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Sunday, May 24, 2009

photographic evidence of whether or not the troops support obama

what do you think? the black guys don't even look happy to see our "hero of change."

check out the guy directly in front and to the top of obongo's forehead with the curdled milk face... haha

hey, if any of our soldiers see this, I got nothing but love for you guys. sucks to realize you've been fooled after signing your life away, doesn't it? they don't seem to give a fuck about you, but we do.
obongo said he was going to take you out of Iraq, and of course he won't. why the hell would they build the world's largest army base to desert it when some crackhead scam artist could just come along and shut it down? obongo ain't takin' no one out of Iraq, unless he's transferring them to some other theater of war, abroad or AT HOME.

---Brandon Dean

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