies begining in 1996 which are continuing at the rate of 45,000, a month today.

The Zionist governing elites in the West have been using propaganda lies, faked terrorist threats, character assasination, military-backing to the rebels, and international sanctions – to put pressure on the Sudanese government in Khartoum to abide by the humiliating 2005 “peace Accord” – which they helped to engineer. The Jewish lobby groups want to prevent a huge Muslim dominated (75%, 20% Animist, 5% Christians) oil-rich country with Islamic credentials – becoming strong and stable. It’s anti-Islam feelings in the West which these Zionists are exploiting against Sudan, Somali and Eritrea.

One of the ZOG tactics to blackmail Khartoum regime is the recent indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in March 2009 – on five counts of the so-called “crimes against humanity” and two counts of “war crimes”. Responding to the ICC indictment, Professor Peter Erlinder, former president National Lawyers Guild, New York, wrote an appeal to Human Rights colleagues under the title Darfur Deception:

“When Bush or other American are similarly indicted by the ICC (which has refused to hear case against Israeli officials involved in the recent “genocide” of Gaza citizen) too, we will be sure, that “international justice” is being meted out evenly and the “Rule of Powerful” will have been replaced by the Rule of Law. But, as it is now, the powerful decide who among the less-powerful will feel the lash of retribution or reap the rewards of cooperation.”

However, ICC warrants for his arrest has not scared Bashir (Zionist entity has long Ahmadinejad’s name on its assasination list) – who has visited Eritrea, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Liby and Zimbabwe. according to Bashir: “The warrant is an action aimed at isolating Sudan and eventually fragmenting and dividing our country. But through our own efforts and resources we are going to overcome such designs.”

The other western deception is the so-called “Save Darfur” anti-Islamist campaign organization – which according to The Washington Post – was created in 2005 by two Jewish groups, The American Jewish World Service and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with a staff of 20 and US$15 million budget. Bruce Dixon in his December 12, 2007 research article Ten Reasons Why Save Darfur is a PR Scam exposed the greed and Zionist-controlled Washington’s policy in Africa.

Anti-Sudan propaganda was initiated in 1993 by an Israeli advocate Charles Jacobs (co-founder of Israeli think tank CAMERA)over the issue of slavery (the self-denial Zionist did not want to admit that sex-slavey is legalized in Israel, as long as the victim is not Jewish). He was joined by Barbara Ledeen, wife of neocon columnist Michael Ledeen, and ‘Israel-First’ Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.

The Jewish investigating journalist Robert Friedman (d. 2002) wrote in The Nation (June 6, 1987): “CAMERA was created specifically to keep the US press in line. At least in one case, it has assigned freelance reporters to dig into the personal lives of liberal journalists whose views deviate from the narrowest spectrum of pro-Israeli opinion. CAMERA, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the rest of lobby don’t want fairness, but bias in their favor. As they’re prepared to use McCarthite tactics, as well as, the power and money of pro-Israel PACs, to get whatever Israel wants….”

However, there are some indications that in order to counter the increasing Iran-Sudan co-operation in the fields of defense, trade, agriculture, banking and technology – the ZOG administration in the White House is changing its tune toward Khartoum. For example, John Kerry, Chairman Senate’s Foreign Relation Committee, who visited Khartoum in April – called for lifting of US sanctions and Obama’s envoy in Sudan, Maj. General Scott Gration called Sudan “a friendly country”.


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