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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wesley Snipes Has The Courage Many Of You Lack, by FranG

Wesley Snipes Has The Courage Many Of You Lack

by FranG (original link)

Two middle fingers up at the author of this biased article, "Fuck you dude."

"Tax deniers maintain that the law only appears to require payment of taxes. All their theories have been rejected by the courts, including the one invoked by Mr. Snipes, which is known as the 861 position, after a section of the federal tax code.

Adherents say a regulation applying the 861 provision does not list wages as taxable, though it does say that “compensation for services” is taxable. The courts have uniformly rejected all such theories, and eight people have been sentenced to prison after not paying taxes based on the 861 argument."

Wrong sir, the real crux of the 861 position argues that taxes are only valid in the Federal Zone United States; i.e., Washington D.C. and the territories under EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION of the United States. Anybody reading this that resides in a state of the union, the United States does not have EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION over you. The U.S. only has (very) limited jurisdiction inside the borders of the states of the union, although in recent times they have usurped the authority of the states and the states have just allowed them to do so like b****es.

So Americans if you are reading my words, if you were not born in Washington D.C. or the territories of the United States (Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.) then your sources of income are not from "within the United States." It is important that people are aware of this scam, and many others that exist in the tax code. It is imperative that you as a Citizen serve on a jury and refute the spin that a sellout lawyer will try to place on your fellow Citizen standing up for his rights. Also note that the judge is a lawyer too, and a buddy of the prosecuting lawyer (and in most cases the defense lawyer; Pro Se is the best form of representation due to the current form of corrupt legal system). The legal profession is akin to a country club, or a college fraternity where members look out for their own kind.

You have to understand all of this; it is imperative. My words here haven't even scratched the surface so start researching this stuff. Your money is your property and it represents freedom more than anything else. Money is the root of all property and God has given the Earth to us all for all of our benefit. So what yours is yours and what's his (IRS) is his. If they take your property they rob you of your God given right to live and thus you become nothing more than a mere serf.

Learn the law and study history; that's what the Founding Fathers did. Turn your brain on and understand how history works, how people work, how systems work, etc. With knowledge, you can recognize game when somebody is trying to defraud you. Don't listen to these corrupt politicians who offer you quick fixes for problems that exist within our society. If a politicians words do not cause your brain to think as it never has before, then he's full of s***, and just telling you what you want to here. Google Ron Paul and see that he is no ordinary politician.

Wesley is a hero, but he needs the support of Patriots behind him. He needs public support in the media, a jury who has an understanding of history and definitely of the U.S. Tax Code (if nothing else, the section he is accused of violating should be spelled out CLEARLY), but most importantly he needs every Citizen to at least take control of their own life. Dion't be a coward and a punk. Many of you know the income tax is a fraud. You may not know the specifics of the fraud but your gut tells you that something is not right with it. Follow your gut. Don't let the bully take your lunch money even if he's bigger than you because that would make you a coward. Understand that if you have nothing that you will die for, then all things in live are valueless to you. And if all things are valueless, then the question becomes what will you live for? If there is nothing that you will die for, then what possible could be valuable enough worth living for. If you have nothing to live for, this makes you a WALKING ZOMBIE, alive in form but dead in substance (i.e., a robot). Don't be a zombie. Develop knowledge, as this generates confidence in you, which leads away from cowardice into courage. Remember that Ron Paul character that I mentioned earlier, guess what he wants to get rid of?

Support Wesley Snipes, and others who have the guts to stand up to criminals that want to extract their God given right to property illegally. If you don't, God help you when the bully makes his way down the line to your street.

(continued) illustrate how programmed people are, I told a coworker about Wesley Snipes and how he needs our support:

Her response: "for what? I have to pay my taxes, he has to pay his"

My response: "Do you?"

Her response: "Yes"

My response: "Do you?"

Her response: "Well anyway, he has millions of dollars. He has no excuse. He can pay his taxes just like everybody else

And that people is exactly the problem. But unfortunately we have to come to grips with the fact that people will CHOOSE to be ignorant, CHOOSE to be hedonistic, CHOOSE to be scared, and CHOOSE to be a slave to their carnal emotions. Everything in and about life is a CHOICE, and many CHOOSE to be weak. Ironically this coworker is a proclaimed fiery Christian and servant of "the Lord." But to her I say it's this kind of reasoning which prove the words below to be prophetic:

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Matt 7:13-15)

So to those of you who continue to CHOOSE to be sheep, the rest of us will be taking care of our business, much to your envy and dismay as you hide behind your false God of materialism and subservience to that and those which you falsely believe are greater than you. You Idiots! You have more power than anything on this Earth but CHOOSE not to acknowledge it because being a slave is easy. CHOOSE to be great yourself, instead of living vicariously through whomever you think is great.

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